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Chapter 274

The captain of the boat was John's daughter . Her name was Bernie .

Just like her father, she was also someone that loved the sea . Because of this, while she had blonde hair unique to Caucasian people, her skin was tanned .

The boat was moving quickly, at 50 knots, in the Hauraki Bay towards the Great Barrier Island .

When Jiang Chen looked back, the outline of the port had already disappeared from the sea, only a few black dots soaring on the horizon could be seen .


Intoxicated by the fresh air, Liu Yao excitedly took off her white shirt as she stood on the edge of the deck and shouted into the distance .

Of course, she changed into a bikini when she was at the hotel .

"Careful don't fall off . " Jiang Chen looked at her liveliness and smiled .

"If I fall off, will you save me?" Liu Yao asked playfully .

"Of course," Jiang Chen had a smirk on his face, "But I heard there are sharks in this area, how much I can save would be questionable . "

Liu Yao shivered exaggeratedly as she jumped from the edge of the deck and rolled her eyes .

"There are typically no sharks in the Hauraki Bay, but there are actually quite a few dolphins here . If we are lucky we might be able to see whales . If we head north of the Lesser Barrier Island, that will change," Bernie who sat in the captain's room heard their conversation and explained .

Surprisingly, this foreigner, Bernie, spoke Han . Although not fluently, it was enough to maintain a conversation .

As if Bernie had read the question in Jiang Chen's eyes, she explained with a smile, "My boyfriend is Han, he taught me the language . There are a lot of Han tourists here . Usually, if Han tourists head out to the sea, I will be their captain and guide . "

"Where are we now?" Liu Yao extended her neck . With one hand covering the sunlight, she watched the distance in excitement .

"We have arrived Northwest of the Jackson port already, around 16 nautical miles from the Great Barrier Island . It is a good place to view the undersea corals . "

"How much longer?" Liu Yao couldn't wait any longer .

"With our current speed, around 20 minutes . " Bernie smiled .

"I am really looking forward to it," Liu Yao looked afar before grabbing onto Jiang Chen's arm, she said coyly, "Could you take photos for me? I want pictures with the clownfish . "

"Of course . " He felt the softness of her 36D and laughed .

"Honey you are the best, muaa . " Liu Yao naughtily winked .

Jiang Chen was just about to tease her when he felt the arm of his other hand vibrate .

The vibration came from his EP .

Communication? Did something urgent happen in the apocalypse?

"What is this?" Liu Yao looked curiously at Jiang Chen's arm .

"A special kind of electronic watch . . . I need to go to the washroom," Jiang Chen gave a brief explanation before he walked inside .

Although still confused, Liu Yao didn't ask more as she stayed outside .

After going inside, Jiang Chen immediately opened the EP and started the communication channel .

"Strange," Looking at the static white screen, Jiang Chen muttered to himself .

It was not from the apocalypse .

The fourth-dimensional messenger received Klein particle waves, but the wave could not be decoded into a video message .

"Could it be because of the poor signal?"

The signal began to fade .

Looking at the blurry whiteness that began to fade, Jiang Chen suddenly realized something as he rushed out the door .

"Bernie, stop the boat, quickly," Jiang Chen pushed open the control room as he hastily said .

"What happened?" His rushed voice made Bernie sitting in the control room jump as she slowed the boat down out of instinct .

"What happened?" Seeing Jiang Chen panic, Liu Yao who stood outside also stared at Jiang Chen in confusion .

Jiang Chen didn't explain anything, he looked at the screen with the GPS tracker and glanced at the route they passed through .

"First, go back around one nautical mile . "

"Go back?" Bernie puzzledly looked at Jiang Chen, "But there is nothing there . "

Jiang Chen immediately calmed down when he heard her question .

He was certain that something was hidden inside the sea . Although he didn't know what it was, it had to do with Klein particles .

Crystals? But how would this world have that?

Regardless of what was hidden, he could not let anyone know .

When he thought about this, Jiang Chen glanced at the screen with the GPS coordinates again as he memorized the approximate location . Then, he changed into a casual voice .

"Nothing, I just saw a dolphin, but he must have swum away already by now . "

"A dolphin?" When Bernie heard Jiang Chen's' words, she paused for a moment before she let out a breath of relief . "Once we reach the Great Barrier Island, you'll see a lot of cute little ones in the area . "

When she saw Jiang Chen rush into the control room, she thought there was a problem with the boat .

But it was only a dolphin .

"Is that so? I am looking forward to it then . " Jiang Chen also smiled as he left the control room .

Seeing Jiang Chen come out, Liu Yao walked towards him worriedly and caringly asked .

"What happened? I, I saw you were really rushed . . . "

"Nothing, I only saw a few dolphins . "

Although she acutely sensed that Jiang Chen wasn't telling the truth, she didn't persist on the topic any further .

If Jiang Chen were willing to tell her, then he would do so . If he was unwilling, then persisting would only make him feel annoyed .

"Is that so? Then that's disappointing, I wanted to take a photo with the dolphins . " After hugging onto Jiang Chen right arm, Liu Yao playfully pouted her mouth .

The 16 nautical miles quickly came to an end .

The waves splashed white, at the apex where the sea and sky connected, a beautiful outline gradually appeared .

When she saw the thick green vegetation, as well as the soaring seagulls, Liu Yao cheered again in excitement .

The two spent the entire afternoon diving in the water near the Great Barrier Island and taking pictures with the cute dolphins, fishing for fishes, teasing the clownfish hidden amongst the sea anemone, and chasing each other between the beautiful corals .

Time flew by quickly as if it had instantly turned to dusk .

After watching the sunset on the deck, Jiang Chen told Bernie to return to port .

Although he still wanted to stay a bit longer by the sea, because of his unsettled mind, he didn't choose to stay longer but rather asked Bernie to send them back to the hotel .

With the help of the hotel workers, Bernie docked the boat .

"Are you not going to stay a bit longer? You rented the boat for a day . It is a great experience to stay on the boat overnight," Looking at the two people saying goodbye, Bernie asked them .

"It's okay, I remembered I have something to take care of," Jiang Chen declined her proposal as Jiang Chen held Liu Yao's hand and they went back to the hotel .

He desperately wanted to know, when they passed by the water northwest of Jackson port, what was actually hidden there .

He had a premonition that that thing might have something to do with the video .