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Published at 27th of March 2018 09:36:28 PM

Chapter 301

"Boss, I beg you, please don't play like this in the future . " After moving the busted power armor, Cheng Weiguo looked at the torn left arm and said with a bitter smile .

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"I am okay right? Haha . " Jiang Chen forced out a few laughs .

Although he knew he was being too reckless, he would never admit it to his subordinates .

A truck drove back and picked up the body of the Mother of Death Claw .

A few soldiers who worked in a hunger team before skillfully dug out the crystals in the back of the monster’s head .

After scanning the almost black, green crystals with the special device, they concluded there were a total of 290 crystals . In terms of energy, the Mother of Death Claw was at the top of the food chain, among the dangerous mutants . If it was above 300 crystals, then it must be categorized in the extreme mutant creatures category .

To normal survivors, 290 crystals were a sizable amount of wealth . But to Jiang Chen, these crystals were not enough . The half-scraped power armor cost more than 10000 crystals .

As for the body of the Mother of Death Claw, it will be taken back to the Fishbone base, submerged in Formalin for an entire month before being plugged up, and injected with concrete . The body will become a statue and will forever bow its head in the square in front of the community center . With its head being stepped under the foot of Jiang Chen in his power armor, it will be used to worship the bravery of the Fishbone leader .

Even the most dangerous species, the Mother of Death Claw, was defeated by our leader . What other hardships would hinder our march forward?

Jiang Chen had always put an emphasis on the spiritual civilization of the base . While slavery chip could control the life and death of people, it could not control their thoughts…

Fine, he didn’t have such lofty thoughts, he only wanted to show off .

The body of the shredded soldier could no longer be found . The strong acid in the Death Claw’s stomach would dissolve the prey, including its bones, in less than an hour . A few soldiers gritted their teeth and dragged some clothes out of it, as well as a glided knight emblem; the only two things that remained .

The torn uniform and emblem will be placed in a wooden box and buried in the Fishbone cemetery, the final destination of all knights . As to his relatives, they will be recognized as martyrs, the Fishbone base will provide for them until his children become adults .

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It was morning when he left and already past noon when he returned .

He returned to camp 27 with the force . Jiang Chen didn’t bother with anything as he ran to the cafeteria to ask the chef to cook something simple .

Although he asked for something simple, the chef definitely didn’t make it simple . He used the giant pot to cook three dishes and personally put it on Jiang Chen’s table .

When he smelled the aroma of food, Jiang Chen stomach became hungrier . After three consecutive battles, it certainly tired him out as he immediately started to devour the food .

When he was halfway through his meal, Jiang Chen saw Cheng Weiguo walk over so he waved at him .

"Did you eat yet?"

"Not yet, I am seeing if there are any leftovers . " Cheng Weiguo forced a smile .

He dropped his chopsticks while eating as he came to Jiang Chen's rescue on an empty stomach .

"Come, lets eat together . " Jiang Chen smiled .

Cheng Weiguo was flattered and didn’t reject as he carried a bowl and sat across from Jiang Chen .

The two chitchatted for a moment before they returned to more serious topics .

"Did you search near the Like Mall?" Jiang Chen asked .

"We did, but we only managed to find two small sized survivor groups… No nest of the Death Claw . " As he said this, Cheng Weiguo was also puzzled .

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Needless to say, it should still be in hibernation . Additionally, the Mother of Death Claw doesn't normally leave its nest . Although it was powerful, it didn’t really hunt prey on its own . Due to its massive body, a few swings would cost it a lot of energy . The basic pattern of this species was to take the preys that were gifted by countless of "pursuers" in exchange for mating rights . Although genetic analysis showed that the Death Claw may be some kind of mutated lizard caused by the radiation, its ethnic structure was more similar to ants .

However, near the Like Mall, no Death Claw nest existed . The Mother of Death Claw seemed to have appeared out of thin air .

Needless to say, this was abnormal .

"What did the survivors say?"

"Most of them lived in the area for over ten years, they said they never saw the Death Claw before . " Cheng Weiguo said .

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows as he didn’t think it was as simple as it looked .

He speculated that the Mother of Death Claw must have been lured by someone . Though he might not have be the target since it was just a coincidence he appeared there . In that case, the Death Claw must be targeting Lin Chaoen or people from the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce, but he just happened to kill them first and bumped into the Death Claw .

But there was not enough information . Nothing would come to fruition just by thinking . At least he had to wait to crack the password on the EP chip before he can gain some more clue .

The only thing he was certain about now was that the two parties were fighting over something .

The Dark Red Chamber of Commerce, Digitalized human, Defiancer, mutated human…and the Dusk, and possibly the Northern Alliance area .

Wanghai was a place of trouble, what was hiding here?

Jiang Chen shook his head . "Let’s put this aside for now, is the result of that drug out?"

When he left in the morning, when Jiang Chen told Cheng Weiguo he was heading out, he also left the drug for it to be taken to the fallout shelter for analysis .

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He was curious what the drug actually was .

When he heard Jiang Chen ask about the drug, Cheng Weiguo’s face also turned stern .

"The analysis results are out, it is a hallucinating agent, a banned substance before the war . "

"Banned substance?" Jiang Chen frowned .

"Mhmm, it is said that it posed a huge threat to society . This is the report . " Cheng Weiguo took out a folded piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to Jiang Chen . "Something pretty weird . "

Jiang Chen began to scan the paper .

"Happy Times . Just like the name of the drug, the person taking the drug will receive a day's length of Happy Times . The symptom was to develop hallucinations, completing taking on a role at a certain time and enjoying a happy life that didn’t belong to them .

The drug gained popularity in 2151 among the low to medium income population, following the economic recession . Because the drug was not addictive in nature, it didn’t draw the attention of the government agency . Until one incident, where a depressed middle-aged man was standing in the middle of the street collecting garbage cans and blocking off traffic, did it finally draw the attention of the government . Mentally addictive substances were first added into controlled substance rule…"

No wonder Meng Qian was waiting for the bus, he really was "rushing to work" .

After he read to the end, Jiang Chen threw the report on the table .

"I have seen it before . " Cheng Weiguo shook his head .

"Arrest them if you see people selling it . Let them know… Whatever, I will do it myself . Come back with me to the Fishbone base tomorrow . " After eating, Jiang Chen cleaned up the bowls .

"Boss . . . "


"Are you just going to let Fallout Shelter 027 sit around?" Seeing there was no one around them, Cheng Weiguo hesitated for a moment before he made up his mind and asked the question .

"Oh? Do you have better ideas?" Jiang Chen smiled .

"The energy rod is already transported to the camp, but I haven't handed them over yet… We can definitely use the opportunity during the handover, replace the staff with soldiers, destroy the motor in the door and capture the fallout shelter . " Cheng Weiguo lowered his voice as he whispered to Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen began laughing when he heard his words .

Cheng Weiguo looked at Jiang Chen feeling lost as he didn’t know what was the flaw in his plan .

Jiang Chen stopped right away as he looked at Cheng Weiguo .

"What’s the probability of success?"

"50% . " After hesitating for a moment, Cheng Weiguo gave a conservative estimate .

Jiang Chen shook his head as he patted him on the shoulder .

"Give them the energy rod, and we will leave this place . In less than a month, this fallout shelter will be mine . "

Cheng Weiguo was stunned, he didn’t know where his boss found the confidence .

But from his expression, he didn’t look like he was joking…

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