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Chapter 276

After taking the equipment from Jiang Lin, Jiang Chen returned to the mansion . He snuck into his own bedroom before traveling back .

When he looked at the time coming out of the washroom, it was already two in the morning .

After quietly getting into bed again, Jiang Chen looked at the tranquil face and rhythmically pumping chest before lying down beside her and closing his eyes .

The next morning .

Although he slept late last night, when the first ray of sunshine cast into the room, He was the first one up .

As he got out of bed, he didn't wake Liu Yao up as he only left a message on the table before putting on a shirt and leaving .

After taking a taxi to the rural area east of Auckland, Jiang Chen walked along the coast before he found the fishing farm on the map .

He dragged the owner of the fish farm out and without wasting a single word he directly pointed at the boat parked on the dock and asked for the price .

Although the New Zealander first insisted that he was not willing to sell, when he heard Jiang Chen raise the price to ten thousand NZD and pretended to leave, the brown-skinned old fisherman dragged onto him signaling it was a deal .

Ten thousand NZD was enough for two boats, especially since his boat has already been used for over a year .

After completing the transaction, that guy gave all the documents and keys to Jiang Chen .

As to if Jiang Chen had the proper license, he didn't ask . He only taught Jiang Chen for 30 minutes on how to drive .

It was simple to maneuver the boat . Under the directions of the old fisherman, they took a ride into the nearby sea as Jiang Chen learned how to drive .

However, when the old fisherman got out, his eyes were full of concern . But Jiang Chen was unbothered . He opened the GPS, pushed the speed of the boat to its maximum and headed for the waters northwest of Jackson Port .

The Hauraki Bay today was still pleasant .

Because he didn't encounter any big waves, with Jiang Chen's brute way of pressing on the gas, he managed to arrive without flipping the boat .

When the boat passed through the same area as yesterday, without any surprise, the EP with the fourth-dimensional messenger received the same mysterious signal .

Seeing this, Jiang Chen immediately slowed down . With one hand firmly on the wheel, he stared at the changing signal intensity on the EP .

After wandering nearby for a while, Jiang Chen finally chose three points with the same signal and drew it on the map .

What happened next was much more straightforward .

Through triangulation, Jiang Chen quickly confirmed the approximate coordinates of the signal's source .


Jiang Chen wiped the sweat from his forehead, threw the pencil to the side as he memorized the coordinates .

"H?" Jiang Chen stared at the EP screen as he barely made out a blurred out word .

But because it was too blurred out, he could only recognize the initial letter .

"Is it that hello?"

As he muttered to himself, Jiang Chen shut off the gas .

He took out the K1-b kinetic skeleton from the storage dimension and put it on .

Structural damage: None

Airtight: Normal>

He glanced at the panel on his right arm . After confirming all stats were normal, he walked to the edge of the boat .

"I hope there is no wind . "

He took a deep breath and dove into the water .

. . .

Pooch .

Followed by the rising air bubbles, Jiang Chen gradually descended to the deep sea .

It was the first time he attempted diving away from the shore . When they were scuba diving near the Great Barrier Island, they saw the corals on the seabed two to three meters down . But now, the only thing below him was vast darkness .

The light and sound surrounding him began to fade . The deepness and silence, only unique to below the sea, gradually spread around him .

Distance from the sea floor: 71m>

"So fu*king deep . " Jiang Chen looked at the panel and cursed .

To push away the claustrophobic sense swirling around him, he tapped the screen on his right arm as he opened the detection light on his helmet and feet .

The sudden appearance of light made the little things peacefully swimming by him flee away .

Only after two minutes of descending did Jiang Chen finally approach the sea floor .

The colorful coral reefs and fishes, as well as the water plants swaying with the flow of the sea, were magnificent under the ray of light .

But because he had already observed the beautiful feast underneath the sea, Jiang Chen didn't stop and observe the stunning scenery . He pressed the screen on his arm some more as he initiated the data transfer between the EP and kinetic skeleton computer .

The static whiteness appeared again, but the hidden letters were much more clear compared to what he saw on the surface of the sea .

"H . . . Help? Is the signal asking for help?" Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows as he scanned around .

Since there were no irregular items, clearly there was an error in triangulation . That was to be expected . Jiang Chen didn't have a measurement device, it was a crude calculation with pencil and paper .

Jiang Chen waved the flaps under his feet as he tilted his body downward . He circled around the area before he followed the direction in which the signal was gradually increasing .

The bottom of the sea was not smooth . Twenty meters into his journey, a pitch black valley appeared in front of Jiang Chen .

He shined the light in but couldn't see the bottom .

Jiang Chen looked at the deep abyss as he glanced at the screen on his arm .

Distance from seafloor: unknown>




. . .

It could not detect the bottom anymore? Or could the bottom be molten lava which would scatter the laser causing the information not to be relayed back?

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows . Whatever it may be, it was not a good thing .

Based on what Jiang Lin had said, the K1-b was designed for amphibious battle, not for deep sea diving . So a safe depth to go was only 150 meters .

Jiang Chen hesitated for a moment . Then he took a deep breath of air as he swam into the trench with an unknown depth .

Just like he expected, with his continuous descend, the signal from the EP was getting stronger and stronger .

210m .

243m .

332m, the world record for scuba diving has been broken by Jiang Chen .

. . .

As he felt the immense pressure from all sides, Jiang Chen clenched his teeth as he struggled to breathe in the air being pressured to the limit .

The good thing was that the compressed air in the cylinder was helium-oxygen . If it were nitrogen oxygen, once the nitrogen dissolved into his body, it would render him unconscious .


Finally, the signal began to decrease .

A delightedness flashed across Jiang Chen's eyes as he swam up two to three meters, and then began to search along the dark rock surface .

If it were not for his genetic vaccine, an ordinary person would begin to bleed due to the water pressure .

Finally, beside a jagged rock pillar, Jiang Chen saw something peculiar protruding out .

He suppressed the excitement in his head and sped up the paddling of his feet as he moved towards that pillar .

As his finger touched the cold pillar, he slightly used some force against it . With the momentum, Jiang Chen drifted behind the pillar .

Light shed onto the black metal that hasn't seen sunlight for ages .

Sea plants swayed as if the light had disturbed its peace .

"My God . . . "

Jiang Chen dumbfoundedly looked at the scenery in front of his eyes as he almost forgot the breath .

Just like a breeze of wind carrying Klein particles, it swept by the hidden history .

The truth gradually revealed itself .

The buried secret will once again see the light of day .

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