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Chapter 288

The New Year celebration continued till three in the morning . People who couldn't keep their eyes open finally returned to their beds and fell asleep with a joyful smile .

It was the first time, in many years, there was so much happiness on the wasteland .

The bonfire was extinguished and the smell of the barbeque lingered on the square .

With the help of the participants, the logistics department collected and put the utensils and cooking equipment back into the kitchen and transported any uneaten food back into the storage space and recorded the amount of food consumed that night .

As the proposer of the celebration, Jiang Chen, unfortunately, didn't get to join in on the celebration .

As when he finished talking to Cheng Weiguo, he returned straight to the mansion .

It was still three hours before the celebration ended .

When he went back the mansion, Yao Yao was still not asleep .

The adorable girl sat in front of the window, counting down on New Year and thinking about her own things with her hands against her chin .

Counting down on New Year . Only a few people remembered this tradition .

Being with family was a luxury on the wasteland .

Everything was so sudden . From the light of the nuclear bomb to the airdrop soldiers from the sky . People were still working; students were still in class . But the "Holy Shield" only left ten minutes for people to prepare .

After rushing to the nearest fallout shelter, squeezing into temporary nuclear bunkers, or being wiped out by the shockwaves .

The hibernation chamber was like a wormhole .

For the people that hid inside, when the door closed to when it opened again, everything felt like it happened instantaneously . But outside of the chamber, twenty years have passed by .

A tear rolled down her face and as her tender fingers gently moved towards it, a warm hand wiped off the droplet at the corner of her eyes before she did .

"Do you miss home?"

"Mhmm . "

"Yao Yao slammed her head into Jiang Chen's chest as her small head tightly pressed against his shoulder, she quietly sobbed .

"I, I am strong . " Her voice was muffled by her repressed sobbing, but Jiang Chen could still hear the frail strength in her voice .

"Mhmm, Yao Yao is strong . "

"I, I am not crying . "

"Mhmm . . . "

Jiang Chen lightly patted her soft back as he scanned the clock on the wall .

The hands of the clock happened to pass 12 o'clock .

At at the same time, the breathing on his shoulder became more rhythmic .

The entire night, he stayed with Yao Yao .

Although he didn't do anything .

. . .

The transport elevator slowly descended into the fallout shelter below the earth's surface .

Around twenty-something soldiers in PAC security force uniform stood on top, everyone's expression was down and flustered .

A lot of people carried gun wounds; the bulletproof vests were covered with spiderweb-like cracks which signified the intensity of the battle .

Fortunately, they didn't lose anyone .

Shi Yongtian curled up in the corner of the elevator; his sight was unfocused as if something had provoked him, he seemed like he lost his spirit .

The captain of the team, Tian Feng, was blankly staring at the lead cylinder in his hand covered in blood - nuclear fusion core .

As to where this came from, the story began three hours ago .

After being rejected by Jiang Chen, Tian Feng didn't give up, but instead, he decided to try his luck elsewhere .

The snow on the surface was thick and cold; it froze the remaining liquid inside the withered bodies of the zombies . They were fortunate, if it were not for the snow, those furious zombies would rip all of them into pieces .

Even the Death Claw would be scared of the zombies at night .

Factory, shop, hospital .

With the group of twenty as well as an officer responsible for "comforting the affected," Tian Feng almost searched every possible place the nuclear fusion core would exist .

But unfortunately, he didn't manage to find any .

Within the twenty years, the survivors have cleanly scavenged anything useful . This would obviously include the nuclear fusion cores used in generators . Before crystals were replaced as the energy alternative, nuclear fusion cores were the primary source of energy the survivors used .

But in the end, Tian Feng obtained one .

In a half-collapsed building, he found the light of a flame . Twenty-something survivors covered in winter suits and unknown fur circled around a bonfire . They had poorly made rifles on their backs as they were cutting meat for a strange creature .

In terms of firepower, this group was much weaker than the previous survivors .

Out of safe consideration, Tian Feng didn't hastily approach them, but rather he used the loudspeaker .

Because of their caution, they saved themselves .

The loudspeaker was used for less than a minute before the bullets began to rain down . A lot of PAC soldiers, who weren't sure of the situation, were left entirely dumbfounded . They had to take cover nearby .

They didn't know why these "refugees" would fire at them . They didn't know if they should fire back .

Currently, in their minds, they were still the soldiers of the "country," these were "refugees" that lost their rationality .

Fortunately, Tian Feng as the captain had a quick reaction . Recognizing the situation, he immediately ordered to fire back and fired the first shot .

Those survivors' pieces of equipment weren't as outdated as they looked . The moment they started firing, two light machineguns appeared out of the window .

Although they were part of the security force, none of them went onto the battlefield before . However, since they did receive professional training, whether it was shooting or knowledge, Tian Feng and the group were more superior that this "mob . "

Shooters quickly eliminated the firing points, and the soldiers with rifles taking cover behind the concrete fired back alternatively . Although they lacked in firepower, their effective strategy easily took care of the mob .

The mob with weapons were consecutively killed . Tian Feng led his troops to push forward and force them to surrender .

But to their surprise, until they were down to the last person, the group had no intention of surrendering .

But when Tian Feng led his troops into the base of the mob, he saw a disgusting scene .

Blood, meat chunks .

It was not the carcass of an animal . . . No, precisely speaking, the human is also an animal .

They were not mobs, they were devils! The devils that chewed on human meat like there was nothing wrong .

"This is insane . "

After seeing this scaring scene, Shi Yongtian's mouth twitched and he continuously repeated that same sentence .

Tian Feng didn't say anything, but his resolute eyes began to shake . It was not hard to see the shock he felt in his heart .

No one threw up .

Because of the scarce resources in the fallout shelter, they drank nutrient supplies before they left . They had nothing in their stomach to throw up .

If it was a lone traveler that saw this scene or merchants that often traveled by, they would say without being bothered, "Oh, it's the cannibals" before they start collecting loots .

Watching the fellow with his limbs chopped off, but couldn't die because of the hemostatic agent, Tian Feng didn't say anything . He quietly raised his gun and ended his misery .

Under the body, he found a nuclear fusion core covered in blood .

The nuclear fusion core was adhered to an aluminum heat agent . It looked like this group of people made it into a simple nuclear grenade . But before they could use it, the person had to have his head blown off .

Regardless, they finally acquired the nuclear fusion core; their mission was complete . The shortage of power in the fallout shelter has been solved and was something worth celebrating .

But currently, no one had a hint of happiness .

Tian Feng gazed at the blood stains on the nuclear fusion core without saying a word .

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