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Chapter 287

"Help? We are not a welfare society . If you're interested in a trade, that can be discussed . " Looking at the sincere Tian Feng, Jiang Chen smiled .

To the survivors that just peeked their heads out of the fallout shelter, they had no clue about the rules of the wasteland, but they possessed a large number of pre-war supplies .

Needless to say help, it would be considered sympathetic if one could resist the urge to rob these "rookies" .

Tian Feng was stunned for a moment, he didn' expect Jiang Chen to be so direct .

After a brief paused, the captain spoke .

"Our resources are also limited or else the fallout shelter wouldn't be unlocked . Although we can't give you anything in return right now, I promise, if you support our case, when we rebuild order on the shambles, we definitely won't forget the help you provided us . "

"What cause?" Jiang Chen was lost .

"Of course rebuilding the great PAC, and shine the glorious light of the Pan-Asia Corporation again . " As if he had regained his youth, Shi Yongtian on the ground climbed up and said passionately .

"That's exactly it . " After glancing at officer Shi, Tian Feng nodded at Jiang Chen . "Before the fallout shelter door was locked shut, the last mission we received was once the fallout shelter opens, rebuild the civilization on the ruins . If PAC didn't exist anymore, then we'll reform its former glory!"

"These 'blue skins' would typically say such things when they climb out of the ground . " Cheng Weiguo shrugged .

"Blue skins?" Tian Feng frowned .

"Nothing, only a name," another soldier mocked .

A nickname was given by the experienced to the rookies .

They didn't stay further on the topic as Tian Feng continued to look at Jiang Chen .

"What do you think? Our interest should be the same . Once we rebuild order, you can go back to the harmonious and stable life . "

Jiang Chen had a dubious expression on his face .

"So your recommendation is?"

"We previous thought you could just support us with some extra nuclear fusion core, but seeing your excellent ability, I have changed my mind . I sincerely welcome you to join our cause," Tian Feng said seriously .

Jiang Chen laughed .

"So you are saying, we should create a new owner who will sit on top of us?"

"How could you say it like that," Shi Yongtian worked up his courage and rebutted, " a hundred years ago, when we stood up from the suppression of NATO and CCCP, joined the forces, and walked to the great corporation . Do you remember the former prosperity? Do you long to stay in these shambles filled with chaos? Only we can lead the greater Asia to prosperity-"

Listening to the nonsense of this guy, the soldiers holding their rifles began to laugh . Cheng Weiguo touched his nose and didn't laugh since he came out from a fallout shelter . But from the curled up the tip of his mouth, he couldn't hold out for much longer .

Shi Yongtian's face was bloated . The sights of untrust and mockery made him furious . If this were before the war, he promised he would use his power in hand to teach these peasants a lesson . But unfortunately, the pain from the bruise on his leg reminded him that he must restrain himself .

Tian Feng was silent, but he still remained hopeful as he stared at Jiang Chen . Although the majority are "ignorant", as the leader of this group of people, he trusted that Jiang Chen must have enough "foresight . "

Jiang Chen slowly said, "House, weapon, wall . . . We laid every single brick here . With or without you, we can do great things . "

"But under our leadership, you can do better-"

"Bullsh*t . "

Looking at the stern-faced Tian Feng, Jiang Chen said bluntly .

"Once you adjust your attitude and bring enough sincerity, then talk about trading with us . Or, you can try your luck with other survival bases?"

Tian Feng took a deep breath as he scanned the pitch black power armors .

"I will bring back your response . "

"Don't pretend you are a big deal, blue skin," Ma Zhongchen who was patrolling mocked .

Tian Feng glanced at him, didn't say anything else, and dragged Shi Yongtian away .

. . .

Alarm deactivated . The fuss at the gate didn't stop the celebration inside the base from continuing .

Only during shift change did the soldiers with empty stomachs tell their comrades with a belly about to burst the funny things that happened at the front gate before rushing to the busy square .

"Boss, why do you need to waste your words on them . We can easily wipe them out and take over the good things in the fallout shelter . "

Cheng Weiguo followed Jiang Chen to the office in the community center and while standing in front of the table, he asked Jiang Chen puzzledly .

"Oh? So you support me in occupying Fallout Shelter 027?" Jiang Chen asked .

"Even if it were a lawful mercenary, they wouldn't let this opportunity slip away," Cheng Weiguo answered .

Jiang Chen nodded as he didn't say anything and looked at the map on the table .

The paper map was taken from a survival guide from before the war . Although it didn't list out the 00x series as well as special fallout shelters not open to the public, all the normal fallout shelters were listed on the map .

"Fallout Shelter 027, located in the Songjiang area . It is not far from our base . With the capacity of 1000 people . The set lockdown period is 50 years, but it seemed to have been opened earlier than that," Jiang Chen found the symbol on the map as he muttered to himself .

"From their words, they seemed to be really lacking nuclear fusion core . What is that?" Jiang Chen asked .

Cheng Weiguo didn't know why Jiang Chen would ask that and looked at his boss, confused .

"it is a type of nuclear reaction battery . 100mm in diameter, it is stable and safe . A lot of industrial machines used it as the power source, including power armors . I remember the Sixth Street used it for a period of time, but like the food on the supermarket shelves, it quickly depleted, and not a lot was recycled . All in all, after consuming the nuclear fusion core batteries, the Sixth Street power armors were modified to use crystals as its power source . "

Compared to the difficult to obtain nuclear fusion core, crystals were much easier to obtain .

"I see . . . Normally speaking, what goods are inside the fallout shelters?" Jiang Chen continued to ask .

"Good things manufactured before the war, obedient labor, technicians, and scientists . " Cheng Weiguo knocked on the EP on his arm . "For example, these EPs were mostly distributed out from the fallout shelters . Also some limited medicine, or even manufacturing equipment . "

Jiang Chen nodded .

Last time, from Fallout Shelter 005, he obtained a batch of experiment apparatus, a quantum computer that can be used as the server for virtual reality games, as well as a production line for the Hummingbird drone .

Needless to say, for the survivors that wandered on the wasteland picking up garbage for survival, these fallout shelters unaffected by radiation were like treasures .

"Other than those, there is also food," after a brief pause, Cheng Weiguo added .

"Food?" Jiang Chen was slightly shocked .

"That's right . " Cheng Weiguo nodded . "Other than those frozen fallout shelters, quite a lot of fallout shelter with living humans would be equipped with breeding and planting facilities . Since all food has an expiry date, even if it were stored in ultra-low temperature in a vacuum, it would still be difficult to preserve for over 50 years . "

Without being affected by nuclear and biological weapons, the technology was also more advanced . The fallout shelters were the best place to grow food on this land .

The multiple plantation towers, soilless cultivation plants (both bankrupted) at the Sixth Streets could produce a small amount of produce, but the quantity, as well as survivability, were both limited . Since the filter equipment, the survivors who used recycled garbage as the base material could not be compared to the sophisticated equipment created before the war .

"Wait," Jiang Chen frowned, "Logically speaking, after so many years, there are quite a few of fallout shelters that opened in Wanghai City . But until half a year ago, the Sixth Street market still hasn't seen a trace of food . "

Cheng Weiguo had a bitter smile on his face .

"Mostly had to do with the raiders . Most fallout shelters would not escape the fate of being raided by raiders . But those bandits only know how to rob and kill, lacking the concept of foresight . While they completely raided the food, most of the people inside the fallout shelters were killed . Without knowing how to operate the equipment, it was usually sold as scrap . The lack of filtration device meant that the environment in the fallout shelter would be similar to the external world not long after .

"How many people would it take to attack the fallout shelter?" Jiang Chen asked in an undertone .

Cheng Weiguo thought for a moment and replied, "It will depend on the security force inside the fallout shelter . Normally speaking, only thirty-something soldiers would be enough to completely block the people in the fallout shelters . "


"That's right, even nuclear weapons can't do anything to the fallout shelter . In theory, as long as the fallout shelter door is locked, the people on the outside have no way of going in . " Cheng Weiguo said feeling rather helpless, "There is only one reason the fallout shelter would open before the locked date expired . That is, all the energy or resources have been depleted . As long as we block them in, they will be the first ones to give up . "

Just like a turtle .

Jiang Chen nodded as he had a brief understanding of the fallout shelters on the wasteland .

"I see, now go do your own things . "

"Yes !" Cheng Weiguo saluted before he left the office .

Seated in front of the table, Jiang Chen leaned against the chair and fell into deep thought with his eyes closed .

"Fallout Shelter 027?"

Food? Jiang Chen was not interested . The only thing he didn't lack was food .

The thing that interested him the most were the scientists and technicians inside the fallout shelter .

He faced two choices .

Raid? Or trade?

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