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Chapter 277


It was a submarine .

Around 90 meters long, he couldn't tell how much it weighed, but it must be above a thousand tons .

Just like a needle, it pierced right into the jagged rocky cliff .

The majority of its surface was covered by unknown algae . The remaining cracks were filled by the remains of mollusks . Rust stained the entire metal surface, but it didn't fade away the white paint that revealed its identity .

Jiang Chen extended his hand and touched the cold metal surface with his glove .

He gently swayed along with the soft and silky seaweed and muttered the grave symbols .


If he remembered correctly, a submarine with U as the initial letter, there was only one type in the entire world - the German U boat .

Jiang Chen was not a military fanatic as his understanding of this came entirely from a British World War Two documentary as well as a few Hollywood movies .

They were like ghosts below the sea surface, lingering around the allies' minds like nightmares . They disturbed the commercial fleets and transportation boats across the Atlantic Ocean . They ripped the supply line from the free world to the British Isles and cornered the allies' military power .

It was not until 1945, when the Germans surrendered, did these submarines sunk .

"The heritage of the Third Reich? Is the signal from inside here?"

Jiang Chen pushed on the surface of the submarine as he used the opposing force to gain a bit of distance . With the light on his head, he examined the full view of the intact submarine .

Since it has been in the water for so many years, the rust on the surface of the submarine was severe . But fortunately, the main structure of the submarine remained intact as it didn't look like it would disassemble during internal exploration .

When it crashed into the trenches, the submarine must have experienced strong impact . Just from the surface, a few dents and cracks were visible .

Jiang Chen followed along the outskirts of the submarine as he swam onto the deck .

The 88mm cannon was twisted and bent from impact . Inside the cannon resided creatures similar to shrimps .

Jiang Chen didn't disturb those small things as he circled around the rusted cannon and headed into the exit .

Unfortunately, the iron door was welded shut .

Jiang Chen without any welding equipment had to give up on the door and search for another entrance .

Lady luck once again was on his side . Five meters away from the torpedo launcher, Jiang Chen managed to find a crack fitting of a person .

He looked at the pitch black interior and gulped . He threw a luminescent water bomb from his waistband inside .

The orange light brightened the interior of the submarine . After confirming there was no dangerous creature inside, Jiang Chen finally swam in .

"What are these things?" Jiang Chen looked at the pitch black containers while speaking to himself .

Instinct told him that there must be something unusual inside .

Other than the containers with unknown content, Jiang Chen also saw a few skeletons in the Nazi uniform . These skeletons lied quietly at the corner of the ship cabin . Their body had withered away and the hollowness of the skeletons was filled with seaweed . It looked gross .

Due to safety consideration, Jiang Chen didn't immediately open the containers, but instead searched for the signal and explored further into the cabin

Fortunately, when the submarine sunk, the cabin doors were not shut . If they rusted, it would be difficult to open them again .

"It's in the front?"

The image on his screen was clear . Jiang Chen locked his sight on the signal strength indicator and used the small signal differences to ensure that he was moving towards the source of the signal .

"What is this submarine exactly used for? For transportation?" Jiang Chen scanned the containers placed along the way as he asked himself .

Just then, his left arm began to shake; it was from the EP underneath the kinetic skeleton .

Jiang Chen pressed on the screen outside of the kinetic skeleton as the interface shifted to the EP .

Radiation? Where did the radiation come from?

Jiang Chen brows furrowed, but he wasn't too bothered by it . Even if this kinetic skeleton did not have anti-radiation material, the iodine stored in the EP was more than enough to withstand this level of radiation . Especially compared to the radiation level of the apocalypse, this type of low radiation could be categorized as almost nothing .

But what confused him was, why would he detect radiation on the German U boat .

He passed through one more open cabin door as this must be the room where the signal was from .

Jiang Chen took another luminescent bomb out and threw in the middle of the room . The entire room turned to an orange-red color .

There were two wooden boxes in the room . The surface of the boxes had withered away already, and one of them was even wide open .

Jiang Chen decreased the light on his helmet as he approached it .

Inside the wooden box lied five-cylinders made out of unknown materials . They were also labeled with "Japanese Army" . Behind the wooden box, there were transparent eggs attached to it . They looked like octopus' eggs, but something looked odd from its shape and size . Though it must have been affected by the minor radiation .

"Enriched uranium? No . . . German in history didn't manage to create the nuclear bomb . In this case, it should just be uranium? Or maybe uranium yet to reach the purity of weapon-grade?" Jiang Chen floated beside the cylinder and muttered .

Jiang Chen gave a bit more thought before he threw the cylinders into his storage dimension .

With rough estimation, these nuclear materials weighed at least five hundred kilograms . Since it possessed radiation, then it must have been enriched to a certain extent already . Although he didn't know the market price of these things, on the black market, it would not be too far-fetched to sell for a few hundred million USD .

Of course, Jiang Chen would not sell these things .

After destroying the mutated octopus eggs, Jiang Chen continued to search the room .

At the corner, he finally found the source of the signal .

But suddenly, a black shadow appeared on the wall in front of Jiang Chen .

As he was suddenly alerted, Jiang Chen immediately activated the booster device on his back .

The high-pressure gas instantly burst out, with a strong thrust produced by tiny bubbles, he dashed into the other corner of the room .


Like a hammer, a tentacle fiercely slammed into the cabin wall as it left a daunting dent on the metal surface .

It was a giant octopus!

It's massive body squeezed into the door as it blocked the exit .

Jiang Chen finally realized why this creature was so furious . He remembered he destroyed those octopus eggs .

The mutated octopus must be the mother of those weird eggs .

"Fu*k . "

Jiang Chen cursed and immediately pulled out the underwater pistol .

But before he could shoot, four tentacles swam to him like pythons and locked in his limbs .

Jiang Chen's face was bloated red as he used his muscles to try and escape, but the thick tentacles didn't budge one bit . While being strangled by a living creature, he was afraid to take the risk of interdimensional travel . As the size of the octopus was much bigger than the lead mutated human . It would take an immense amount of energy to destroy all its cells . He didn't want to take the risk of the interdimensional bracelet overheating again by using such a risky move .

The poisonous ink splashed out, but it did nothing to Jiang Chen who didn't breath through his fins .


Menacing light flashed out of Jiang Chen's eyes; his body was tightened to the limit .

Jiang Chen clenched the gun as he managed to outpower the tentacles . Just as the octopus was about to put its razor-sharp mouth on him, he pressed the trigger .


Following the dampened gunshot was a series of small air bubbles .

The special bullets pierced through the head of the octopus .

Blue blood began to flow out . Under the orange light, it turned a shade of purple .

Jiang Chen wasn't in the most pleasant mood while viewing this scene . He pressed the trigger to express the desire to kill in his heart .

The tentacles tightly clamped onto his limbs slowly began to lose its grasp .

It took almost an entire clip of bullets before the fearsome creature finally stopped moving .

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