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Chapter 299

Chapter 299: A Digitalized Human? A Robot?

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The cringing screeching sound went out of tune as the broken mechanical face looked shocked .

But before he could use his electronic parts to demonstrate his surprise, Jiang Chen’s right hand already slapped onto his face as he grabbed his neck to spin him around before pressing him against the wall .

Followed by the mechanical shattering sound, the digitalized human’s jaw moved . He attempted to break loose but seeing he couldn’t, he soon gave up as his eyes glanced at the dagger pierced into his left arm .

"Wh…Why?" He pierced through the armor with that dagger but couldn’t move it out a single inch .

Jiang Chen deactivated peerless and stared at the digitalized human with a grimace on his face .

"Obviously, it is stuck . "

The instant the dagger cut through Jiang Chen's left arm armor, Jiang Chen went into overdrive and burned the entire electronic circuit on his left arm . The high temperature caused the armor to expand which resulted in the point of penetration to contrast, therefore clamping down the vibrating blade .

The particle dagger that has stopped vibrating was worse than a standard blade .

"With a normal human's reaction speed, this seems impossible," the digitalized human said .

"The power armor read the data of the dagger’s movement and calculated the distance between the blade and the armor . Then you just have to count and burn the circuit . " Jiang Chen sneered .

To maximize his existing combat ability was the incredibleness of this peerless ability .

"Abandoning the entire left arm armor? That’s brave . " The digitalized human laughed as he scanned the dagger beginning to smoke .

The dagger forcefully clamped down was sent into overcapacity which meant this vibrating particle blade was also destroyed .

"Now can you be truthful? What are you?" The hand around his neck tightened as Jiang Chen threatened .

"Lin Chaoen, we met at the Sixth Street . " With sparks coming from his neck, he stuttered .

Lin Chaoen paused for a moment as he narrowed his eyes .

"You are a digitalized human?"

"That’s right," Lin Chaoen said honestly as he gave Jiang Chen a hollow smile, "The fusion of technology . "

"I don’t have time to listen to your bullsh*t, you have two choices now . Tell me what you know, such as the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce, the Defenders honestly . Or, be disassembled by me," Jiang Chen threatened coldly .

Jiang Chen already considered Fallout Shelter 027 as part of his territory, he would not sit around when someone is plotting against his jurisdiction . On the other side, the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce was his old rival, Cao Jinsong died in his hands .

But what was unsettling to Jiang Chen was the Defender, Lin Chaoen said that they were the survivors of Jia City and had the goal of an uprising against the mutated human’s reign . But as of now, the Fishbone base’s information was still blank about them .

Not knowing what the opponent thought was more fearsome than knowing what the enemy was plotting .

"I chose the latter . "

"What?" Jiang Chen’s eyes contracted as he locked his sight on the mechanical pupils .

"I choose to be dissembled into parts-"

With a "bang," Jiang Chen crashed his right leg with one kick as the bent titanium skeleton came out .

"I am not joking," Jiang Chen said grimly as he increased the strength on his right hand .

"I am also not joking," Lin Chaoen said nonchalantly, he even emotionlessly shrugged . "Do you think there's any purpose in threatening a digitalized human? The cost is one hundred ten thousand crystals, if you break it I’ll just make another one-"

As he said this, smoke suddenly came out of the back of his head and he stopped moving .

Jiang Chen was stunned as he immediately ripped apart his neck, took out another tactical dagger, and cut open his metal skull .

The internal circuit had been burnt already, he chose to self-destruct .

"Dammit . " Jiang Chen removed the black control chip, cursed, and then threw the chip into the storage dimension .

A digitalized human made by 100% mechanical parts?

Jiang Chen suddenly remembered Lin Lin . She is also a digitalized human, but only partially modified by electronics .

But this guy had not a single living cell, he would be more of a robot .

"The Defender? Why would they be connected with the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce?"

He couldn’t find a reason . Jiang Chen shook his head as he threw the mechanical body inside the storage dimension . He’ll get the people in the fallout shelter to research it to see if they could reverse engineer the technology behind it .

But he could not fathom the thought that the mercenary he drank with was a robot .

As he thought about it, a weird chill crept into his body; he shivered .

He walked to the side and picked up the laser sword that was flung to the ground .

It looked like a flashlight with three modes to select . The handle had three words engraved on it, sword, shield, and lance . Jiang Chen didn’t get to see the third mod yet as the robot probably didn’t have the opportunity to do so .

After pressing the switch, Jiang Chen pointed the laser sword forward and changed it to lance mode .

The faint blue light flashed, but then there were no other differences .

He gently shook the sword's body as the faint blue spectrum followed his movement .

Seeing the "soft" sword body, Jiang Chen was inspired . He looked at the wall not far away as he swung the sword,

The sword broke from the middle . The broken part formed a light blade and flew to the wall .

Without making a sound, the light blade disappeared through the concrete wall .

"The far range mode of the laser sword?"

Jiang Chen muttered to himself and walked to the wall .

The light blade burnt a mark on the wall . He poked with his finger as he easily pierced the wall . Although he couldn’t feel the temperature with the power armor, from how soft the concrete was, it was not hard to imagine the intensity of the sword .

Jiang Chen looked at the energy status on the side of the sword .

"Damn, with only one swing, twenty percent of the energy was gone . No wonder that guy didn’t use this mode . "

After playing with it for a bit longer, Jiang Chen threw it into the storage dimension .

Laser swords were not too useful to Jiang Chen who favored firearms . But perhaps it was a better choice to give it to other people to use, although he couldn’t think of the ideal candidate yet .

The vibrating dagger was destroyed . Jiang Chen didn’t bother with it as he walked upstairs .

When he came to the second floor, Jiang Chen walked into the half-destroyed room .

He scanned the horrific scene in the room as he couldn’t even help but feel shocked .

The wall was burnt to a crisp black color . The table and drawer were all blown to the wall by the shockwave . The three bodies were disfigured, it was impossible to tell who was who just from their appearance . Jiang Chen didn’t question that if he opened his helmet, he definitely would smell burnt meat .

From the location where their bodies were, Jiang Chen made out the "bearded man . "

Jiang Chen squatted beside him as he suppressed his nauseous stomach and removed the burned EP .

Although the EP was broken, the chip inside was preserved .


Jiang Chen looked at the password dialogue on the screen . Jiang Chen was not frustrated but somewhat happy .

Since there was a password, that must mean some dark secrets were stored inside! He was afraid that the clue would be broken at this point, as to password, Yao Yao should be able to take care of that .

After he had searched the area for a bit longer to ensure he didn’t miss anything, he walked down .

But just as he went down one flight of stairs, he heard a monstrous roar from the back of the mall as well as a terrified scream .

Jiang Chen’s face immediately changed .

That sound-