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Chapter 286

[Recognize? Did you get kicked in the head by a donkey?] 

"Who is he?" Jiang Chen ignored the Shi Yongtian guy, but rather glanced at Cheng Weiguo .

"From his description, he is from Fallout Shelter 027, he seems to be an officer from before the war . " Cheng Weiguo let out a sigh as a hint of mockery appeared on his face . "Every once in a while, there will be fallout shelters that open and then a bunch people who have no clue what is going on would return to the surface . They are quite fortunate it is winter right now . "

During the winter, the bandits and raiders were mostly dormant . If the fallout shelter opened in the spring, there would be a higher probability that either fully equipped bandits or slave merchants were waiting for them .

"Did you say anything to him?"

"No . " Cheng Weiguo shook his head and used a voice the middle-aged Shi Yongtian couldn't hear, "You haven't given out any directions regarding survivors from fallout shelters, so I immediately reported this to you . "

After he listened to Cheng Weiguo's explanation, Jiang Chen nodded .

"Good, you did a great job . "

When he heard the leader's praise, Cheng Weiguo humbly smiled .

"Also, what was the Sixth Street's policy on survivors from fallout shelters?" Jiang Chen asked .

"Nothing too different . . . People that received nutrient supplies would be sent to the ghetto . People with a clearer head would find a job in mercenaries or hunting teams, usually live a nice life . "

At the same time, Cheng Weiguo's expression was slightly awkward . It made him think of the time he was in a fallout shelter . He happened to be one of the slower ones and ended up dragging his wife into receiving nutrient supplies and hence lost their freedom forever .

Jiang Chen nodded, showing he understood . Then he turned around to look at the Shi Yongtian he neglected .

Jiang Chen's neglect made Shi Yongtian furious, but it only lasted for a moment before he remembered that he had favors to ask . Therefore, he waited patiently for the two peasants to finish talking .

"I am Jiang Chen, the leader of Fishbone base, the general of the Sixth Street military government, and the governor of the Shenxiang town colony . "

When he heard Jiang Chen's words, Shi Yongtian raised his eyebrows .

"Excuse me for my straightforwardness, but there is and will only be one government on this land, and it is the great and glorious Pan-Asia Corporation . "

"But they were sent into the sky already," Cheng Weiguo interrupted with a mocking voice, but Shi Yongtian ignored him as he just looked at Jiang Chen .

"Therefore?" Jiang Chen said emotionlessly .

"This kind of private enclosure similar to a king's practice is stupid and illegal," Shi Yongtian said with a righteous tone .

Jiang Chen's eyebrows raised, but before he said anything more, Cheng Weiguo had his gun pointed at the fool's head and spoke in a deadly tone .

"Apologize, or perhaps I should make a hole in your head first . "

The sudden turn of events made Shi Yongtian unable to react .

His lips shivered . Perhaps due to anger or because of fear . Regardless, he couldn't say a word .

"I said apologize, blue skin . "

A soldier standing on the side wearing the knight emblem sneered as he smashed the gun barrel and shot the guy in the back of his leg, causing him to drop to the ground .

Humiliating the leader in front of him, it was like asking for his own death .

Jiang Chen didn't stop this soldiers' action nor did he say anything, he only dubiously looked at Shi Yongtian's frightened eyes .

At the same time, a voice was heard through the speakers not too far away from the base .

"Mob, immediately stop your illegal activity, or we will shoot . "

Wearing a blue uniform with PAC printed on the chest of a standard body armor, covered by a carbon nano-explosion-proof helmet, and carrying a PK2000 rifle . About twenty people were crouched in the bunker, their guns pointed at the gate of the base .

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"Enemy attack!"

Follow by the siren ringing, all the soldiers on patrol returned to battle position .

The heavy machine guns on the concrete high wall turned simultaneously, followed by two remote sentient cannons .

Soldiers in kinetic skeletons with reaper rifles leaned against the wall with their guns ready . The power armors stepped out of cover as they directly faced their enemy . Their revolving machines gun was spinning .

What was more frightening was the swarm of hummingbird drones . Hundreds of machineguns hovered in the air, the sight alone sent shivers down people's spines .

Absolute power .

The twenty soldiers in light weapon was instantly overpowered by the intense firepower of the Fishbone base .

The PAC leading the charge had a drop of cold sweat roll across his forehead . Although he had considered the interference of "illegal personnel", he never thought they would have strong firepower .

Standing behind the power armor, Jiang Chen looked at the 20 PAC soldiers behind the bunch expressionlessly, he already guessed that people were waiting outside .

From looks alone, he knew Shi Yongtian was a useless pile of meat that only knew how to talk . Although winter was relatively safe, it was not safe to the point where a persuasive speaker can safely walk through the wasteland . At least the zombies would not be frozen to death, when they see living creatures at night, they would still leap at them while howling .

Therefore, there was only one possibility . He was being protected .

He just didn't know what kind of arrogance he had to knock on the door alone .

"You are talking about legality to me?" Jiang Chen looked at the Shi Yongtian kneeling on the ground as he slowly opened his mouth .

Shi Yongtian shut his mouth, he was too afraid to speak .

He originally wanted to threaten Jiang Chen with "this place is surrounded by twenty fully equipped PAC security forces, so you better put down your weapons and receive a lighter punishment" .

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But when he saw the fearsome power armors with loaded machineguns step out of the door, he didn't have that attitude anymore .

"Here, I am the law . " Jiang Chen signaled Cheng Weiguo to let Shi Yongtian go . He then took out his pistol from his pocket . "Unfortunately, your words don't really work here . "

Jiang Chen pointed the gun against his forehead .

"Don't, don't kill me! . . . I, I apologize," With pupils contracted, Shi Yongtian shivered as he said listlessly .

Jiang Chen didn't look at him anymore, but rather at the soldiers in the far away bunker .

Silence ensued at the entrance of the base for a few seconds . The leading PAC soldier finally dropped his weapon and put his hands above his heads and walked to the base .

He knew they were no match for the "mob" . To save the captured officer, the team captain had to compromise .

"We have no intention to start a conflict, please let Officier Shi go . "

"We also have no intention to start a conflict, it is just your people were being disrespectful . " Jiang Chen shrugged as he put away his pistol, and concurrently signaled Cheng Weiguo to put their weapons down .

Seeing Jiang Chen's action, the captain with his hands above his head let out a breath of relief . He signaled the soldiers behind him to put their weapons down as well .

The tense situation was resolved after each party took a step back .

After being searched, the captain walked in front of Jiang Chen .

Looking at the anxious Shi Yongtian on the ground, that captain let out a sigh and extended his hand .

"I am Tian Feng, a PAC army captain . "

"Jiang Chen . " He gave out his name again . Jiang Chen held that person's hand before letting go quickly .

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"We are from Fallout Shelter 027 . Officer Shi should have discussed the details with you . We don't mean harm, we just arrived on the surface . . . and are unfamiliar with the place," Tian Feng used a calm voice to speak with Jiang Chen .

"Now you should have seen, PAC no longer exists, neither does CCCP or NATO . "

"Is that so?" Tian Feng let out a sigh as he accepted Jiang Chen's words .

But Shi Yongtian on the ground had a pale white, face . He seemed to be unable to accept the cruel reality .

The PAC no longer existing meant that his title of an officer had no meaning .

He couldn't accept the status difference .

"Although it is hard to believe . . . but your weapons are convincing . " Tian Feng said in an undertone .

If PAC still existed, they would not like a force with such a strong military presence remain in their jurisdiction .

Before they returned to the surface, they have guessed countless possibilities . Such as NATO or CCCP have captured the entire PAC region, or PAC came out of the war as the eventual victor, or nuclear weapons had rendered the surface as a no man's land . . .

The current situation, it was not that they didn't consider it, they just didn't believe it was actually true .

"I am glad you recognize the reality . " Jiang Chen shrugged . "You should feel lucky that you met us, and not a raider group, or the not so clean mercenaries . What's next? What do you plan to do?"

"We need your help," Tian Feng said sincerely .