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Chapter 280

Behind the wormhole is the void, and the void has no concept of time . Regardless how long the three space colonization ships have been lost for, as long as they can finally escape, then to the outside world, from the moment they entered to their escape was only a glimpse .

But what was sent to Jiang Chen's world was only a message, not three space colonization ships from the future .

Based on that fact, Lin Lin only had one hypothesis .

The three space colonization ships have been trapped in the void for eternity, they have become relative to the wormhole outside the universe, the quantum state of the general existence - not alive, nor died .

As to the messages sent, it would be easy to understand sending the technology from the future back .

The purpose was to change the history after World War Two to avoid the Third World War from happening .

Based on what Lin Lin has said, in the history of the apocalypse, they entered the atomic era after the Second World War . The Americans ended the war, not because of the two nuclear bombs, but rather executing "Mission Olympics" they landed on Japan's southernmost island of Kyushu, and then pushed to the main island .

It was an amphibious landing that was even larger than the Normandy Landing . With 15 Army divisions and 63 Air Force brigades from the European theater, in addition to the Pacific theater forces . With the air and ocean advantage, the Allied force indeed bulldozed through Japan .

However, in Japan's crazy "local decisive battle" strategy, the Western countries paid a heavy price . It laid the foundation for the Soviet Union's vitality and the rise of the Pan-Asian Cooperation (PAC) .

But in Jiang Chen's world history, that battle never occurred .

Regardless, that message did change history .

Unfortunately, this world didn't change the slightest . The effort of the three space colonization ships has all been based on the premise of MWi theory (parallel cosmic theory) which is not valid .

But unfortunately, Jiang Chen's existence happened to provide evidence for the validity of the MWi theory .

The three space colonization ships exiled to the wormhole only changed the history of another parallel timeline .

The two worlds were two never intercepting parallels .

If Jiang Chen didn't appear here, the people in this world (Lin Lin) wouldn't even have known someone attempted to change history .

. . .

The golden apple was temporarily kept by Lin Lin .

Although it was a crude form of work, it was the technology from the void . Although the "primitive" could not understand the intricacy of the technology, Lin Lin could .

This Golden Apple was like an advanced blueprint engraved on a stone wall . If Lin Lin could absorb the technology here, she would make great progress in the field of Klein particle .

Jiang Chen followed Lin Lin's command to bring the uranium to the basement of the mansion . The uranium will be used to create nuclear bombs, manufactured into ballistic missiles by Jiang Lin, then taken by Jiang Chen to the modern world and deployed in Pannu Islands .

After taking care of the uranium, Jiang Chen went back to Jiang Lin's lab as he picked up the fixed kinetic skeleton .

Putting on the suit, Jiang Chen lied on the bed and started to travel .

The immense pressure of the deep sea returned .

After he resisted the initial discomfort, he gradually got used to the feeling .

He pushed away the giant octopus body floating in water, he passed through the cabin door and swam towards the direction of the exit . The containers along the way must be the parts of the booster jet and V2 rocket . In the Second World War era, the technologies were deserving of the recognition as incredible . But now, they could only be considered artifacts .

And artifacts that could bring trouble .

Based on this layer of consideration, Jiang Chen didn't bring these artifacts . He had a feeling there were a lot of people still searching for the lost Golden Apple . Only the Third Reich received the information from the future .

It was better for these things to stay here eternally .

At the crack of the submarine, Jiang Chen saw the skeleton again .

In front of the uniform hanged an iron cross emblem .

He must be the Elias, the Third Reich communication soldier given the last mission .

After hesitating for a moment, Jiang Chen took off the already rusted emblem .

"Rest in peace . "

He muttered to himself before he turned around .

After swimming out of the submarine, Jiang Chen adjusted his body position, pressed the button on his right arm, and activated the booster on his back .

A large quantity of small but dense bubbles burst out . With the high-pressure thrust, Jiang Chen's elevation quickly increased as he headed for the surface .

The pressure surrounding him began to decrease before finally disappearing .


After returning to the sea surface, Jiang Chen opened his helmet as he breathed the fresh air with his mouth wide open .

It was already approaching dusk .

Without noticing, he spent almost an entire day under the sea .

After looking around, Jiang Chen had a bitter smile on his face .

The boat he just bought this morning was nowhere to be seen .

. . .

It was not a wise decision to head to the sea by himself . Without anyone watching the boat, the boat would be pushed away by the waves in no time .

But fortunately, he was not too far away from the Jackson port .

He maintained a depth of two meters and opened the booster before he swimming to the nearest land .

Before it was dark, Jiang Chen landed on a quiet beach .

After putting the kinetic skeleton into the storage dimension and changing into dry clothes, Jiang Chen took out his phone to confirm his location . Then he walked to the direction of Jackson bay .

He took a ferry back to Auckland .

When Jiang Chen arrived at the Sheraton hotel, it was already seven at night .

"Why are you back so late? I had spent the entire day in the hotel, so boring," Seeing Jiang Chen return, Liu Yao on the bed pouted her mouth and said coyly .

"I was dealing with something, but I am done . You can't have spent the entire day staying inside the hotel scrolling through Weibo right?" Jiang Chen sat down by the bed as he slapped her curvy butt .

"No, I also played some . " Liu Yao shook the phone screen while giggling . "I only just wanted to try, but it is actually entertaining . How did you think of such a fun game?"

"The intelligence of a team," Jiang Chen laughed and answered ambiguously .

Liu Yao laughed and covered her mouth, but she pouted again .

She sluggishly adjusted to a different position . Her luscious black hair had spread out on the bed from her shoulder . Then she put her face beside Jiang Chen's .

"So annoying, I have to go back tomorrow . I want to spend more time with you . "

"Oh? Then stay here . " Jiang Chen laughed nonchalantly .

"What about the movie?" Liu Yao rolled her eyes at Jiang Chen cutely .

"Skip it . "

With a blushing face, Liu Yao was tempted for one moment before she shook her head .

"Nah, I'll go back . If I stay, I feel like I might delay your important tasks . "

Jiang Chen paused, he looked at the moonlight in her crystal clear eyes .

"Thank you . "

Jiang Chen said softly into Liu Yao's ear .

"No need to thank me . " Liu Yao naughtily bit Jiang Chen's ear, "Compensate me . "

The warm air that breezed by his ear lit up an intimate fire .

A smirk appeared on Jiang Chen's face .

"Compensate? Can your body handle it?" While he said that, his hand slipped down to her waist .

"What would you know without trying?" Liu Yao glanced at Jiang Chen seductively as she pouted .

"If you beg, you are a puppy," Jiang Chen said with a smirk .

"Fine . . . " Liu Yao said in defense .

. . .

Two hours later .

The "bark bark" sound mixed with embarrassment and intimacy diffused through the bedroom . The melodious and sweet voice lingered .

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