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Chapter 294

The tag of Fallout Shelter 027 had been taken away and was replaced by a camp 27 road sign .

The people in blue fallout shelter uniforms returned to the surface through the elevator .

When they saw the thin rays of sunshine, they cheered, cried, ran on the street, and kissed the ground .

And the Fishbone soldiers stood in small circles as they chitchatted to kill time while comically examining those lunatics .

"Are these guys crazy?" Jiang Chen shockingly raised his eyebrows as he looked the blues skins cheering .

"They waited for too long . " Cheng Weiguo had a cigarette in his mouth as he grinned .

After the initial excitement, the residents quickly calmed down .

Under the instructions of the manager sent by Fallout Shelter 027, the one hundred residents gathered in the middle of the square and began to unload their construction material .

It was a metallic board . That thing was magical as it seemed to be a memory metal .

A blue skin drove a small construction car with the fifty square meter board . He then dropped the metal board onto the ground and waited for the blue skin on the side to rip off the plastic on the outside . After being in contact with the air for a moment, Jiang Chen saw a few cracks appear in the middle of the fifty square meter metal board . It began to move like a transformer as it automatically assembled into a metal house with doors and windows .

It almost made Jiang Chen's eyes pop out .

It was magical!

Seeing the lack of shock on Cheng Weiguo's face, he thought it must not be a rarity before the war . But even if they were not shocked, they were definitely envious .

No wonder the raiders favored these blue skins, they have too many good things .

Although it was not at the point where they would rob them, Jiang Chen still dragged the manager in charge of camp construction and asked him how many of this things were left in the fallout shelter . The manager understood Jiang Chen's intention as he had a helpless expression on his face .

"There is not a lot of this in the fallout shelter, only one hundred set . "

"Only one hundred set?" Jiang Chen was unwilling to give up, "What about production technique? You must have the blueprints?"

There was nothing to hide, the manager nodded . "We do have it, but it is troublesome to produce . Without exaggeration, to produce a mobile home like this before the war, the cost was enough to build four houses with far better conditions . The only advantage of this is the lack of space it occupies . If it was not for placing inside the fallout shelter, there was no need to manufacture these things . "

Since the cost of building a fallout shelter was at a daunting one million per square meter, in the space-constrained fallout shelter, it would cost more to store construction materials .

When he heard about this, Jiang Chen didn't bother with it anymore .

But he still remembered it in the back of his mind .

Although it might not be useful now, who knows if it will be useful in the future? For example in aerospace, this thing should have a wide range of applications .

In less than half an hour of work, the two small construction vehicles made a few trips along the square before one hundred small mobile homes were neatly placed in the square . The fallout shelter residents carried their belongings and entered the metal homes in order .

Eighty of them had fallout shelter residents living inside, while the other twenty were given to the Fishbone force stationed there for them to distribute .

Not long after, under the protection of a little over ten soldiers, three trucks rolled into the square .

The trucks were filled with construction materials and workers from the Fishbone base .

It was not enough to just have a place stay, to protect the safety of the camp, walls were also necessary .

The workers from the Fishbone base were mostly residents from Shenxiang town . After three months of work, they were promoted from "slaves" to "lower citizens" and some outstanding contributors were even promoted to "intermediate citizen" .

After parking on the empty ground, the workers jumped off the truck . After offloading the supplies, they skillfully set up the necessary construction equipment . Then following the engineer's directions, they began to dig the foundation of the wall .

Based on the agreement, Fishbone base will build a wall on the outskirt of the square with a total distance of four thousand meters . The half-collapsed stores were bulldozed over, while the more complete buildings were circled inside the wall to be utilized .

The workers on the campsite were busily working as the clanking and hammering sound from their equipment persisted till midnight . A lot of frozen zombies were attracted by their scent as they dragged their limping bodies near the camp .

But the Fishbone soldiers were well prepared . The soldiers stationed on the street raised their rifles as a few shots took down the scattered zombies . Maybe it was because this area was not concentrated with zombies, or because the low temperature suppressed the reproduction of the zombies in the city center until summer, but it was hard to see a sizeable group of zombies in the Wanghai rural area .

The construction of the camp was well underway, but compared to the liveliness on the surface, it was a lot more deserted in the fallout shelter .

Han Junhua sat in front of the table as she looked apathetically at the enraged Wu Yaguo .

"What did you do . Asking him to help us build our camp, I don't disagree with, but what's the point of stationing their forces here? Do you want us to become their slaves?"

"From my perspective, this is the best ending . " Han Junhua said emotionlessly .

Both take what they need as they feared the same unbearable consequence . Both parties remain restrained .

"Are you dumb or what? Since they are need of us, we can use the technology in our hand to demand more benefits!"

When she heard Wu Yaguo's accusation, Han Junhua just found it funny .

But for some reason, she couldn't laugh out loud .

"Do you know what they brought when they came?"

"What?" Wu Yaguo said uncaringly, "A huge army? So what? Even if we can't win, as long as we close the door, they can't come in . Unless they don't want our technology, or he wouldn't have sat down with us and talked it out . "

Han Junhua shook her head .

"They already know the news of our energy shortage . Or rather, it is not a secret at all . Threatening wouldn't work . "

"Then we will threaten them with our death . " Wu Yaguo said fiercely . "If the door never opens, they will get nothing . "

"Have you ever heard of gambling?" Han Juahua asked .

Wu Yaguo's eyebrows raised as he didn't understand .

Seeing as he didn't speak, Han Junhua continued .

"Two gamblers sat in front of the gambling table, both are eyeing the chips in the other person's hand . The rule of the game is simple . Each person holds a gun, but they are pointed at the same person . A uses the gun to force B to give up their chips, B uses the gun to point at himself to threaten A . The game revolves around the life of B . If B dies, A would get nothing . "

"This rule is not fair to begin with . " Wu Yaguo laughed .

"Rules are always unfair to the weak," Han Junhua said emotionlessly . "A few hours ago, Jiang Chen and I both held a gun . Except before the game started, I pointed the gun at my own head . "

That kind of apathy made Wu Yaguo hold his breath .

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