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Chapter 298

Chapter 298: Atomic Grenade

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The vibration from the explosion could be clearly felt ten meters away from the Like Mall . The two sticky explosives' TNT equivalency was two kilograms . Although it didn't have any metal shards inside, the shock of the explosion could easily have shattered the organs of the three people in the room .

Since the construction of the building used technology from one and a half-century after his time, the mall that survived through the nuclear explosion didn't collapse because of the explosives .

Watching the thick smoke, Jiang Chen estimated that the people inside all died, so he took out his tactical rifle and was about to enter the mall .

But suddenly, a noisy shouting voice came from the mall .

There were more than three people inside . The explosion alerted the other people inside the building . The pawns in rifles quickly rushed to the first floor as they bumped into Jiang Chen who was about to enter the mall .

Jiang Chen was a step faster .

The tactical rifle in his hands spit out flames as he swept down three or four people during the first encounter .

However, those mercenaries dressed soldiers were not to be underestimated . When they saw they were facing a power armor, they buried their heads along the rows of hangers and passed through the flame before hiding under the nearest cover .

The rifles in their hands were not the "toys" the CIB had in their factories . To the power armor produced from the same era, it certainly posed a threat . Although the bullets were deflected off of Jiang Chen's armor and didn't penetrate through it, the high kinetic energy from the shots brought Jiang Chen agony and he was forced to retreat behind cover .

The T-3 type, after all, is an airdrop type power armor . If it was the land warfare type, with over one ton in weight, the bullets would feel more like a tickle .

"Fu*k, when I have the opportunity I'll get a land type to try . " The debris that fell from the edge of the building made a loud sound when it scratched the surface of his power armor .

With his back against the wall, Jiang Chen cursed, and then took a deep breath to calm himself down . He took out five heat sensor grenades from the storage dimension and threw them towards the door .

The heat sensor grenades followed a parabola curve and landed by the cover of the mercenaries .

The grenade sudden stopped mid-air as the booster from its side adjusted its direction and flew to the heat source - a few luring bombs hidden in the corner .


The explosion made Jiang Chen feel relieved . He stuck his head out of the bunker, but the small explosion forced him back .

"Fu*k . "

Jiang Chen cursed as he scanned the damage assessment of the power armor .

Fortunately, the bullets left only a few dents on his helmet without causing more significant damage .

Obviously, the five heat sensor grenades didn't play their role .

After all, on the wasteland, high-tech products were not rarities .

Laughter came out of the mall as a few mercenaries, at the top of their lungs, began to shout profanity at Jiang Chen .

"You only can do this? Your mom definitely pushed hard enough when you were born!"

"Hahaha! You are wearing a fu*king power armor, a chicken would be more resistant than you .

"Longtao, I didn't know you were this humourous before, haha -"

Suppressing the anger in his heart, Jiang Chen took a deep breath, as a grimacing smile appeared on his face .

The storage dimension opened, and this time, he took out a metal tube the size of a pen .

"Hide this time!"

After running out of cover, Jiang Chen threw the "pen" on the ground before quickly running in the opposite direction .

Seeing Jiang Chen escape, those mercenaries was suddenly anxious as they chased with their anti-armor weapons .

"Fu*k you, don't run-"

However, this insult didn't have time to come out before they were engulfed in an arc of explosions .

The blinding lightning flashed; the high-energy particles flowed, instantly blurring the full sensory screen in Jiang Chen's helmet . The shockwave without suspense pushed down the wall by the door, the cement blocks were blown tens of meters away from to the corner of the street .

It was not a pen, but an atomic grenade!

This stuff was made out of the 500 kilograms of uranium Jiang Chen left to Lin Lin . Outside was a layer of lead shell, while the inside was a layer of explosives used to initiate the explosion . The ink was also 1g of uranium oxide pulled into filamentous .

Just 1g of uranium oxide! With only 60% involved in the chain reaction . But even so, it had a terrifying 12 tons TNT equivalent of explosive power! Two sides of the wall on the first floor were gone, leaving two structural walls and some steel frames .

"Talk sh*t again . " Jiang Chen opened the helmet as he angrily spat out on the ground . Then he put the helmet on again and started the air filtration system inside the power armor .

Even the radiation dust caused by 1g of uranium explosion still could not be underestimated . Especially in this airtight space, he must be careful the radiation doesn't surpass the threshold value .

Jiang Chen walked up and looked at the horrors of the mall . Jiang Chen couldn't help but feel speechless .

Because the actual effect was uncertain, and the uranium oxide treatment was not easy, Lin Lin only made one grenade . Surprised at its power, Jiang Chen made up his mind to convince Lin Lin to manufacture some more .

When he stepped inside the mall, he couldn't find a complete body of the clamoring mercenaries . It was hard to say from their body instantly reached boiling point or was shattered by the shockwave .

After walking over a pile of black clothes, Jiang Chen didn't even pull out his gun as he walked to the stairs .

No one can survive after this level of explosion .

However, at this time, he suddenly felt alerted . He instinctively jumped back and ignited the two pairs of turbine engines behind his back .

A faint blue light flickered, as he rapidly retreated to the door . Almost at the same time, a figure quickly jumped down from the hole in the ceiling as it mercilessly hit where he was standing .


Among the debris, he saw a dark blue laser sword . Along with it, was a face with half of his head shaved . Under the burned skin, mechanical parts filled his insides .

What is this thing? A digitized human?!

Jiang Chen was shocked . While he retreated rapidly he pulled out the tactical rifle from his side . That person didn't hesitate either as he dashed towards him .

"What the fu*k are you!" Jiang Chen roared as he pressed the trigger .

This person was obviously not human!

The bullets fired instantly weaved a net of fire .

The person didn't answer, the light sword in hand changed .

Like a stretched umbrella, light particles from the blade stripped forward, melting the bullets .

Looking at this scene, Jiang Chen was so scared his hair stood up .

Being able to melt steel core ammunition, the C-type steel armor would be hard to resist! Although the power armor surface was coated with a scattering coating, which would offer some resistance to laser bullets, he could not bet on the laser sword that had "continuous damage" .

"Ka -"

The clip was empty!

The man did not give Jiang Chen the time to change clip, the light particles formed into a sword, as it stabbed straight at Jiang Chen .

In the moment of the clash, Jiang Chen clenched his teeth and his pupil contracted .


The ability above fury, he didn't use it since his last fight with the lead mutated human .

It felt like his entire body was submerged in cold water, all of his emotions were thrown out from his body .

Jiang Chen felt his brain was never so clear!

"Nitrogen shield . "

He muttered to himself as he developed the circle on his left arm .

The violent air burst out instantly, the high-pressure nitrogen circulated, blowing away the high temperature of the light particles, and cut off the light sword touching his front chest .

Pupil reflected the parameters, Jiang Chen suddenly stepped on the broken face of the man, while extinguishing the turbine engine and used the reactionary force to stand on the ground .

The man saw the light sword lose its purpose and simply threw it aside . He then took out a dagger and dashed again .

Seeing that there was no time to change the clip, Jiang Chen threw the rifle aside and also took out his dagger by the power armor .

However, when the two daggers met, that person's blade in hand cut through Jiang Chen's like butter

Although surprised by the sharpness of the dagger, Jiang Chen did not panic as he stepped sideways to dodge the blow .

"Particle vibrating dagger?"

While murmuring to himself, Jiang Chen backed up to avoid the man's second hit .

The sound of the buzz didn't escape his ear . He heard Sun Jiao mention this thing before, but it was the first time seeing it .

It was said that this stuff could cut C-type steel like tofu .

His back was against the wall .

See Jiang Chen had no way to escape, the man with only half of his mouth smiled and swung the dagger down at him .

At the same time, Jiang Chen, seemingly out of moves, raised his left arm .

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