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Chapter 273

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand . It is comprised of over fifty varying-sized islands . Half of the city was built on land and half was built on the sea . It was like a garden on an ocean .

Other than the beautiful scenery, the other unique trait of Auckland was the ease of transportation .

Within half an hour, you could arrive anywhere . Whether it was taking a boat to the islands, or a hike through the rainforest, or having a picnic by the volcano, or surfing in the ocean .

Moments later, Jiang Chen and Liu Yao got off at the port .

The port called fisherman’s wharf was a place he saw on their local website . The owner was a British man named John with a friendly attitude towards tourists . Because of this, the place was extremely popular with a lot of people coming to this port and renting a boat to head out to the sea .

Based on other people's comments, he served in the Australian army before and was a master in diving .

There was a full line of amenities at the port and the cost to rent was not high .

Holding onto Liu Yao’s hand, Jiang Chen walked to the office of the port and began to ask about renting a boat and diving .

The British guy with a red nose was delighted that Jiang Chen asked about diving as he started to introduce all the scuba diving gear he has collected and carefully explained the cautionary notes in diving .

"… It is critical to be aware of the depth . For beginners, I recommend a depth no more than six meters . "

"Six meters, what’s the fun in that?" Jiang Chen had to ask .

"Within shallow sea, six meters would allow you to see beautiful scenery under the sea . If you plan to scuba dive, I don’t recommend you rent a boat that goes too far away . When you enter deep water, you might not see anything even after twenty meters, there is also the danger of encountering sharks . " Although John was talking about dangerous things, there was a hint of humor in his tone .

"Sh…Sharks?" Liu Yao shivered as she looked at Jiang Chen, frightened . "Let’s not dive anymore . "

Although her English was mediocre at best, Liu Yao still made out the word shark .

When he saw the tourist shiver in fear, John smiled assuringly and began to explain using his hands .

"There is no need to worry too much . Most of the sharks don’t attack people . More people are being killed by coconuts landing on their heads than being attacked by sharks . Only Great White Sharks or Tiger Sharks would attack people . In some places, they organize scuba divers to feed the sharks . "

Jiang Chen was not that afraid of sharks .

Since he fought head to head with the fearsome Death Claw, there was no way he would be afraid of something that only used its teeth .

"This is the first time I met a merchant that tells its customers not to buy its service . " With how serious John looked, Jiang Chen shrugged with an expression he couldn’t be helped .

"I have to be responsible for the safety of the tourists . " John shrugged, "Only when safely protected could one enjoy the beauty of the sea . "

"Looks like you have your own perspective on the beauty of the sea . " Jiang Chen laughed .

"I love scuba diving . " John grinned as a set of white teeth appeared from his thick beard .

"But I still want to the rent a boat, as well as a set of diving gear . I will worry about my own safety . " Jiang Chen shook his head .

John still wanted to persuade Jiang Chen, but an unharmonious voice came from behind them .

"Could the people in the front hurry up? If you can’t afford it stop wasting time . " A man in sunglasses complained out of annoyance, and a girl in light clothes stood beside him as she intimately wrapped her hands around his arm .

To be honest, Dai Zhengming was absolutely annoyed by his fellow countrymen who traveled to New Zealand . Every December, New Zealand’s fresh and free atmosphere would be mixed with gloom . The garbage on the streets would also increase . The situation would only be alleviated by late January because, by that time, his fellow countrymen would head home for New Year .

No need to suspect . Although he has yellow skin, he had a heart that shined with whiteness . After working at Microsoft for a few years, with his excellent track record, he finally gained an opportunity to immigrate . Although he personally preferred Australia more, New Zealand was not a bad choice .

Just like a monkey who leaped onto a tree branch, he thirstily breathed the air of the free world as he looked at the envious people watching him . Arrogance often sprouted from other people’s adoration, and bias is infinitely magnified by arrogance .

He had perfectly settled into his role of a "local" as he disdained foreigners more than the actual locals .

As if all of the actions of his fellow countrymen lacked courtesy and manner .

Because he spoke Han, John didn’t understand what he said . As he thought that Jiang Chen met his fellow countrymen, he shrugged and left them alone .

[I can’t afford it?]

Jiang Chen’s expression was peculiar as he didn’t know what to say . Liu Yao covered her mouth, she tried hard to not laugh and turned her face to scan the man in sunglasses .

When he saw Liu Yao’s face, Dai Zhengming held his breath .

[Damn, what a hottie . ]

Although he had seen a lot of beautiful girls before, it was his first time seeing one this stunning . Especially when she turned her head and smiled, it almost made his heart pause .

Of course, perhaps it was because of the shades, he didn’t manage to read the mockery in Liu Yao’s eyes .

"Zhengming, they might not know English, why don’t you go help them . " The girl holding onto his arm blinked her bright eyes as she coyly shook his arm .

She looked above average . Based on her looks, she should be in university, most likely an international student in Auckland? The man was in his mid-thirties, although not old, but definitely not as young as Jiang Chen .

"You are right . " Dai Zhengming let out a sigh and walked towards Jiang Chen .

Although he looked down on him, he must maintain his gentlemen appearance in front of the beauty .

"I am Dai Zhengming . "

"I am Jiang… Jianguo . " He was going to say his own name, but from the way Dai Zhengming looked, he seemed to have something to say and therefore Jiang Chen gave his dad’s name in the last second instead .

Liu Yao tried hard not to laugh as she charmingly rolled her eyes at the naughty Jiang Chen .

"In New Zealand, it is extremely uncourteous to occupy public resources for a long time . I don’t know if people taught you this in Han, but overseas, it is better to save some face for your own country . "

"Rather than 'occupying public resources', I like to refer to my actions as asking about the services available, especially since it has been less than three minutes-" With how serious he looked, Jiang Chen "argued" and couldn’t help but laugh .

Dai Zhengming "courteously" interrupted Jiang Chen’s words and spoke to him with an educating tone .

"And people are lining up behind you, right? Let me give you a simple example . An event that left a deep impression on me living in New Zealand all these years . I saw a Han grandma and her grandson ordering at the St . Heliers coffee shop . They spent so long at the register before ordering a mocha with a sandwich and a kids meal . "

[Uhh, is he implying something?]

Jiang Chen purposely looked behind him, other than them, there was no one waiting in line .

"Is that a problem?" Jiang Chen was lost .

"It’s courtesy . " Dai Zhengming looked seriously at Jiang Chen’s eyes as he said with a straight face .

"So you are saying… that grandma and grandson wasted time of all the people waiting in line?" Jiang Chen had a peculiar expression on his face .

[Wow, you remember such a minuscule event, and it left a deep impression on you? You’re quite a special snowflake . ]

"That’s right . If you want to order, please think about what you want to order before lining up, or don’t occupy the space at the register, that would bring trouble to the people waiting to order . "

"Okay… I agree it is rude to occupy the stall and not take a sh*t . " Jiang Chen shrugged .

"And you are doing exactly this right now," Dai Zhengming said sternly . "And watch your language . It represents the image of the country behind you, please don’t use the word sh*t . if this is the UA, you may face lawsuits for using offensive language to strangers . "

Jiang Chen’s expression couldn’t be more peculiar .

Unfortunately, he knew a UA citizen who used the word sh*t every day . (Robert in the far away Los Santos sneezed and woke up the Hollywood girl that slept beside him . )

When he saw Jiang Chen didn’t say anything, he thought Jiang Chen was so embarrassed that he was speechless, so he continued .

"Even if you have some money, please don’t bring your uncourteous habits out of the country . "

"Let me clarify, I don’t have some money," Jiang Chen corrected him feeling rather awkward .

"Then you have to be more aware of your manners, or people will consider you as both uncourteous and poor . " His eyes were flashing with a trace of contempt as he educated .

As he finished, he nobly turned to Liu Yao as he took out a business card from his pocket .

"Beautiful lady, this is my business card . I currently have a house in Auckland and I am working in the Microsoft division here as the chief engineer . I am pretty familiar with the area . So if you are interested, you can find me at the address on the business card, I am happy to take you around to enjoy the beauty of New Zealand .

Then, Dai Zhengming ignored Liu Yao’s reaction and left with a smile he considered charming and a "cool" retreating silhouette .

He walked around Jiang Chen, used a British accent more standard than British people, and spoke with Johnny before he swiped his card .

Then, he triumphantly walked towards the boats with the girl that held onto his arm with her face full of idolization . Jiang Chen was dumbfounded .

"Honey, you’re being looked down upon," Liu Yao walked beside Jiang Chen with a grin, held onto his arm, and said coyly .

"Seems like that's the case," Jiang Chen said helplessly .

"Do you need me to help you to seek revenge?" Liu Yao’s eyes flashed as her red lips curled up .

"It’s okay, he already said let’s not lose face in front of foreigners," Jiang Chen mocked,

Liu Yao burst out laughing as she closed her mouth .

"I didn’t know you liked cold humor . " She threw the business card into the garbage can .

"No, I am serious . " Although that was what he said, Jiang Chen didn’t look serious at all .

When Jiang Chen thought about it, that guy seemed to have cut him in line . But Jiang Chen wasn't interested in being bothered by him . He could give up a few minutes of his life .

"What were you talking about?" John didn’t mind that Jiang Chen just left him hanging and asked curiously .

"Not much… Just talked about some hometown stuff . "

"Great then, to meet a fellow countryman overseas, it is important to chat for a moment . But in Auckland, you will have plenty of opportunities to see them," John said with a smile .

"Is that so… Speaking of this, what do you think about the Han in Auckland?" After he swiped his card, Jiang Chen signed the receipt and asked nonchalantly .

"They make delicious cuisine . I really enjoy Han food, just that it’s a bit expensive . " John laughed .

"Anything else?"

"That’s all . " John shrugged .

Because of Jiang Chen’s insistence, John didn’t try to talk him out of it as he just urged him to be extra safe and that he must dive with the captain accompanying him .

It was not cheap to rent a boat, the cheapest one cost two thousand NZD a day, which was equivalent to eight thousand RMB . Therefore, it was more economical to rent by the hour, but other than the small boats, the boats that you could live on were not available for hourly rental .

Because it was a rare opportunity, it was not thrilling enough to just rent a small boat . Jiang Chen rented a ten something meter long medium-sized luxury boat with a spacious living space and gladly paid eight thousand NZD per day for it .

"Also, do New Zealanders just straight up pay for their boat when they rent here?" After he signed the agreement, Jiang Chen asked .

John paused for a moment as he didn’t know why Jiang Chen would ask such a question . He shook his head and said, "Other than the customers who often come, the new customers without knowledge of the price and the type of boat would have to ask . "

"You are right . " Jiang Chen smiled .

Su Wei stood on the dock beside the boat and asked Dai Zhengming curiously .

"What did you say to that girl? I saw you give her something . "

"Nothing, it is only a business card . In the outside world, it is a habit to hand out a business card as it represents courtesy . " Dai Zhengming made up a lie out of embarrassment .

At the same time, Jiang Chen and Liu Yao walked in their direction .

When he saw the beauty was still sweetly holding onto Jiang Chen’s hand, Dai Zhengming’s eyebrows jumped but he didn’t react any further .

When he passed by Dai Zhengming, Jiang Chen seemed to have suddenly remembered something and stopped .

"Oh, I heard that there is a custom of returning business cards, then I will give you a business card as well . " Jiang Chen took out his business card and purposely hesitated for a moment before he passed it to his female companion . "I don’t travel abroad a lot and haven't learned as much about the western culture as you, so I will learn from you . "

When saw Jiang Chen hand his girlfriend, Su Wei, his business card, he frowned unnaturally . But then he realized that Jiang Chen seemed to have ignored him and passed the business card to the beauty beside him, he swallowed the criticism .

"Wenwen, accept it for me . "

"Oh . "

Jiang Chen stuffed the business card into the girl’s hands as he laughed like he just pulled off a prank and continued to walk without turning his head .

"It is ready . Should we depart now?"

The captain working in the small boat raised his head and smiled at Dai Zhengming .

"Mhmm, let’s leave now . Wenwen, let’ go… Wenwen?" When Dai Zhengming saw that Su Wen didn’t react, he slightly frowned and turned his head .

Su Wen, holding onto the gold gilded business card, had her eyes wide open and was utterly astonished .

"What’s going on?" Dai Zhengming asked confusedly .

Su Wen seemed to have recollected her thoughts as she looked at her boyfriend in excitement .

"It’s . . . It’s Jiang Chen!"

"Jiang Chen? Which Jiang-" Suddenly, Dai Zhengming stopped .

Jiang Chen? President of Future Technology? But isn’t his name Jiang Jianguo?"

He grabbed the card from his girlfriend’s hand as he widened his eyes in disbelief . Then he looked up into the not so far distance .

The man stating "he didn’t have some money" was on top of a luxury boat and smiling at him .

But the bright smile, in Dai Zhengming’s eyes, looked piercing .

Mockery .

When he remembered that he lectured him, the humiliation immediately overwhelmed him . His bloated face turned red as he wanted to dig a hole for himself .

Especially when he saw his girlfriend looking enviously at the luxury boat, his expression looked like he just ate a fly .

"Are you guys going on the boat or not? Can I start timing?"

The captain on the boat saw that the two had no reaction and yawned as he complained .

When he heard the captain complain, Dai Zhengming immediately recollected his thought as he apologized to the captain . Then he dragged the still envious girlfriend onto the boat .

On the top deck of the boat, Jiang Chen looked at the dock disappearing with a grin .

"You are not a nice person . But that person is hideous, it makes me feel good to see him suffer like this . " Liu Yao held onto his arm as she giggled .

"I only smiled at him, but he would think I am mocking him . Saves me my own expression," Jiang Chen shrugged and mocked .

After they left the small incident behind, Jiang Chen looked into the distance .

He gazed at the waves at the point where the sky and the ocean met . As he experienced the sea wind breeze by his face, he felt all his annoyances quietly settle down .

Just as he was zoning out, the EP on his arm undetectably flashed .

As if it foretold something unexpected was about to occur .

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