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Chapter 290

The argument continued until morning .

But that didn’t matter as there was no concept of day and night in the fallout shelter .

The topic of discussion evolved from "the fault of the fallout shelter leader" to "what to do next" . It was a great step forward .

Energy . Without energy, they can’t survive . The water purifier will stop working, the organic farm will be shut down, the UV lamp will go out, and even the air filter of the ventilators will stop functioning . From the complete power outage to the collapse of the fallout shelter, it would only take 10 minutes!

Perhaps irritated by the quarrels at the meeting today, Shi Yongtian who had curled up on in his seat shivering, suddenly stood up and smashed the table angrily .

"War, only war can solve all the problems! We should declare war on the natives on the surface! Don’t they have the nuclear fusion cores? We can just rob it from their hands . They not only illegally occupied territories but are also illegally armed . We should teach them a lesson and teach them the etiquette and reserve of a civilized man! The glory of PAC is immortal! "

The angry roar overshadowed all the voices on the conference table .

The interrupted Wu Yaguo looked over, shocked . The expressionless Han Junhua just glanced at him, and Tian Feng, who was staring at the ground, also raised his head and looked at him strangely .

Shi Yongtian's lips moved, and his hand on the table jittered like he had epilepsy .

After a moment, he sat back down stiffly .

"Ahem . " Wu Yaguo gently coughed, "Shi Yongtian, why don’t you go back and rest . "

Shi Yongtian looked at him gratefully, got up stiffly, and limped out of the conference room .

Seeing the door close, Wu Yaguo slowly opened his mouth, this time his tone was calmer without an intention to fight in his tone .

"This angry . . . inhabitant, though it was only an emotional expression, it provided an idea for our future development right? We can wager war against the external world to solve the energy crisis . "

"There is no way we will win . " Tian Feng suddenly raised his head . As he had personally witnessed the strength of that group of people, he felt the need to remind the decision-makers, "Heavy machine guns, drones, sentry guns, and even power armors . The security force is made up of policemen, not the front force facing NATO . We are not equipped with heavy weaponry at all . "

"Hell, you used the taxpayer's money to train, and you can’t even suppress a group of mobs?" Wu Yaguo could not help but curse .

"However, the group of mobs is not just simply mobs . Moreover, training cannot fill the gap of equipment," Tian Feng said helplessly .

"What about the group of beasts that ate a human? Didn’t you guys win?" Wu Yaguo questioned .

Tian Feng smiled, but that smile was somewhat bitter .

For a warrior, the most painful thing was to explain the war to those who have not participated in the war .

"The size of the surface armed force differs . Some are as strong as the Fishbone base while some are stragglers, they are fighting for themselves . "

"Then pick the group that you can beat!" Wu Yaguo impatiently said .

"It is not legal to plunder from the victims… or the survivors . "

"Legal? Ha! All those are guilty violators, they have committed murder, robbery, insulting corpses! Are you not a security force? Do you think they should not die?"

Tian Feng did not speak . His mind was a complete mess .

He certainly thought those devils should be condemned; they should be punished with the most severe punishment . But they are only wartime policemen, not judges; they have no right to make decisions on the property owners of the offender . When he picked up the nuclear fusion core from the body and then used it for the fallout shelter, it was already a severe violation of discipline .

The robber robbing a robber . In jurisprudence, he was also a robber .

But he did not refute Wu Yaguo's point of view .

If the PAC has ceased to exist, what is the meaning of holding to PAC's law? Including the rank of his collar, what is the point?

"What do you think of it? As the leader of the fallout shelter, are you not going to do anything?" Wu Yanguo looked to Han Junhua

She glanced at Wu Yaguo as Han Junhua slowly opened his mouth .

"Foolish . "

Wu Yaguo's face turned livid, with teeth clenched, he was so angry that he started to laugh "Foolish? Is not doing anything stupid to you, or as a resident representative, putting myself in the shoes of the entire fallout shelter foolish of me?"

"Of course it is you . "

"You -!" Wu Yaguo pressed on the table as he stood up in rage .

However, Han Junhua was not done humiliating him .

"I don’t know what the old leader was thinking, making a foolish decision to elect a resident representative from the inhabitants .  Listening to the public opinion? This is a fallout shelter, not a resort . "

"That’s enough, Little Hua . Calm down . Since there are ideas, why not elaborate?" Academician Qin sighed .

"Because there is no need for that, the eyes of the masses are shortsighted . "

Han Junhua heard the argument . Qin Academician smile and turn to see Wu Yaguo .

"Can I tell you a story?"

"Go ahead . " Although anger filled his heart, to the old man, he still very much respected him .

"A poor man lived with a wealthy man . Because there was a policeman that kept things in order, the two men live in peace . One day, the order that has always existed suddenly disappeared overnight .

What will happen next?

Wu Yaguo gulped . He began to realize the seriousness of the problem .

"Now we should consider who should we rob the nuclear fusion core from, but how to ensure that the survivors on the surface will not plunder us . There is not only one problem facing the fallout shelter . " Academician Qin sighed .

"This information spreading among the ordinary residents would only add unnecessary panic . " Han Junhua glanced at Academician Qin .

"But if you do not say anything, the residents will also panic . " Academician Qin kindly smiled .

Han Junhua no longer said anything as she fell into silence .

Eyes shaking, Wu Yaguo said with difficulty, "Then take advantage of the fact that they haven’t made a move yet . Raid enough nuclear fusion cores and then close the door of the fallout shelter . As long as we do not open the door -"

"We can’t hide here forever . "

He paused, Academician Qin continued to speak .

"There is no fundamental difference between the closure of 20 years to the closure of 50 years . It will only make the gap between the survivors of the surface and us greater . "

"What do you say we should do?" Wu Yaguo shouted as he was having a mental breakdown .

"Since the fallout shelter has opened in advance, the environment on the surface is not bad to the extent that we can’t survive . We should return to the surface, establish contact with the surface survivors, and rebuild our home-"

"Surface? What is there? There is only a group of primitive people who want to drink blood . Even if they know how to use gunpowder, possess advanced technology, they are still primitive people! Dirty environment, suffocating radiation dust, disgusting mutated creatures, I don’t agree we should leave the fallout shelter! There are warm beds, clean water, fresh food here, we don’t need to leave, "Wu Yaguo retorted .

Ignoring Wu Yaguo, Han Junhua looked at Academician Qin .

"The Fishbone base knows about our energy shortage . If there is no surprise, they should be discussing how to plot against us . Any good ideas?"

It was the first time she used an asking tone, seeking advice .

"Then establish communication with them or trade . "

"Trades are only possible if both sides are equal . They already knew our weakness, if they can easily force us to surrender, they have no reason to choose to trade," Han Junhua said in an undertone .

"Just let the weaknesses no longer exist . " Academician Qin lowered his head .

"Is that so . . . " Han Junhua also fell into the same thought .

"What are you talking about?" Looking at the two people guessing the same riddle, Wu Yaguo asked .

But no one responded .

Because some things spreading would only add unnecessary panic…

Silence ensued for a long time, then Han Junhua abruptly declared, "The conference is over . "

Relieved, Tian Feng who couldn’t sit any longer was the first to leave the conference room . Wu Yaguo’s mouth twitched . He wanted to say something, but eventually, nothing came out, so he turned away .

Standing up shakenly, when Academician Qin passed by Han Junhua, he stopped . Sighing, he said .

"Have you made your decision?"

"Mhmm . "

When he heard the affirmative answer, Academician Qin nodded his head and left the conference room .

In a glimpse, the original noisy conference room suddenly quieted down, leaving only Han Junhua there .

"Human nature?"

She slowly repeated those unknown words .

As she repeatedly chewed on the words, Han Junhua shook her head, got up, and walked out the door .

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