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Chapter 295

As to who the representative stationed at fallout shelter 027 should be, Jiang Chen gave the task to the person in charge of the logistics department - Wang Qin .

The representative's primary task was to the record the needs of the fallout shelter, and communicate the research direction to Jiang Chen . It was mostly a supporting job . Other than this basic task, Jiang Chen also gave the representative another mission, which was to verify their energy usage to prevent the fallout shelter from hoarding energy .

The next morning, the representative followed the truck transporting construction material to camp 27 .

A 25 years old female name Xu Lu took on the role of the representative as she was part of the knight class . She acted as a salesperson in an insurance company before the war . Then she entered the hibernation chamber during the war and ended up at the Sixth Street ghetto after waking up . She was part of the first group of survivors the Fishbone base bought . Because she looked adorable, articulated well, was attention oriented, and possessed the right amount of experience, she was perfect for the representative role .

The other five staff members were upper citizens of the base . They will be on a rotating shift to enter the fallout shelter to support Xu Lu's work .

"Pay attention when you stay in the fallout shelter . Walk around, and be on good terms with the residents in the fallout shelter . You are representing the image of the Fishbone base . " Jiang Chen patted her shoulder .

"Don't worry boss, you can count on me . " Xu Lu playfully saluted as she giggled .

Jiang Chen nodded as he watched her go down the elevator .

Followed by the flashing signal light, the six people disappeared from the surface down to the cave a thousand meter below .

At the same time, a young looking woman in the blue fallout shelter uniform walked up to Jiang Chen .

"Hello, Mr . Jiang, my name is Zhang Yuzhu, I will be the ambassador representing fallout shelter 027 to be stationed in the Fishbone base . " A young looking girl's voice was pleasing to the ears . She was also very fluent . The only blemish was the slight nervousness in her tone .

Coincidentally, the representative sent by both parties were female .

Based on the consideration of alleviating the tension in diplomacy? Since the wasteland had no professional diplomats .

An interesting coincidence .

Jiang Chen shook his head as he got rid of the weird thought in his mind .

Jiang Chen examined the ambassador from head to toe as he smiled . "How old are you?"

"Eh? . . . Twenty years old . " Zhang Yuzhu paused as she didn't know why Jiang Chen would ask that question, but she still answered honestly .

"Twenty?" How long did the fallout shelter close for?" Jiang Chen asked .

"It will be twenty years by July of this year," Zhang Yuzhu said .

"Twenty years, twenty years old . Were you born in the first year of the fallout shelter?" Jiang Chen smiled .

"No, my father told me, I was born outside of the fallout shelter, but only a few months old when I entered the place . " Zhang Yuzhu timidly smiled .

"I see . . . Speaking of this, working somewhere so far away from home, is your father not worried?"

Zhang Yuzhu shook her head .

"He has passed away already . "

"I am sorry . "

"It's okay, he left peacefully . Everyone the fallout shelter said he was a great guy . But . . . he always said he was sorry about everything . Although I don't understand why my father would say that, but if I can replace him to help other people, then it would make him watching over me from above feel better . "

When she finished speaking, a timid but bright smile surfaced on Zhang Yuzhu's face .

"Mhmm, you will . " Watching the smiling face, Jiang Chen also smiled as he encouraged this little girl .

It was a heartwarming story, even in the fallout shelter, without seeing any daylight, it could breed such a beautiful soul?

After sending the little girl to the truck returning to the base, Jiang Chen was about the return to where the Fishbone soldiers were stationed, but he happened to see a group of people forming a circle at the other gate of the camp .

Seeing the commotion, Jiang Chen walked over .

" . . . Listen, everyone . With only a small piece, everyone can become a sharpshooter! This is the good stuff I transported from Liuding, 100% pure! Don't you want to try? I promise, the feeling is remarkable!"

A suspiciously dressed merchant was passionately speaking as he was selling suspicious substance to the Fishbone soldiers guarding the door .

He had a double-headed cow behind him and on its back was bags full of odd products .

"What's the purpose of this?" He walked behind the crowd as Jiang Chen looked at the crowd quite curiously .

When they heard Jiang Chen's voice, the soldiers slacking off were almost scared to death .

No one listened to the merchant's bullsh*t as the soldiers scattered and returned to their post .

Seeing all of his customers run away, the merchant blamingly looked at Jiang Chen as he stuffed the small vials into the bag on the double-headed cow's back and dragged its leash as he prepared to leave .

Instincts told him that for this person to be able to scare the people carrying guns, this person's status must not be low . Although Jiang Chen ruined his business, he didn't dare to complain . Since a merchant like him was putting his life on the line, if he accidentally offended someone and got shot, it would be a tragedy .

"What is this thing? You haven't answered me yet . " Seeing as he wanted to leave, Jiang Chen asked again .

"Jet, a magical thing that will increase the human sense . The exact effect is that after eating it, the world will appear to slow down . " Seeing Jiang Chen's interest in wanting to buy it, the merchant stopped and began to give his pitch .

Just like bullet time effect? Then it must be a good thing .

Jiang Chen touched his chin quite interested .

"What do you think? A piece is only 10 crystals . " The merchant rushed to him as he saw Jiang Chen's expression .

"That thing only sells for 4 crystals a piece at the Sixth Street, I've seen it before . " A soldier not too far away from Jiang Chen alerted, afraid the boss would be tricked .

The merchant's eyes opened wide .

"Could the thing from the Sixth Street be comparable to mine? My Jet is not addictive . Do you dare to eat the things they sell?"

"You must be lying . Is there non-addictive Jet?" Another soldier mocked .

When he heard this thing would be addictive, Jiang Chen instantly lost his interest .

But seeing the merchant argue with the soldier, Jiang Chen had another idea .

"Ahem, you are saying that your Jet is an improved version, stronger than the ones sold at the Sixth Street pharmacy? Non-addictive?" Jiang Chen cleared his throat as he interrupted the two's bantering .

"That's right," the merchant proudly fixed his collar as he looked at Jiang Chen . "I can promise with my life that regardless how my Jet is used, it is non-addictive . "

"Okay, good . " Jiang Chen nodded, "How many do you have on you?"

"I only made . . . I mean I only brought 53 pieces," the merchant said .

"What is your name?" Jiang Chen asked .

"Meng Qian . "

"Okay Meng Qian, this is 530 crystals . " Jiang Chen put his hand in his pocket and took out a few sizable crystals from the storage dimension and threw it to him .

"Thanks, boss . " Meng Qian nodded and bowed as he joyfully handed the small vials of drug .

But Jiang Chen's next sentence made Meng Qian's heart freeze .

"You are welcome . " Jiang Chen casually threw the drug into the hands of the soldier beside him and pointed at the merchant packing up the crystals .

"Capture him and feed him the drug . Report back to me if there are no problems . "

No matter how that person begged, Jiang Chen turned around and went back to camp .

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