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Chapter 282

After calling Robert and notifying him to begin the next steps, Jiang Chen called the mercenary base in Niger and asked Ivan to take a few of his comrades to meet him in Pannu Islands .

After finishing the two calls, Jiang Chen returned to the hotel and booked a plane ticket to Pannu Islands .

Before the Liberal Party's official uprise, he still had some preparations to do .

. . .

The Pannu Islands airport was still as empty as usual . Although a deepwater port had recently been built, which brought some noise to the island far away from international affairs, the outdated infrastructure, as well as the small population, made it hard to see unfamiliar faces on the island .

Especially since the political situation had deteriorated as of late, the investment prospect for this place had significantly decreased .

Although the ten billion USD development plan drew the attention of many capitalists, the project had just begun . Additionally, if the political unrest resulting from the confiscation of land could be solved through peaceful measures was still unknown .

If they followed the investment, once the protest escalated to military conflict, not only would the project go down the drain, the agreement they signed with the old political regime would also become scrap paper .

Before the situation clears up, the cunning international capitals would not make a rushed decision . Only when the opposing party or current regime was at an advantageous position would it be the best opportunity to bet .

Despite all the negative influences, there were still a few people in the airport .

They were mostly reporters from the "Free World . " Although they have never heard of this secluded island, it didn't stop them from commenting on the human rights and corruption problem on the island .

But something was odd inside the airport today .

Approximately fifteen strange faces with luggage walked through the empty airport terminal . They stood up among the rest of the people .

Their muscular bodies, sharp steps, grimacing vibe, from these points alone, their identity were not ordinary .

Future Security Company was their identity . The person leading was the chief trainer Ivan, the other fourteen were "outstanding" employees .

To the not-so-friendly looking group, the staff at the airport began to focus their attention on them . However, none of them went up to question the group . After checking their documents procedurally, the staff let them pass through customs .

The only two security guards at the airport were given pistols to keep peace on the streets . Regardless of the intentions of these people, the country's situation couldn't get worse .

In front of the airport parked five Senators .

Pannu Islands' transportation was terrible . No metro, no public transit, there weren't even taxis . To exaggerate, it was hard to see a single car on the road .

After seeing the oriental face leaning against the car, Ivan's aged face smiled .

"Buddy, we meet again . " Jiang Chen extended his right hand and laughed .

"Long time no see, boss . Haha . " The Slavic soldier shook Jiang Chen's hand furiously as he grinned .

In only four months, he was a shade darker . His entire body smelled of sand .

As well as chaos .

"Let's talk on the car . " Jiang Chen waved his hand and signaled the soldiers behind him to head to the cars .

Precisely speaking, they were all guards from Future Security .

Because of the deterioration of the Pannu Islands' current regime, Jiang Chen used this excuse and submitted a request to hire foreign securities to the Pannu government to prevent damage to his asset . The reason was not relevant . They used the usual routine of stuffing a bag full of money before the visa was approved in the same afternoon .

16 people; five cars . Although it was a bit tight, everyone still managed to fit .

Behind Jiang Chen's car, the others cars lined up together and headed towards Jiang Chen's import and export company in Coro Island .

"How was your stay in Nigeria?" Jiang Chen held on the steering wheel as he asked Ivan, the head trainer .

"Not bad . Those little guys finally had their claws sharpened . I remember when they first came, they couldn't even hold their gun steady . But now, they have learned how to kill people . " With proudness on his face, Ivan lowered the car window as he lit up a cigarette .

"Did they head onto the battlefield?" Jiang Chen asked in surprise .

"Mhmm, we engaged in battle with the guerrillas . " Ivan blew out the smoke ring as he grinned, "Do you still remember the Tuareg Clan?"

"Of course, Robert and I had a friendly visit with them . " Jiang Chen shrugged .

AK, camels, and the disgusting camel milk . It was the only impressions Jiang Chen had to that poor and outdated clan .

"But they are not friendly . " Ivan dusted the cigarette outside the window as he continued, "A month ago, they were asking us for money, fresh water, and bullets, but I rejected them . That night, the guerrillas pretended to be Al Queda raiding us . "

"And then?" Jiang Chen smiled .

"They left twenty bodies . " Jiang Chen cracked a smile . "I have to say, boss, the rifle you provided is great . Even if it was in a sandstorm, it didn't malfunction once, and the penetration power was insane . "

"Of course, it is a customized weapon . " Jiang Chen said . He also added in his mind, it is the rifle from the future after all .

Ivan shrugged as he didn't continue the conversation about the weapon . He knew his boss has a mysterious background, so he didn't ask more .

"What about the Niger side? Did they express anything?"

"Nothing . Their soldiers are a bunch of cowards and are afraid to bother the uneducated citizens in the deserts . The Barkary guy you hired reported to the minister of commerce about this, but the Niger government suggested that they restrain their military force within their jurisdiction . They ended up not taking a side as they sent a representative in an attempt to negotiate peace . Offending us would be saying no to the dollar, offending that uncivilized tribe would be going against the security of the country . " Ivan narrowed his eyes as he looked at the subtropical sceneary outside the window .

"In the end? Did the Tuareg natives compromise?"

"Obviously not . " Ivan burst out laughing, "But they were smarter . They knew they couldn't win alone, so they dragged the terrorists in with an extremely ambiguous relationship . RPG, Toyota pickup truck, machine guns . . . But their attempts were useless . In firepower, we wouldn't lose to them .

"Were there casualties?"

"Of course . " As Ivan said this, he eyes remained squinted into the distance .

Jiang Chen didn't expect casualties to occur .

Jiang Chen glanced at him but didn't blame this on him .

Although people died, a group of warriors who have been through the flames of war came out of it, it was the fortunate situation out of the unfortunate event .

"What about the family of the casualties?" Jiang Chen asked lightly .

"In the base . Since they just lost their husband, if we force them away-" Hearing Jiang Chen ask about the families, Ivan was afraid that Jiang Chen would be displeased with his treatment as he rushed to explain .

"No, you did a great job," Jiang Chen interrupted his words .

Ivan let out a breath of relief when he heard Jiang Chen say that .

Although he looked down on the refugees that always complained about everything they did, after months of training, it would be unfair to say he didn't develop a relationship with them . Especially when they were attacked by the guerrillas, they fought together .

"To be honest, I was worried that you would kick them out from the base . Since from a company's point of view, they are extraneous . " Ivan smiled bitterly .

"Don't be mistaken, Ivan . I never said Future Security is a company . " Jiang Chen smiled, he looked at Ivan and said seriously, "We are an army . "