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Chapter 285

Even if they knew that the moment the doors opened, only shambles awaited them, if they didn't optimistically believe in the 1% possibility, then they may not even have the courage to wait till the doors opened .

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"It's New Year, let's not talk about something so depressing," Jiang Chen hugged her around the waist and said gently .

"Mhmm . " Sun Jiao buried her head embarrassedly to cover her blushed face as the sternness in her eyes were washed away .

"Speaking of this, what would you do during New Year on your side?" To get rid of the somber atmosphere, she forcibly changed the topic .

"I would usually spend it with my parents . " When Jiang Chen said that, he felt melancholic .

Unfortunately, he didn't know what kind of identity he would use when he heads home now . At least this New Year, he probably wouldn't have the opportunity to visit them .

"Do you miss home?" Sun Jiao detected the strangeness in Jiang Chen's eyes as she asked caringly .

"I went back just not long ago . I wouldn't say I miss it too much . My parents' health is good and they are living a happy life . As long as they are happy, I don't have much to worry about . "

"I see . . . Your family are all there, that's good," Sun Jiao murmured to herself .

"What about your sister?" Jiang Chen felt awkward when he talked about Sun Xiaorou, but he still pushed the words out of his mouth .

"Her . . . body is not doing too well . "

"What happened?" Jiang Chen hastily asked .

"Lin Lin . . . Although Tingting destroyed the chip that blocked her memory in the hippocampus, it still affected the nerve in her lower body . Now, she can only sit in a wheelchair . " Sun Jiao was feeling down .

Jiang Chen felt perplexed . A part of him was glad that he wasn't the one that made Sun Xiaorou sit in the wheelchair, the other part was feeling sympathetic for her sister .

"A rare opportunity . You should take her around . "

"Eh? But-" Sun Jiao looked shockingly at Jiang Chen .

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"Although the base knew that an assassin attempted to assassinate me, they don't know who the assassin was, and no one saw her face . It is better to spend New Year with the family if you still have a family . "

Jiang Chen paused . He had a comforting smile on his face as he continued, "Maybe if you take her around this cheerful atmosphere, the trauma in her mind will be healed . Go now . "

"Mhmm . . . " Sun Jiao hid her reddened face before heading downstairs .

Watching Sun Jiao leave, Jiang Chen looked back at the square again .

People shouted, chatted .

A young man was strumming a guitar made out of wood as he played an unknown but peaceful melody .

"Family," Jiang Chen muttered to himself as he suddenly thought of a cute girl .

She doesn't have a family anymore .

. . .

Without surprise, Yao Yao still stayed in her room .

She didn't play with her computer or other electronic devices as usual . Right now, she was sitting in front of the table while dangling her feet, unable to touch the ground . Her hands were placed against her chin as she zoned out .

In the years before, people would play electronic fireworks to celebrate New Year's Eve . But after she woke up, everything changed, if she didn't meet her big brother . . .

Yao Yao was too afraid to think what would have happened .

She really liked this place . No need to face the cold winter; no need to face the repressing radiation dust .

Just, a bit too lonely .

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"What are you thinking about?" Jiang Chen put his hand on her shoulder .

"Wa-" The voice from behind her scared her a little .

After Yao Yao realized it was Jiang Chen, she let out a sigh of relief . She pouted her mouth as she threw a small tantrum .

"It is not fun bullying a small animal . "

"Then what's fun?" Jiang Chen rubbed her soft hair as he smiled .

"Wo-, just like this . " Yao Yao enjoyably raised her head as she had an expression similar to a cat being petted .

"Do you not need me to take you out?" Jiang Chen said gently as he felt the temperature mixed with the sweet scent of the girl .

"Take me out?" Yao Yao tilted her head as she responded, slightly confused .

"Mhmm, they are celebrating New Year outside . People are performing and cooking . Do you not want to see? You will feel too stuffy staying in your room for too long . "

"But . . . But . . . Do you not need to stay with sister Sun Jiao?"

"Eh?" Jiang Chen was confused as he didn't know Yao Yao would suddenly ask this .

"Everytime brother Jiang Chen comes back, you will always go play with sister Sun Jiao . " She blew her cheeks up as she looked away throwing a tantrum . "Although boys like . . . bigger boobs, but, but I . . . "

She mumbled, but because it was too embarrassing, Yao Yao couldn't finish the next sentence .

But just as she was about to throw away her humiliation and force all her thoughts out, her tiny lips were blocked .

Her eyes trembled, then opened wide before closing peacefully .

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Those lips were soft as marshmallows, sweet as honey .

Long after, Jiang Chen moved his lips away with longing and guilt .

The silver wire made the pure but misty kiss carry a hint of seduction .

"Yao Yao . . . "

She seemed to have sensed Jiang Chen's emotion as a soft smile blossomed on her face .

"You can . "

. . .

The legs covered in white stockings stopped shaking as it anxiously closed and rubbed against itself .

Feeling the intimate moment, Yao Yao closed her adorable, large eyes again, waiting for the moment she has been longing for .

Jiang Chen couldn't control himself anymore .

Just as he was about to throw away all sense of guilt and become an animal again, his EP began to ring at an untimely moment again .

The intimate atmosphere instantly faded .

Yao Yao's face changed to a dark red as she was so flustered that she wanted to dig a hole in the ground and hide inside . . .

. . .

At the door of the base, Cheng Weiguo was in a jacket standing with an odd person wearing a blue onesie .

Seeing Jiang Chen walk over, his eyes light up as he immediately went up to greet him .

"Boss, you are finally here . " But when he saw the unfriendly expression on Jiang Chen's face, he was confused .

"Uh, did I do something wrong . . . "

"No, you did a great job," Jiang Chen said with a straight face .

If it was not for the call, he might have been doing some animalistic acts .

Even Liu Yao couldn't withstand it, let alone Yao Yao who has never been injected with the genetic vaccine . The growth of her body was suppressed .

Therefore, Cheng Weiguo's phone was too timely .

But for some reason, Jiang Chen still didn't feel too hot!

"But you-"

"Don't worry, let's talk about the important things . "

"Okay . " Cheng Weiguo nodded his head and then led Jiang Chen to the weird person in a blue onesie .

He seemed to be wearing the uniform from a fallout shelter .

"This is the fallout shelter-" Cheng Weiguo cleared his throat as he introduced .

"Hello, leader of the Fishbone base . Nice to meet you . " The person cleared his throat and extended his right hand . "My name is Shi Yongtian . For your outstanding contribution in rebuilding the apocalypse, the PAC government would like to recognize you for your outstanding work . "