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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: I Need Gold

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The next morning, Sun Jiao was delegated by Jiang Chen to explore the commercial banking building near Qing Pu . Sun Jiao was curious as to what was at the bank, and Jiang Chen answered with a direct response .


“I need the gold from there . ”


The world here was full of treasure . Any of the civilian products could easily out tech the prototypes in the science labs back in the modern world . But, it was impractical to sell it there . Therefore, a highly valuable commodity that exchanged smoothly would be gold .


Jiang Chen guessed that in a structureless apocalyptic world, gold had no practical value . In a place where everyone starved, no one would trade food for some shiny metal .


He was absolutely correct .


Sun Jiao wanted to know what gold was good for, but Jiang Chen did not want to share . So, she stopped being persistent about the question .


A small incident also happened in the morning .


After she opened her eyes, Jiang Chen placed a piece of bread in front of Sun Jiao . Sun Jiao snagged the toast as she looked at Jiang Chen cautiously .


“Speak your mind, what do you want?"


“Want? Didn’t you say I have to take care of your meals?” Jiang Chen rolled his eyes up . He was not that desperate to sleep with someone that could bite his dick off . Once he had the money in the modern world, girls would follow .


She was shocked for a brief moment before she realized it was part of the compensation package .


“This is breakfast . Three meals a day, but you probably have to eat outside for lunch . Let me grab a can for you . ” Even if this girl completely looted the bag, there was still food in the storage dimension . There was plenty of energy left to grab a can .


Sun Jiao was genuinely surprised . Her eyes felt watery . She saw too many tragedies and deaths over food, but this was the first time someone was afraid that she would go hungry .


She grabbed the canned food . Sun Jiao’s didn't want to look Jiang Chen in the eyes . She had the intention of robbing this guy and using him as a hostage in exchange for food from his partner .


Even though she immediately rejected that thought, the idea still indeed existed . She felt a profound sense of guilt .


“Breakfast… What is breakfast?” Sun Jiao feasted on the bread with her mouth full of food . She looked quite barbaric, but it was a rather amusing sight to see .


“If you don’t eat breakfast, it may increase your chance of getting stomach diseases . ” Jiang Chen muttered as he almost ignored that this was a different world . Most of the people were used to the uncertainty of food . “If you eat food in the morning, it would make you more energetic . ”


“Thank … you . ”


“Huh?” The voice was so faint that he couldn’t entirely make out what she said .


“Nothing . ” Sun Jiao licked the crumbs off of her lips as she savored the last piece of the bread . She looked at her rather greasy hands but resisted the temptation to lick her fingers . It was the first time she had the strange desire to save her face . She didn’t want someone to think she was barbaric, although that wasn’t necessarily the right way to put it either .


“I will do my best to find the gold in the bank’s vault… but it would be much harder to move them back here . “


Yes, this deserted city was full of abandoned vehicles . The EMP created by the nuclear weapon had destroyed the majority of the electronics in this city . Advanced technology became an obstacle to survival as the cars on the street were all products of the advancement . Even the internal combustion cars were integrated with high tech parts . Therefore, these cars were completely useless .


Without the proper maintenance and replacement by a professional, it was almost impossible to find a drivable car .


“Be careful . The goal is to understand the area . I want to know the surroundings and the exact location of the gold . That should be all . Try to come back before it gets dark . ”


“Ok, I know . ” Sun Jiao waved her hand as she inspected her equipment one last time . “Wang Hai City’s night is full of danger . These zombies are much more intelligent without sunlight . ”


“Oh, can I see your EP status?” As Sun Jiao was about the depart, Jiang Chen opened his mouth and asked all of a sudden . He was curious as to what kind of ridiculous stats this girl had to beat him in one move .


Surprised, Sun Jiao immediately waved her EP . Jiang Chen was stunned .



User Name: Sun Jiao


Muscle Strength: 44

Bone Strength: 61

Reflex: 40

Brain Cell Strength: 13

Note: Level C Repair Vaccine, T-Virus Vaccine .



Jiang Chen never imagined that her delicate arms could exert three times his strength . Was that even humanly possible?!


After he made sure Sun Jiao left, Jiang Chen immediately traveled back to the modern world .


The time in both worlds was parallel . Therefore, it flowed at the same rate .


The battery, of course, cannot be charged in the apartment . As it would take who knows how long to charge 100 volts there . If Sun Jiao did not find him after she came back, there would be a lot of trouble . Thus, to charge, he had to steal electricity from elsewhere .


He sneaked into a small power substation in a neighboring community . With a profound sense of guilt, he cut open the rubber that transported electricity . He then sighed deeply, as he placed his right hand onto the wire .


The open current caused a flurry of sparks . The energy bar on his wrist was charged almost immediately . But of course, the entire community’s power jumped .


“Dammit, what’s wrong with the electricity company? Why did the power jump again? My ranked game…”


“Why do we have no power again? I am pissed…”


Waves of roars emerged from the neighboring community as residents searched for the cause . Without even closing the lid to the power substation, Jiang Chen immediately snuck away . He chose this place because it lacked surveillance .


Full of guilt, Jiang Chen escaped back into his rented apartment . “It looks like the power issue is an immediate concern . Should I ask someone to upgrade the circuit? But it would be difficult to explain the situation without causing suspicion . Should I move to another place? Or rent somewhere that can sustain large voltage machinery? Dammit, it would be better if I could replace electricity as the source of power . ”


To better visualize the remaining battery, Jian Chen used a ruler to mark the energy bar with small increments .


Jiang Chen packed the food into his backpack as he envisioned his life in the future . At the same time, he ordered boxes of canned food, instant noodles and bread from Taobao . Jiang Chen looked at his near zero bank account balance, but he was not upset at all . He understood that very soon, the money he just spent would be pocket change for him in the future .


The entire bank’s gold! That would be a lot of money .


The only thing close to resembling his feeling was winning the lottery .


He also brought bandages, medicine, and other medical supplies . He estimated that he would spend quite some time in the post-apocalyptic world . He then spent 10% of the energy to pack two boxes of canned food and four boxes of instant noodle into the storage dimension . Although it took energy to store, it was better to be prepared .


He lit up a cigarette, as he placed his finger into the electrical socket . He waited as the battery charged . It would be a hassle to steal electricity again .


To pass the time, he played with the computer folded around his left arm .


The radiation level concerned Jiang Chen . He did not want to be exposed to possible diseases caused by radiation . He opened the help manual for radiation levels and studied through the notes . To his surprise, once the radiation level surpassed level 50, the user’s health would be affected . It was recommended to store some iodine in the EP to reduce radiation exposure .


He pressed the iodine extraction button as a thin needle appeared from the side of the EP . He had studied it before he placed the needle into the iodine alcohol on the counter .


The color of the iodine alcohol began fading, as it slowly turned colorless .


He stared at the slow moving iodine meter and the reduced radiation level . Surprised by the outcome, the problem that bothered him was easily solved .


In this case, he only needed to purchase some iodine pills from the pharmacy to resolve the radiation problem .


The fully charged Jiang Chen stretched his arms . He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a few ingredients from the fridge . He cooked tomato fried eggs and pepper roasted meat, and sat down to enjoy his lunch with a cold beer . He gulped down the beer and let out an emotional sigh .


This simple meal would cost countless amounts of gold in the apocalypse . In that troubled world, gold would not be more valuable than rock . From Sun Jiao’s pure joy and satisfaction in devouring that can of food, Jian Cheng knew how important food must be in that world .


Jiang Chen imagined taking out a can of food at Liu Ding Town, and the countless attractive women that would sleep with him .


He finished the last bite of rice . He chewed on it carefully, as his mind wandered elsewhere .


[If world war three broke out in this world, what happened in the apocalyptic world would be repeated . ]


He shivered at the thought and was afraid to think further .


“Haha, why did I start to think about these weird questions? I need to figure my life out first,” he mocked at himself as he shook his head .


The first important step was to get the gold and then convert it into currency . Then, spend some time enjoying the life of a millionaire .


The first step would be to buy a mansion . A car would be necessary too .


Girlfriend? Why worry about that when there’s so much money?


Jiang Chen washed the dishes before putting them away neatly . He then picked up his heavy backpack .


Time travel . Wait .


He seemed to have thought of something . He opened the fridge and grabbed a can of coke .


Time travel initiated .

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