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Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Eagle’s Crash

Translator: Min
“This is Eagle-I, we are at the target area . ”
“Roger, this is Eagle-II . Eagle I, open electronic life detection . ”
“Roger . Opening electronic life detection . ”
The aerodynamic exterior design had an external door at the back with a heavy machine gun
attached . The disk-shaped turbo accelerators on both sides of the craft emitted a deafening
noise as the air vibrated beneath them . Inside the vessel were soldiers fortified to the teeth,
each armed with pitch-black turbo packs that held terrifying single-person heavy firearms . On
the right side of the craft, Liu Ding Town’s logo was drawn over traces of what seemed like
scratched-out symbols .
Attack Helicopter-51 . PCA equipped the amphibious attack helicopter in year 2153 to primarily
serve the Southern Sea fleet as it was particularly effective in beach landings . But after the war,
it became less effective .
The two black helicopters flew separated by 1000 meters and hovered above a building .
Wang Shiwu glanced at the the life detection device that displayed the unknown bacterial level
outside of the armored craft . He then flanked the building outside of the helicopter, a gloomy
expression cast over his face .
“This has to be the place . ”
“Life form matches . The target is in the building . Eagle-I requesting permission to attack . ”
“Negative . ” Wang Shiwu cautiously gazed at the building . He activated the communication
device on the power armor . “This is the Dark Knight Squad . We are above the target creature .
The target creature information is unknown . We request missile support . ”
“This is the command center, missile support approve . ”
The cost of a direct invasion was too high . Wang Shiwu couldn’t risk his comrades’ lives
without even spotting the creature . He cautiously requested missile support in hopes of
exposing its body .
“Eagle-I, Eagle-II, missile will arrive in 1 minute . Please increase altitude . ”
“Roger . ” “Roger . ”
The two helicopters began to increase their altitude to avoid friendly fire . The sunrise cast rays
of yellow paths through the radiation dust . With the disgustingly greenish-yellow particles
emerging from the yellow building, the entire area looked like an egg from above
[What’s hidden inside the building?]
Wang Shiwu locked his eyes onto the murky yolk .
Why would Liu Ding’s elite force show up 30 kilometers away from the city border? The story
began with the battle meeting two days ago .

Bohai Aircraft Carrier, Command Tower, Meeting Room .
“Area coordinates (412, 151) displayed an unusual life signal . Our scientists are unable to
determine the creature’s identity, but the crystal energy indicator has increased to 90,141,

surpassing the limit by 300 . Since it is within our strike range, we have to stop it from evolving
further and retrieve the crystal . I need you to take care of this thing . Do you understand?” The
middle-aged man in an old PCA uniform stood and commanded from in front of the fullsensory
map .
“Yes, sir!”
The uniformed soldiers barked out in unity . They wore the PCA navy seal uniform to the
meeting in an organized manner .
“That is all for this meeting!”
The electronic life detection device was commonly used in the wasteland . Research indicated
that all life forms emitted certain life signals that could be detected over long distances through
emissions . It had been used as a tracking device during the war and after it, a rescue aid . In the
current apocalypse, it became a civilian equipment .
The unit detected not only humans but also any life signal that could be recorded on the radar
life electronic screen . The life signal was proportional to the energy of the creature . Mutant
creatures had a higher life signal than humans . The advanced ability to calculate a mutant
creature’s crystal energy had only been completed after the war and was possessed by the
majority of the larger survival bases .
After recording any unusual life signal, the survival bases in the vicinity often chose to attack
the creature as it was extremely dangerous to let mutant creatures evolve . Unfortunately, there
was always the possibility of strange creatures forming since all mutations were spontaneous .
Evolutionary pathways that once took thousands of years could take three days in a nuclear
crater . The evolved creature could be a harmless bug or a colossal monster .
Any creature with over 300 crystals were considered extremely dangerous .
But it did not mean they were strong .
Compared to the ones with 40 to 300 crystals, the extremely dangerous mutant creatures were
easier to deal with . A 100-pound human for example, would have a difficult time beating
someone who was 200 pounds since they were not in the same category . But what about
someone weighing 500 pounds or 1,000 pounds? They would be considered disabled, unable to
maintain basic life functions .
Similarly, mutant creatures with over 300 energy crystals were considered “disabled . ” Under
the influence of radiation and other factors, the continuous mutation endlessly expanded the
life energy, but that did not necessarily equal strong destructive ability . Once anything
surpassed a limit, it would be a hindrance .
Liu Ding Town had similar strike operations in the past where their target was an unknown
creature with 110,000 crystal energy .
Once the squad had arrived, they were met with a crowd of corpse-eating creatures and a
massive half-eaten meatball .

A meatball that filled the entire street .

The clueless squad had to call missile support to blow the meatball into pieces . With an energy
detector they were able to locate the meter-tall crystal and transport it back . The rest of the
meatball attracted an endless number of corpse-eating creatures in the vicinity, so it was
impossible to retrieve . It was unfortunate because it would have been an excellent source of
nutrient supply .
These excessively mutated creatures had no fighting power most of the time . For economic
reasons, they were much easier to deal with compared to Death Claws or Roshan .
With this reason, selfish commanders were spurred into action to destroy the mutant creatures .
Wang Shiwu was dealing with such a creature .
Although the soldiers began to whisper about finishing the mission and taking a shower since
the power armors were extremely humid to wear, . Wang Shiwu felt something was off and
cautiously followed the missile support procedure .
The Eagle-I in the front opened the radar to provide exact location for the missile at Liuding .
“Prepare for missile launch, raise the barrel! Quick!” A few people in work uniforms hustled .
They controlled the equipment around the launch pad as a ten-meter-long barrel emerged
from the aircraft carrier .
The sleek-looking barrel had a famous name—electromagnetic gun .
“Distance between two points are 310,203 meters, detecting the thickness of the target . Use a
10-kilogram missile, raise to 47 degrees, and adjust power setting . ”
The technician on deck was changing the settings with a tablet computer . Bohai’s fire control
system had originally been destroyed by an electromagnetic pulse during the war . These fixed
gun barrels were later fixed by survivors and connected to nearby terminals to be controlled at
close distance .
The technician pressed <Fire> .
A blue spark filled the barrel as the high-density electricity generated a short but deafening
noise .
There was no explosion .
There was only the initial noise of the missile breaking the sound barrier . A trail of light blue
casted across the horizon .
The force of the electromagnetic ripple pushed the barrel slightly backward . Steam began to
rise as the liquid cooling system activated . A light flashed from the back of the aircraft before
fading into the endless ocean .
The flat-headed missile flew across the sky . The remaining electricity from the initial firing
maintained the internal detonation device and also created a vacuum around the missile .
As it approached the target, the vacuum layer disintegrated .
The speed coating began to melt as the missile expanded .
Followed by a red trail, the cylindrical missile hit the building like an iron fist .
The deafening explosion spread as the missile penetrated the building as if it was paper .

The building crumpled under the force of explosion, a hollow space left behind by the missile .
“Direct hit . Great shooting . ”
“Target spotted . Wait! What is that! Dammit . ”
“Eagle-II, report the situation . Eagle-I…”
“Crashing! Crashing! Please send assistance . ” Sounds of chaos .
From the explosion, a giant emerged . No, to be accurate, it was a giant gun .
A dark red energy began to focus before ejecting a beam .
The red ray cast a straight line across the sky .
It didn’t directly hit any helicopters, but it rendered all electronic devices in the area useless .
<Warning! EMP strike>
The power armor’s EMP resistors opened suddenly, but all the devices suffered different
degrees of damage before they were triggered .
Because of the EMP resistance, all communication signals were blocked .
“Fuck! EMP! Jump!” Wang Shiwu roared into the intercom . In the rapidly plummeting craft he
managed to regain his foothold . With heavy steps, he walked to the door and jumped out .
Due to the power armor’s sophisticated design, it was only momentarily disabled before all
functionality returned . The two helicopters, however, did not have the same fate as the EMP
instantaneously destroyed all electronic devices aboard .
Wang Shiwu gaped at the giant red barrel .
[What the hell is this? A creature that can emit EMPs? Destroyed the helicopter without even
directly hitting target . ]
<Landing device activated . >
After he read the letters in his helmet, Wang Shiwu let out a sigh of relief .
Cracks emerged from his knees, waist and shoulder as the small turbo engine appeared under
the metal surface . Wang Shifu felt a sudden jostle before he finally regained control .
The soldiers began to land on the ground .
“Mutation virus, concentration level 97 . Dammit, what is this goddamn thing?” His comrade
spoke through the intercom .
“Stay alert! Make sure everything is sealed . These floating viruses are giving me a bad feeling . ”
Wang Shiwu checked the air filtration device . These viruses covered the filter in minutes .
The concentration was so high they were almost in chunks . The greenish-yellow appearance
made their stomachs clench in disgust .
[Should we evade first?] The thought crossed his mind before he decided that he must figure out
the terrifying barrel’s origin .
The helicopters were already destroyed . Even if Liu Ding sent support, it would be extremely
dangerous .
“Be cautious of filter status, prepare for attack!”

“Roger . ”
In case anything happened, Wang Shiwu cautiously recorded the picture of the battlefield and
sent it to the command center . He grabbed the machine gun from his back and pushed forward .
There was no response from the command center . The virus could block radio communication?
Probable, since the ray created an EMP effect, so the virus definitely had something to do with
it .
No, this was still too odd!
Normally these extremely dangerous creatures would attract other mutated creatures to feast
on, but there were no rats to be seen in the area .
It was peculiar!
Wang Shiwu was drenched in sweat before he heard the screams of his comrades .
“Above us! What the hell is this?!”
Wang Shiwu immediately looked up . Energy began to fill the red biological cannon once more .
There was nothing in the sky . What was this thing shooting at?
“Fire! Immediately!”
Without any time to think, Wang Shiwu ordered the attack with his gut feeling .
Twelve power-armored soldiers focused fire on the red cannon . The bullets shot out in clusters .
No one knew if it would do anything, but there were no other solutions .
Five hundred meters was the effective range of machine guns . The spark from the bullets cast a
glow on each of the vicious faces as the rapidly rotating barrels unleashed its firepower .
Suddenly, the half-building-tall cannon contracted . It was no longer charging .
Wang Shiwu was surprised that their bullets were effective against this creature .
But they were proven wrong as another explanation presented itself—the energy had been
filled to the maximum .
With terrified expressions, they watched as the cannon exploded .
The red flash submerged the entire area in shockwaves that emitted across the radius of
explosion . Silence ensued .
A few red-colored “meatballs” were propelled into the distance with the help of the explosion .
“Eagle-1, Eagle-II, Dark Knight Offline . ”
“Life signal is changing! Target is dividing!”
The commander’s face had gloom written all over it . His hawkish eyes stared at the fullsensory
screen in the air .
The 90141 crystal energy symbol disappeared and was replaced by 12 unevenly distributed
energy life forms .
The mission had failed .
The commander was not saddened by the loss of the 12 combatants and 4 pilots . Under their
virtual reality training program, it was easy to produce these types of talents .

But the two attack helicopters and the twelve sets of MAX-I Power Armors cost a total of
220,000 energy crystals .
This was a disaster .
As to how the mutant creatures would impact the wasteland? The future is unknown .

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