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Chapter 283

Coro Island was the main island located on the southernmost tip of the Pannu Islands . Northwest of the island was Country F, and southwest of it was Australia and New Guinea . Finally, to the direct south was New Zealand .

The only airport in the country was situated on Coro Island . On the southernmost tip of this island was also the only deep water harbor of the country- built by Johnny International at the cost of over a million USD .

Typically speaking, these massive deepwater harbors would have a ring of factories surrounding it . But with the pillar industries of Pannu Islands being fishery and farming, the commonality didn't seem to apply .

Beside the deepwater harbor was only three warehouses .

A brown-skinned local was chewing on a sugarcane as he sat outside the outermost warehouse, guarding the door .

His name is Cassan, a native of the Pannu Islands . He wasn't well educated, but he could do the job of a security guard very well . His daily task was to sit in front of the warehouse, guard the phone, help when goods need to be offloaded, and chew on sugarcane when there was nothing to do .

When the five Senatas stopped in front of the gate, the young man glanced enviously at the cars a few times before throwing away the sugarcane in his mouth and walking towards them .

"Celestial Trade, this is my company here," Jiang Chen introduced to Ivan as they got off the car .

Though it was only a shell company with a security guard . All the business was outsourced to elsewhere .

"Celestial? That's a weird name," Looking at the letters on the giant warehouse, Ivan exclaimed .

As they chit-chatted, the security guard Cassan walked in front of them and smiled at Jiang Chen .

"Boss, why are you here?"

Jiang Chen arrived in the Pannu Islands two days ago but he had been busy with other things, so it was his first time here . Seeing the boss here personally, Cassan was very surprised .

"Nothing, just open the door for me . "

"Which one?"

"Warehouse three . "

"Okay, okay!" Cassan nodded as he immediately took out the key and ran to open the metal gate .

After sending Cassan outside, Jiang Chen signaled Ivan and the crew to walk into the warehouse and stand in front of a container .

After dragging the container open, there was a row of automatic rifles inside .

It was not the reaper rifles he brought back from the apocalypse, they were the standard M series assault rifles common on the black market, and also the civilian type .

"Mission?" Ivan immediately put on a serious expression .

The 14 people behind him also lined up waiting for Jiang Chen's order .

"Don't be anxious, there is still some time before the show really starts . This mission is only a warm-up . " Jiang Chen signaled them not to be too tense .

Jiang Chen cleared his throat and pointed at the weapons in the container .

"Considering the deterioration of the Pannu Islands' political situation, for the time being, the security of these warehouses will depend on you . There are 15 gun licenses in the container . I requested it through a special channel from the current regime . You can use them once you write your name on the licenses . To people attempting to break into the warehouses, first time fire a warning shot, second time shooting is permitted .

"Yes!" Ivan answered affirmatively .

As to Jiang Chen's mission, he had no other questions, as was the same for the soldiers behind him .

Jiang Chen nodded . He was delighted by the veteran's attitude .

"There are materials here to construct a temporary camp . All in all, the security here will be up to you . "

"Leave it to us . " Ivan smiled .

He then cleanly turned around, looked at his comrades, and shouted at the top of his lungs .

"Did you understand the mission!"

"Understood!" 14 uniform responses roared thunderously .

"Get moving!"

"Yes! Sir!"

. . .

After seeing Jiang Chen come out, Cassan strolled over in fearful steps .

"Boss, who are they?"

He heard all the noise inside the warehouse .

"The security company I hired . You don't need to mind them, just do your usual routine . Don't peek at things you shouldn't peek at and don't say things you shouldn't say . Just remember these two points and you are good to go . "

Cassan gulped and fiercely nodded . Then he replied with unease .

"Mhmm . "

He only wanted to find a comfortable job; he didn't want any trouble . He could receive a wage of 10 USD per day by being bored and chewing on sugarcane while sitting in front of the warehouse's door, it was like a dream come true .

Knowing that the young man wouldn't find trouble for himself, Jiang Chen didn't say too much about confidentiality .

"Give me the spare key to the warehouse . "

Cassan immediately took off a set of keys from his waist and handed them to Jiang Chen .

"You can go home early today . " Jiang Chen took the key as he patted him on the shoulder .

"Yes . " Cassan nodded as he was smart enough to not ask about anything more . He picked up the sugarcane he didn't finish before heading home .

Seeing Cassan walk away, Jiang Chen walked to warehouse one .

Jiang Chen dragged open the metal door and looked at the goods inside . A smile surfaced on his face .

Five hundred square meters of space was stuffed by all kinds of containers .

There were dairy products from Australia, airtight-sealed meat, and canned food manufactured by Xinlong Food Processing Plant . Pork, lamb, and other kinds of fresh meat were stuffed in ten giant freezers . The bags of rice piled into a small mountain .

"Woah, with the average height being two meters, this is at least over one thousand tons of food . " Jiang Chen looked at the mountain-high pile of food and was shocked .

Estimating one pound of food a day, one thousand tons of food could last half a million people for one month . Compared to the population on Sixth Street of less than fifty thousand, Fishbone base could barely break the one thousand mark even with the increase in population .  

Not only would the daily consumption for over half a year be solved, but this quantity would also be enough to supply their trading needs .

The good thing was Jiang Chen is overseas . If this batch of food disappeared in Han, there would definitely be some problems .

Jiang Chen didn't immediately start transporting . Instead, he went out and opened warehouse two .  

Warehouse two stored the equally scarce salt on the wasteland .

The salt need for Wanghai mostly depended on the survival camps such as Liuding near the coast, but the production quantity was low . Because of the limitation in production, the quality of salt was also not high . It was against the law to store salt on a large scale, but on the volatile Pannu Islands, it was not a big deal .

Other than containers full of salt, there were beers, fruits, and fish produced locally .

These products were custom made . There was no package on them at all .

These products would be hard to pass through customs in other countries, but it was not an issue in Pannu . Jiang Chen just stuffed a few hundred dollar bills to solve the problem that was not even a problem .

After verifying the goods, all there was left to do was making round trips to move the supplies .

As Jiang Chen looked the piles of supplies, he had a troubled smile on his face .

"How long would moving these take . . . "

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