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Chapter 300

It was a Death Claw!

He will never forget the deadly fight above Fallout Shelter 005 .

Immediately, scattered gunshots followed . Then the shooting stopped and the scream also ceased .

The scream was the knight he sent to guard the back door .

Jiang Chen's face was white, he opened the map, and the green dot at the back of the mall disappeared!


Jiang Chen cursed as he had no time to go through the front door . Stepping on the shattered-glass window, he jumped out of the ten something meter high floor .

The turbine engine's turbulence blew away the snow as the power armor's feet smashed into the ground, leaving two spiderweb-like crack craters .


The beastly roar collapsed the snow on top of the roof . Even the steel armor on his power armor was vibrating because of the boom .

Following the trembling of the ground, something was running in his direction .

"Fu*k, this is definitely not a normal Death Claw . "

But then suddenly, a name that even Sun Jiao feared appeared in his head .

Mother of Death Claw .

Jiang Chen's expression grew paler . Not even thinking about his entire left arm that has malfunctioned, even if it didn't malfunction, going head to head against a Death Claw in this terrain would be unwise . Especially if it was the Mother of Death Claw .

Without hesitation, Jiang Chen gritted his teeth and immediately opened the wheels under his feet .

The best strategy was always to leave! If I can't beat it, I can run faster than you .

But before he could move two meters, the empty spin sound came from the bottom of his feet .



Followed by his curse, a black shadow pierced the window beside him as it smashed half the wall down .

Jiang Chen used the corner of his eye to catch a glimpse of the shadow, it was the kinetic skeleton of the Fishbone base! But the flesh inside had been eaten clean by the Death Claw .

At the same time, the nearly two-story tall Death Claw fiercely entered the street . Being woken up from its hibernation, the desire for flesh filled every single cell in its body .

The bell-shaped eyes locked onto the pile of metal while it was still roaring - it spotted Jiang Chen in his power armor .

"This thing . . . " A cold sweat broke out and rolled down from Jiang Chen's forehead .

He thought he was like a one-armed fighter in the Roman Coliseum, and on the other side was a grizzly bear that's been starving for an entire winter .

He didn't choose to run . Without the wheels, he could not outrun the strong Death Claw with only two legs . With his back against this type of monster, he would only die faster .

Jiang Chen repeated recollected those words as he locked his eyes on the giant Death Claw and search for an opportunity .

The Mother of Death Claw also locked its sight on Jiang Chen, in the amber colored pupils flashed a bloodthirsty light .

To be honest, it didn't like the prey covered in metal, the sharp edges of the metal may cut its mouth . But it was too hungry, hungry enough to eat an entire Roshan . The previous human was not even enough to be an appetizer!

Jiang Chen's left foot moved back half a step .

The amber pupils immediately contracted, the fear of the prey stimulated the beast .


With giant strides, the Mother of Death Claw dashed at Jiang Chen . It was hard to believe its enormous body could be so agile .

But the monsters don't know, if a human wanted to run, they would step back with their right foot first .

Jiang Chen put his strength in his right knee, under both mechanical and muscle strength, his feet cracked the concrete ground! He leaped at the monster!

With the turbine engine on maximum, Jiang Chen locked its actions as he adjusted the direction of the power armor .

The five sharp claws left a shadow in the air as it flipped off two pieces of armor on the left arm .

Jiang Chen's body shook as he stabilized the balance of the power armor .

The opportunity exchanged by the malfunctioned left arm armor, was used to go behind the Death Claw .

In this intense moment, he took out his remaining sticky explosives from the storage dimension and threw it on the back of the Mother of Death Claw .

Because it was so massive, the Mother of Death Claw could not stop as it smashed forward .

"Go die!' Jiang Chen grimacingly pressed the activation button .

The scorching flame immediately blew the back of the Mother of Death Claw . The giant shockwave blew its massive body to the ground as it rolled a few times before smashing into the shop window .

Looking at the thick smoke, Jiang Chen didn't let his guard down as he raised his right arm without stopping, the revolving trident machineguns focused in on the center of the smoke .


The thunderous roar blew open the smoke . The scattered dust created a shockwave .

It smashed its chest but in the amber pupils, the tyrannical violence was only increasing .

It was enraged .

"Fu*k! Still not fu*king died," Jiang Chen pressed the trigger cursing .


The bullets shredded the smoke, but it didn't manage to destroy the chest of the Death Claw .

That solid horn armor could withstand the revolving machinegun

The Mother of Death Claw covered its eyes with one claw while the other one swung in his direction .

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth to the point they were about to shatter . He maintained fire suppression while opening the turbine engine to move back .

"Spine can't be broken, bullets can't penetrate it, is this even a creature!" Jiang Chen cursed with his eyes flashing .

In the open area, he was afraid to use his interdimensional travel . It was hard to ensure that an atomic grenade wouldn't draw the attention of the nearby survivors . If he were seen, it would be a problem . . .

But now, was there time to care that much?

Just as Jiang Chen made up his mind to do it and avoid this thing, a deep communication voice entered his channel .

"Tiger 02 has arrived at the battlefield . General, please maintain current movement speed . . "

Jiang Chen didn't have time to react when an orange light flew by his arm and penetrated the chest of the Mother of Death Claw .

It was backup sent by Cheng Weiguo .

Jiang Chen was ecstatic .

That guy brought the Tiger parked in the camp!

The four meter high Mother of Death Claw got blown away like a piece of paper as it smashed on the ground . At the same time, the sound of breaking the sound barrier slowly diffused from Jiang Chen's back .

5 kg bomb . It smashed a wheel sized blood hole on its chest . At the same time, it removed all the flesh and exposed its jagged spine .

"Is it over?"

Looking at the thick smoke, Jiang Chen mustered to himself as he felt relieved and stopped the revolving machinegun .

But suddenly, his pupils contracted .

The Mother of Death Claw twitched its limbs . Jiang Chen thought it was its last effort before death, but he shockingly found the body parts were healing .

"Tiger 02, shoot the head of the Death Claw!" Jiang Chen shouted .

"Okay General . . . Reloading complete . . . Fire . "


Debris mixed with snow blew ten meters up into the air .

He let the concrete debris scratch his armor as Jiang Chen stared at the Mother of Death Claw .

It lost its head . The Mother of Death Claw stopped moving and made no more noise .

Jiang Chen let out a breath of relief . If it was not for the steel armor holding Jiang Chen up, he would likely be sitting on the ground by now .

"Kill confirmed, Mr . General . But please don't do something so dangerous next time . Fighting on the frontline is the duty of the knights . " Although the driver was joking, the respect in his tone was not hard to identify .

With just a power armor to be able to go head to head against the Mother of Death Claw . Although Jiang Chen didn't realize it, in the bystander's eyes, he was inhumanly powerful .

"Okay, you will have plenty of chances . . . Before that, get Cheng Weiguo here to help me, I feel like this power armor is completely busted . . . "

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