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Chapter 296

And seeing the result, that guy was a liar .

That drug was not Jet at all, but something odd . . .

After taking two pills, the person fell to the ground, unconscious .

It was apparent it wasn't Jet, Jet wouldn't make a person unconscious after two pills . When he remembered this evil merchant was selling this to them, the soldiers were furious . They confiscated all the crystals from the guy's body before throwing him outside of the camp's gate .

The small crystals were distributed among the soldiers . However, with the 530 crystals Jiang Chen paid, they were too scared to take it . Thus as the captain, after deliberating for a while, he personally sent the crystals to Jiang Chen and reported the incident to him .

From the moment he saw him, Jiang Chen knew that guy was up to no good, so he was not surprised at all by the report . Jiang Chen paid for that drug purely because he wanted to waste some time and tease the liar .

As for the 530 crystals, Jiang Chen didn't take it back as he asked the captain to distribute it amongst the soldiers . The wall has yet to be built . Therefore it was tiring to stand outside in the harsh winter . With 530 crystals, everyone would at least be given five . To the soldiers without money, and prioritized being fed well and kept warm, this was a sizable amount of wealth .

Seeing the grateful captain run out of the door in excitement, Jiang Chen smiled, locked the camp door, and prepared to go to bed .

He thought the incident would be over, but it was not . . .

The next morning .

At the bus stop outside of the square, a shivering figure stood in the icy wind . The person would constantly look at the end of the street, and classically roll up his sleeves to look at the time . His two eyebrows were tightly locked together as if he was anxiously waiting for something .

It was like this for a while .

On the desolated street, his action was peculiar .

The soldiers patrolling at the gate watched the weird guy afar as they judged him .

Not long after, Jiang Chen, along with two soldiers in kinetic skeletons, slowly strolled over .

When he approached, he found out it was Meng Qian, the one who sold the drugs to him . Jiang Chen surprisingly raised his eyebrows as he walked towards him .

"What are you doing?"

"Do you even need to ask? I'm waiting for the bus," Meng Qian glanced at Jiang Chen who stood beside him as he said nonchalantly .

"Bus?" Jiang Chen examined him quite curiously .

"That's right, it seems to be late . " Qian Meng frustratedly cursed a few times, but the man let out a sigh, tightened his collar, and prepared to leave .

"Wait, where is your cow?" Seeing he was about to leave, Jiang Chen stopped him .

"Cow? What are you even talking about?" Qian Meng turned around and looked at Jiang Chen as if he was crazy . Then he frowned as he asked back .

His eyes looked as if he was looking at a psycho .

Pretending to be dumb or really dumb? Jiang Chen's expression turned peculiar .

Instinct told him, the reaction of this guy must have something to do the with the drug from yesterday .

"Where are you planning to go?" Jiang Chen asked .

"Going to work," the person said, irritated .

"Going to work?" Jiang Chen was confused as he looked at him as a psycho as well .

"That's right, is there a problem? Fu*k, it's so late already . . . " After glancing at his rolled up sleeve, Qian Meng cursed as he ignored Jiang Chen and walked to the other end of the street in quick steps .

Just as the soldiers behind Jiang Chen raised their guns and prepared to stop him, Jiang Chen stopped them .

Jiang Chen thoughtfully looked at Meng Qian moving in the distance as he ordered the two soldiers .

"You two follow him first, I will be right there . "

"Yes . " The two soldiers saluted as they began to jog after him .

After he returned the base, Jiang Chen notified Cheng Weiguo before he equipped himself with the T-3 power armor and chased after Meng Qian .

The two soldiers following Meng Qian were both knights of the Fishbone base; they were injected with the "honorary chip" it just had a different name . Therefore, their two-dimensional coordinates will appear on the EP map as green dots .

After inputting the map's information into the full sensory screen in the power armor helmet, Jiang Chen moved at full speed to catch up with the two green dots .

The snow was thick on the highway . Jiang Chen was planning to initiate gliding mode to chase them, but because the wheels were losing grip on the ground, he had to run .

After wasting some time on the road, Jiang Chen finally arrived at the destination . However, the two soldiers were already waiting there for him .

"Where did he go?" Jiang Chen slowed his speed in front of the two as he asked .

"He went in . We were worried that we may alert them, so we didn't follow . " The soldier pointed across the street .

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes and looked over .

It was a small mall three floors high . There was a sign that read "Like Store" dangling from the roof . From the car wreckages in front of the entrance, this place was popular before the war . A lot of the mall's windows were sealed shut with wooden boards or other materials . The rest of them were covered by curtains .

Only the glass door of the mall was wide open .

It blocked all possibility of peeking in from the outside . At the same time, there was to blockade at the front door .

The building looking suspicious!

Jiang Chen stared at the dark entrance as he frowned . He opened the life detection device on the power armor . The waves scanned the hologram map, but when it passed through the building, there was not a single signal on the device .

From this point, there seemed to be no human activity in the mall .

Jiang Chen didn't feel too surprised by the result, he was more confident that there was something strange inside .

Although this device is effective in the modern world, which has a lower technology level, it is not so useful in the apocalypse . A lot of survivor groups, mercenaries, or raiders with a clever mind would install life detection device shields in their home to prevent their coordinates from being detected by people with ill-intention .

The guy called Meng Qian just went inside, how could there be no one inside?

"How long did he go in for?" Jiang Chen said in an undertone .

The older soldier looked at his EP . "10 minutes . "

Jiang Chen thought for a moment .

[The strange hallucination drug . The merchant appeared at the camp gate out of nowhere . Is this a coincidence? But it is too much of a coincidence . ]

Camp 27 has been built for only two days; the wall was not even half constructed yet . And there just happened to be a merchant that was passing by . One who was not even sure about the kind of people the group consisted of and walked over to the gate to sell products to the patrols who were holding guns? It didn't make sense .

If the soldiers had bought his drug, they would also experience hallucinations and walk into here?

When Jiang Chen thought about this, his expression turned stern but then loosened .

If they were targeting the Fishbone base, no reason not to recognize him as the general . But from the actions of the merchant, he didn't seem to recognize him . From this point alone, he shouldn't be targeting the base .

Then they must be coming for Fallout Shelter 027!

Jiang Chen's eyes began to light up as the clues in his head became more evident .

The opponent seems to have acquired the knowledge that fallout shelter 027 has opened . Then for some reason, they tried to lure the residents here . But the merchant didn't know the specifics of the plan as he was just ordered to sell the drug . So, he didn't care if they were "blue skins" or not .

It would make sense this way .

As to their intention, he would only know if he enters the building .

Jiang Chen stared at the pitch black door, as well as the window only covered in cloth and instantly had an idea .

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