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Chapter 278

"Uranium? Where did you get it from?"

Lin Lin scanned the barrel thrown to the corner by Jiang Chen with disdain . It looked as if she had seen something gross .

When he was "arm wrestling" with that mutated octopus, the kinetic system of the kinetic skeleton received minor damage when Jiang Chen activated fury . To avoid the possibility of the entire skeleton breaking down during his return to the surface, after taking care of the mutated octopus, he brought the briefcase back to the apocalypse .

After throwing the equipment for Jiang Lin to fix, Jiang Chen went to find Lin Lin .

"Although the technology on our side is outdated, we still have things like the atomic bomb . "

"Is that so? Your technology's progression is surprisingly quick, already in the atomic era . " Lin Lin swayed her silver-white hair and sat on the chair . "And then? Why did you bring this thing to my lab?"

"I want to ask, with five hundred kilograms of Uranium, how many nuclear bombs can you create?"

When Lin Lin heard Jiang Chen's words, she paused for a moment, touched her chin, and replied after contemplating .

"Nuclear bombs? It will depend on the type . If it is Uranium 235, it can only be used to create the most primal fissure bomb . Also, it has to depend on the enrichment level of the Uranium 235 . If hypothetically this batch can extract one hundred kilograms of enriched Uranium . Then with the technology level before the war, twelve nuclear bombs with ten thousand ton TNT can be created . If you're using technology from the early atomic era, out of 50 kilograms of enriched uranium, about 1 kilogram can complete the chain reaction, so approximately two bombs can be made . "

"I see . " Jiang Chen nodded his head as he continued to think .

"Do you want me to create nuclear bombs for you?"

"I have such a plan . Can you do it?"

The tactical nukes confiscated from the Sixth Street had been deployed to the corners of Qingpu on the W-1 ballistic missile . On the wasteland where resources were scarce, every time a nuclear weapon was used, it means there will be less and less of them on the apocalypse .

"One hundred lemon flavored puddings!" Lin Lin said without any hesitation .

"Deal," Jiang Chen said delightedly .

[That's cheap . ]

Surprisingly, when Lin Lin heard Jiang Chen's promise, she didn't have her usual cheerful expression, but instead, she stared at Jiang Chen for a long time .

"I have to say something, this thing is poisonous . "

Jiang Chen paused and then was silent .

After a brief moment, he said .

"I will be cautious with this . "

"Mhmm, that's good . " Lin Lin nodded . The porcelain doll-like face displayed a smile . "If possible, I want to keep eating the pudding you bring . "

The unnatural light passing through the window for some reason made her gorgeous face carry a hint of poignancy .

This world was destroyed by nuclear weapons .

Jiang Chen looked away . He took out the black briefcase from the storage dimension and changed topics .

"Could you look at this for me?"

"This is?" Lin Lin looked at the briefcase on the table as she had a curious expression on her face .

"I found it on the German U boat . . . During the Second World War, the submarine from the axis countries, a unique piece of artifact . "

"Oh? The Second World War? That's far back in history . " Lin Lin took over the briefcase, her digitalized eyes slightly contracted as it scanned and examined the surface . She then asked, "What's unique about it?"

"It can send out Klein particle waves . "

"That's impossible," Lin Lin immediately negated him as she opened the fourth-dimensional messenger on the table, "People in the atomic era can't even observe that dimension, how would they realize the existence of Klein particle-"

But before she could finish, her voice stopped .

No voice, just four letters .



"This, this is impossible . . . Wait, it is a half-finished product . No, even if it is a half-finished product, it is impossible for the technological level in the atomic era to achieve this," Lin Lin's eyes widened as she said in disbelief .

Looking at the shocked Lin Lin, Jiang Chen looked puzzled .

"Half-finished product? Could you explain it to me?"

When she heard Jiang Chen's question, Lin Lin glanced at him .

"Think carefully, when you use the fourth-dimensional messenger to communicate with me, would the strength of the signal change with location?"

"I don't think so . "

"This is the problem . " Lin Lin pointed at the briefcase, "The Klein particle transmitting in the fourth dimension would not have its signal changed because of the shift in three-dimensional coordinates . Or rather, it doesn't possess the physics properties such as energy or speed . It is only a hypothetical wave . It would receive a certain signal at a certain time, it is that simple . "

"Could it be received in any corner of the universe?" Jiang Chen was stunned .

"It can . So it is also referred to as communication particle in the intergalactic era . Since with electromagnetic wave, there is a delay of one second from earth to the moon, it would take over half a year to get to the Oort cloud at the edge of the solar system . Without the restriction of the third dimension, as long as it is broadcasted to the same time coordinate, the signal can be received in any corner of the universe . And even before the war, it was a project at the frontier of science . However, even for me now, I could only do this with two crystals with the same origin and communicate in the form of resonance," Lin Lin said .

Because it was too magical . Compared to the Klein particles, the electromagnetic wave was more similar to sending a message on a pigeon .

"Then why would the signal from this thing decrease with increasing distance?" Jiang Chen asked, confused .

"This is why it is a half-finished product . Or rather, the person producing it never understood the principle behind it . The person probably only followed a diagram to create something similar . "

Lin Lin sighed, paused, and provided a rather simple analogy .

"For example, I have a phone, and I passed the phone back to the stone age and told him he can use this to call me . He never saw this before as they always used messenger pigeons to communicate and have no concept of communicating with a phone . So he used a dumb method, that is carving the letters onto the phone, and then relaying the message to me by tieing the phone to the messenger pigeon . "

Jiang Chen had a funny expression on his face, but he suddenly realized something .

"Could it be the message from the future sent the diagram to create the fourth-dimensional messenger back . Someone used the diagram to create the communication device but didn't how to "call," so the person used electromagnetic waves to send it and broadcasted Klein particle waves into the third dimension .

"That's a possibility . " Lin Lin didn't disagree with Jiang Chen's perspective . "Let's hypothetically say the video you showed me last time was a mature phase of the Klein particle communication technology . The friendly hello was the greeting from the people in the "future" or the "primal . " At the same time of the greeting, it also brought you advanced technology . Along with the message would include the manufacturing method to create a Klein particle communication device . "

"Those incredible technologies?"

Jiang Chen recollected the incredible technology the Third Reich brought out during the Second World war as Jiang Chen had a strange expression on his face .

"That's right . " Lin Lin nodded . "Do you remember what I told you last night? Some people can interpret these signals in the form of dream with this special wave effect . But, these special brains could only passively receive information . Just like a deaf person on the phone, you would not know if the other side is listening to you speak . To be able to confirm if the people in the past received the information or not, what you need to do is simple, it is to send the method of communication as well as coordinate along with it . "

"Then did this "help" ever get heard by the people in the future?"

"Obviously not . " Lin Lin sighed, she closed the fourth-dimensional messenger . "That person clearly overestimated the "primitive" ability to understand . Even the strongest pigeon would not fly through the distance of time . "

Until its collapse, the Third Reich didn't manage to communicate with the voice in the future .

Jiang Chen didn't say anything as he quietly looked at the briefcase thinking about something else .

"Can I open this briefcase?" Lin Lin pointed at it .

"Of course, but I didn't manage to find the key to open it, so I am not sure if there is a trap mine inside . " Jiang Chen shrugged .

"That is simple . " Lin Lin had a prideful smile emerge on her face as she put the briefcase on her experiment table . "I am not that dumb to be tricked by the primal's trap . "

There was no mine inside, it was easily opened .

A black metallic ball slightly bigger than a baseball along with a notebook was inside .

"This is . . . " Jiang Chen picked up the black ball and carefully observed its surface .

There was no opening on it as it didn't look like it could be opened . Jiang Chen managed to find a neat line of small letters on it .


Jiang Chen was troubled as he knew only one foreign language .

"Use this . " Lin Lin threw a translucent carbon graphene card into Jiang Chen's hand, "As long as the writing is not too messy, this thing can easily translate it into any common language . "

"Woah, this is amazing!" Jiang Chen was stunned .

Looking at Jiang Chen's shocked expression, a glimpse of proudness appeared on the tip of Lin Lin's lips .

She enjoyed viewing his "primal" reaction . It made her feel like a God, any "offering" would gain the worship of her "believers . "

However, she didn't make it as it was the scavenger team who managed to pick it up . She only fixed it up .

Usually, things like this would be thrown into the extraction tank and recycled for useful material, since the apocalypse didn't require translation . But the reason why she fixed it was due to Yao Yao's request since as a digitalized human, Lin Lin herself didn't need it .

"The Golden Apple?" After attaching the translation card to the line of small writing, Jiang Chen read out loud .

It was a pure black metallic ball, why would it be called the Golden Apple?

"Let me look at it, you can go read that notebook . " Lin Lin took the golden apple from Jiang Chen's hand as she couldn't wait to work on an experimental apparatus .

Jiang Chen understood why she couldn't wait another second .

This feeling was as if a cell phone was found in a grave dated back to the Han dynasty .

Jiang Chen picked up the notebook and opened the cover .

A diary .

Perhaps the secret is hidden inside his diary .