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Chapter 293

On the spacious transport elevator stood ten figures .

"What is this?" Han Junhua squeezed the tiny green crystal as she asked .

"A crystal . Combined with the special energy extraction device, it can replace the nuclear fusion core . " Jiang Chen stared at the wall rapidly descending outside the elevator and answered nonchalantly .

"It is hard to believe how much energy can store in this tiny piece," Han Junhua gazed at the reflection on the green crystal as she muttered to herself .

Jiang Chen glanced at her and didn't respond .

Behind him were eight soldiers in kinetic skeletons . They were all on alert for any possible dangers .

In contrast, Jiang Chen looked rather relaxed .

Ten minutes ago, he and Han Junhua reached an agreement .

He previous thought a girl that completely lacked human nature would demand a lot of benefits, but the after fact proved him wrong .

Although she had proposed this agreement, it was much more beneficial to the Fishbone base .

The agreement was as follows:

The door of the fallout shelter will remain permanently open . By name, they surrender to the Fishbone base . Fallout shelter 027 only maintains their existing security force and will no longer expand its military size . Fishbone base will stop invading and maintain a safe distance with fallout shelter 027 .

The two parties will engage in trade . The Fishbone base will be responsible for providing energy as well as other supplies necessary for the fallout shelter to function while the fallout shelter will become a research facility, providing technical support to the Fishbone base .

At the same time, the Fishbone base will build a camp above the fallout shelter, used to accommodate the excess residents in the fallout shelter . The fallout shelter will maintain its high degree of autonomy to the camp . The Fishbone Bane will be responsible for the camp's security .

Also, Jiang Chen will send a representative and several workers to be stationed in fallout shelter 027 . They will be responsible for communication and recording necessary supplies .

Fallout shelter 027 will also send a representative to Fishbone base and conduct a long-term assessment of the human rights rules in Fishbone base . After enough trust is built, fallout shelter 027 will gradually become part of Fishbone base .

Although the formality of the situation was no longer important, since an agreement has been reached, fallout shelter 027 became a subsidiary of the Fishbone base .

A subsidary that maintained a safe distance away .

A slight feeling of falling came from under his feet as the elevator reached the ground .

"I don't understand . This agreement seems to be disadvantageous for you?" Jiang Chen looked at the light gradually appearing as he asked .

It practically meant they became part of the Fishbone base .

The only difference other than being occupied was, Fishbone base's soldiers were not permitted to enter the fallout shelter . But since they controlled everything, there was no difference between going inside or not .

"The purpose of establishing the fallout shelter is to maintain and preserve the flame of civilization . Once conditions turn back to normal, re-establish the colony on top of the ruins . The purpose was not to return to the surface and establish dominance on the victims . "

If the Fishbone base could replace fallout shelter 027 and execute its mission, and they do have more ability to complete the mission, there is nothing wrong with fallout shelter 027 becoming part of the Fishbone base .

Of course, it is on the premises that they can maintain their promise and ensure the freedom and safety of all residents in the fallout shelter .

But this trust could only be established with time .

"Your explanation is rather unique . That's not what Shi Yongtian told me . " Jiang Chen smiled .

"It was my mistake to send him to the surface," Han Junhua admitted honestly .

If the PAC image has already collapsed in the hearts of the survivors, it was comical to send a PAC officer to persuade the survivors . But she was not to be blamed . Who would have guessed this was how the war ended?

Once elevator became stationary, Jiang Chen signaled the soldiers to stay there as Han Junhua and him walked to the gear-shaped door .

Han Junhua pulled off a cable from the door and connected it to her EP .

"How was the negotiation?" Tian Feng asked anxiously .

"Successful, open the door . "

When he heard Han Junhua's instruction, Tian Feng felt relieved as he signaled the worker in the control room to open the fallout shelter door .

Dust flew as the gear-shaped door gradually rolled open, exposing the tunnel behind it .

The suspended bridge with the guidance of the mechanical arm formed a road, connecting the entrance to its interior space .

"It is hard to believe that 1000 meters under the surface is a space like this . "

"Do you want to come inside?" Han Junhua asked nonchalantly .

Although he was interested in a tour, Jiang Chen shook his head .

"That's okay, just here is fine . "

Funny . If I went in, how would I know if you would take me hostage or not?

"Your concern is exactly our concern . "

"Oh? Explain?" Jiang Chen looked at Han Junhua, quite interested in her thought .

"You are afraid of coming in, just like we are afraid of letting you in . Isn't that correct?" Han Junhua said emotionlessly .

Jiang Chen paused for a second before he started laughing .

The soldiers behind him were lost as they didn't know why their leader was suddenly laughing .

The PAC soldiers felt highly alerted in the fallout shelter and were also confused as they cautiously looked at Jiang Chen standing beside Han Junhua .

"You are an interesting person . " Jiang Chen shrugged and grinned .

"That's surprising . Even I consider myself a boring person . " She forced her the muscles around her mouth to move and left this one sentence before walking inside the fallout shelter .

Jiang Chen didn't wait long at the door .

Han Junhua took out the drafted agreement .

Jiang Chen only scanned it before signing on both agreements . Both parties each hold a copy . The agreement was effective immediately .

Jiang Chen noticed when signing this "surrender agreement", a middle-aged man stood behind Han Junhua as he looked at him with suspicion and hatred .

But Jiang Chen didn't express anything as he smiled indifferently . Then he put away the agreement that belonged to him .

Before entering the elevator back to the surface, Jiang Chen turned around to look at the Han Junhua, who was sending him to the elevator .

"The Fishbone representative will arrive tomorrow . The first batch of supplies will be here by the day after tomorrow . I hope you won't close the door after taking the crystals, or I might be angry and blow the cave up . " Jiang Chen used a joking tone .

"We will fulfill our promise . Please don't use threatening jokes to test our already weak trust," Han Junhua said .

"Haha, don't think about it too much, it is only a joke . Of course, I trust that you will fulfill your promise . " While Jiang Chen laughed, he got on the elevator and pressed the start button .

"See you later . "

"See you . "

She watched the elevator ascend before going back into the fallout shelter .

On the way back to her office, she could feel eyes filled with suspicion and mistrust looking at her .

There was nothing wrong with there gazes . Since a few minutes ago, she "sold" the fallout shelter to someone called Jiang Chen .

She sat on the chair as she looked at the lonely room and suddenly let out a sigh .

From today on, all the residents in the fallout shelter could return to the surface and enjoy an unlimited amount of ultraviolet radiation and breath in the free air .

Except for her .

She chose to use herself as the deterrence, therefore giving up the opportunity to return to the surface .

At least before enough trust is established .

She suddenly felt really tired .

Han Junhua slowly put her head down on the table as she took a rare nap .

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