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Chapter 297

It was unwise to enter through the front door, but Jiang Chen didn't plan to do that in the first place .

The drone can take care of the reconnaissance .

He ordered the older soldier to notify Cheng Weiguo and ask him to bring some soldiers for backup . At the same time, he ordered the younger soldier to stay by the back door of the mall to prevent people from escaping .

After doing all this, Jiang Chen took out a hummingbird drone from the storage dimension . This type of hummingbird drone was not attached to a machine gun, but rather a set of light multifunctionality reconnaissance device . It would complete any reconnaissance mission and was a convenient tool .

But Jiang Chen was not completely satisfied . After deliberating for a moment, he also attached two fist-sized sticky explosives on top of the drone as he utilized the remaining load .

After connecting the drone to the computer in his power armor, he slowly approached the mall . Then in front of the KFC, close to the front door, he threw out the disc in his hand as he controlled the drone and flew it to the third-floor window .

Without making a sound, the disc sized drone approached the cloth-sealed window as the pin camera pierced into the cloth .

Other than an office table and a row of filing cabinets, there was nothing else suspicious in the room .

After slicing a small opening in the cloth, the drone flew into the room . Underneath the window, Jiang Chen saw a round shaped landmine .

Jiang Chen felt his scalp tingling .

Good thing he didn't just flip inside, it was filled with traps .

Not only at the window but below the open door, an infrared trip mine was also hidden .

But those things were useless against a drone .

Jiang Chen skillfully controlled the drone as it flew into the deserted tunnel as he searched room by room .

Most of the rooms were empty or rather stuffed with pre-war office supplies .

But in a room at the end of the hallway, Jiang Chen saw something that looked different .

Four fridge-sized metal equipment were lined up and placed at the entrance of the door . Along with the equipment, a faint fan noise could be heard . There were computer towers? But it didn't look like that was possible .

In the middle of the room was a surgery table filled with blood . The light squeezing through the cracks of the wooden boards happened to scatter on the blood stains . A few surgical knifes were placed a rusty tray nearby . From the yet to turn black bloodstains, a surgery seemed to have occurred not too long ago .

What was more daunting was the paint in the paint can .

The content of the can was obviously not painted, but blood mixed with meat chunks and broken limbs .

"Fu*k . " Jiang Chen outside of the mall cursed as his stomach turned .

These were obviously not things that belonged to a mall .

. . .

Just as Jiang Chen was controlling the drone to hover around the room, looking for other evidence, a sound came from the floor below .

Jiang Chen immediately controlled the drone to hover out of the room and fly down along the stairs .

After directly flying through a row of offices, the disc stopped at the door of an office .

The door was closed, but it couldn't stop the genius Yao Yao .

This girl was not only talented in programming, but she was also experienced in electronic device modification . Jiang Chen carefully controlled the hummingbird drone towards the doorknob, aimed it at the mechanical lock, and pierced the pin camera inside .

The needle followed the lock pattern inside . After making a few turns, it successfully came out on the other side .

It was dark inside the room, but there was enough light to see clearly .

There were four people inside the room, three stood up, one was on the ground .

Qian Meng was the one who was lying on the ground . The person closest to him was a bearded man . He couldn't see the face of a tall but thin man, but instinct told Jiang Chen that he was dangerous . As to the man with his back against the door, he didn't look important and must be a pawn only .

. . .

"Hell, why did this dumb*ss eat the drug himself, didn't I tell him not to eat it himself! What is this dumb*ss' brain made out of . " The bearded man cursed as he kicked the unconscious Qian Meng .

The kick seemed to hurt Meng Qian as he woke up from unconsciousness .

When he realized that he was tied up, his eyes began to quiver in fear .

"What do we do next?" The tall and thin man carrying a fluid-shaped rifle coldly looked at the twitching Qian Meng as he said without any emotion .

"Hmm . . . Should we observe him for a bit longer?" The man at the door suggested .

"That seems to be the only option, at least wait till he becomes conscious again . " The bearded man sighed, sat on the chair, and lit up a cigarette .

"Who are you? Why did you tie me up! God, are you crazy? Hongbo, little Du, come help me! These psychos . . . " Qian Meng screamed at the empty office table as he listlessly yellowed out random names .

From the reactions on their faces, the names didn't belong to anyone there .

"Who can keep this guy quiet?" The bearded man blew out a smoke ring as he said in annoyance .


A faint smoke rose from the rifle the slim man was holding .

Qian Meng completely quieted down . In the widens eyes, his pupils began to dilate .

Blood began to flow from the back of his head as it matched the daunting blood hole on his forehead .

The room was gravely silent .

Smoke slowly rose from the cigarette between his fingers . It froze there without moving . Then moments later a length of soot fell down .

"You . . . killed him?"

"That's right . " The slim man said casually .

Mouth twitched, the bearded man was clearly unsatisfied with what the guy did, but for some reason, he was afraid to be angry at the slim man .

"Okay, that's good . Now we have to start over again . " The bearded man slapped his thigh, threw away the cigarette in his hand, and complained while looking at his knee .

"There was no value in that garbage," The slim man said nonchalantly .

"At least we could have learned about the circumstances of that camp . Now, we won't even know if he had contact with those blue skins or not," The man standing at the door said feeling rather helpless .

Perhaps he realized the lack of consideration or extreme arrogance, but the slim man didn't resolve his companion's complaints .

After deliberating for a moment, he used an authoritative tone .

"Use mutated fly . Inject that drug into their poison bags, and then put them around the fallout shelter . . . I will take care of the surgery . You go find two mutated flies . "

Those flies were the size of human skulls . By using barbed maggots as their attacking mechanism, they were one of the most disgusting creatures on the wasteland . Although it didn't attack that often, it carried all kinds of bacteria, which made it problematic once one was infected .

"You want it alive?" The bearded man raised his eyebrows .

"Mhmm . " The person nodded .

"Are you kidding me? Capturing two mutated flies alive? Do you think they are rabbits?" Perhaps his ordering tone made the bearded man unable to withstand it any longer but he roared at the slim man .

"If you are infected with mutated bacteria, I can take care of it for you," still the same apathetic tone, the slim man responded .

The bearded man scorned, "I won't let you touch my organs . Let me tell you, our Dark Red Chamber of Commerce is only a partnership with you, not your servant . "

"Is this your boss's intention?"

"We help you get into the fallout shelter, and you give us the ingredients to that drug-"

"Shh . " The slim man suddenly raised his finger and put it beside his lips .

The room instantly quieted down .

Jiang Chen gulped as he began to maneuver the drone to move back .

But then, an unfortunate thing happened .

Because the lock has not been oiled for a long time, when the pin camera was retracting from the lock, it made a faint sound .

"Who is there!" A loud shout came from behind the door as the man closest to the door quickly turned the doorknob and opened the door .

Knowing that he has been discovered, Jiang Chen pushed the drone's engine power to its max . Following the buzzing sound, the drone dashed into the room .

The slim man raised his gun . However, the instant Jiang Chen saw his face, he was shocked .

Lin Chaoen? How could it be this guy?

Lin Chaoen pressed the trigger . At the same time, Jiang Chen pressed the detonation for the sticky explosive .

The signal to the drone was lost . Jiang Chen raised his head to look at the second floor .

After half a second .


Following the homing explosion, red flames scattered as it blew the wooden boards sealing the windows tens of meters away .

Jiang Chen looked at the thick snow coming out of the window and was dumbfounded .

He was lost . What show was this?