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Chapter 303

In a place three thousand meters below Wanghai city, an odd-shaped fallout shelter was buried .

The reason why it was odd was that there was no living area, nor ventilation equipment . Only the mechanical parts that sparkled occasionally and the light that came on and off .

And because of this, in the surrounding five hundred square meters, it was filled with ozone .

Along the outskirts of the room was a ring of hibernation chamber devices . However, a closer examination would indicate that it was not a traditional hibernation chamber because there was no sign of ice shards on the glass surface . Inside the chamber was not ultra-low temperature, but inert gas . It was obviously not preserving humans, but robots .

A central computer stood in the middle of the room . Under the black screen was a cylindrically shaped culture tank and a human brain was floating inside of it . The bottom of the central computer was connected to various wires of different sizes, which led to each facility inside the fallout chamber .

The brain was like a spider in the middle of the spider web, controlling everything attached to it .

The fallout shelter was not the property of the PAC because it was not included in the serial code . Precisely speaking, it didn’t belong to any government organization, it was a completely privately funded personal fallout shelter .

Lin fallout shelter was its name .

Before the war, the rich building a fallout shelter for themselves was nothing surprising . Although this fallout shelter was strange .

Suddenly, the light below a hibernation device lit up and laminated the dormant enclosure .

"No . 04 lost… activate backup parts . "


The sound of gas leaking diffused from the edges of the hibernation chamber, and the door slowly opened .

A man slowly opened his eyes, waking up from hibernation .

The dim light reflected on his face .

That man was Lin Chaoen, the one that got his head pulled off .

At the same time, the screen of the central computer also lit up .

A white-haired, kind but authoritative face appeared in the middle of the screen . He looked at Lin Chaoen as the elder man in the screen slowly said, "Do you know what to do now?"

"Of course," Lin Chaoen’s one knee was on the ground as he said respectfully, "Father . "

The elder man nodded .

"Then go . "

Lin Chaoen got up . "Father, a group known as the Dusk entered Jia city . With their disturbance, the coalition of rebels we built suffered heavy losses, should we do anything about this?"

"No need to bother about the escapist, they are just grasshoppers," the elderly man said .

No matter how high they jump, they are still only grasshoppers . Although they have some foresight compared to ordinary survivors, that’s all .

Even if those fools hindered his plan, to a cold machine, it had no concept of "revenge" . The iron law of the machine was to choose the method with the highest efficiency .

Lin Chaoen nodded .

"What about that Jiang Chen?"

When he heard the name, the old man had a rare silence .

"Keep an eye on him . "

"Yes . " Lin Chaoen nodded before he left .

The tightened supply policy finally ended as all the residents of fallout shelter 027 felt relieved .

It was an insufferable time that no one should ever experience . They couldn’t take a shower, couldn’t eat till they were full and were only able to receive one hour of light a day . There was good news, but also certainly bad news .

First, a research team was formed .

All the talents specializing in military technology and mechanics were gathered together . They said they were going to select a group of researchers to design a tank called Tiger II .

No one was willing to do it . Research cost a lot of energy . Their work schedule before was only an hour a day, but once they participate in the research, they would have to work more than eight hours . It was torture! Only fools would do it .

But soon after, they were all fighting for a spot .

Because the newly enacted supply policy started to favor researchers . Only the people on the research team could enjoy organic food . Not only that, the soilless farm in the fallout shelter would start producing coffee, tea, and other luxuries, but these luxuries will only be available to researchers .

There was a finite amount of supplies .

Therefore, the supplies given to people with no work were starting to become limited .

At the same time, current positions in the fallout shelter will start to execute a cruel performance elimination system .

The researchers were immediately motivated to work . There were a lot of talents in the fallout shelter, no one wanted to lose such a nice job .

But on the contrary, negative public opinion became apparent .

Since there were limited work positions, before the fallout shelter can earn more research projects, only a few people can enjoy the benefits . The majority of the people at the shelter can only conduct labor-intensive work or no work at all .

No one wanted to drink plain nutrient supplies every meal, such food made their stomachs upset after having too many . Of course, such lavish thoughts would only exist in fallout shelters .

The residents were extremely discontent, but immediately Han Junhua did another horrifying thing .

She removed the resident representative and dissolved the resident assembly!

It was no different than announcing a dictatorship .

"That bit*h had no rights to that! Performance elimination? God, the person that should be eliminated, is her! Look what she did after she took over!" A rather muscular resident wiped off the sweat from his forehead, opened up, and complained to the resident who was also wiping the floor .

He selectively ignored the fact that as the leader, she could only distribute the existing supplies, not create supplies out of thin air .

"Shh . Don’t let the security team hear this . " The resident eyed him as he lowered his voice .

It would be impossible to say they don’t miss the old leader . At least the old leader didn’t make them wipe the floor four times a day . What’s the purpose of this? She was not a clean freak before .

"Who cares? That bit*h always has a bit*hy face . Do you think she would care how the skunks like us at the bottom view her?" The person cursed .

At this time, a girl in a white dress walked over .

"Are you thirsty?"

Xu Lu smiled at the two as she leaned down shaking the bottle in her hand .

The two men were lost for a moment before an awkward expression appeared on their faces .

They were supposed to display their noble gesture in front of this lady, but they were cursing "bit*h" constantly .

Xu Lu saw through the awkwardness, smiled, and magically took out two cups and poured some water for them .

"Here, drink some water . "

"Ah, th…thank you . " The two thanked her with embarrassed faces as they took the cups quickly .

After chugging all the water in the cup, the muscular man was stunned as he had a shocked expression on his face . The other person drinking coughed as he almost choked .

"This, this is… honey water?"

"That’s right, does it taste good?" Xu Lu grinned .

"Ye…yes . " The thinner man wiped his mouth with his sleeve and graciously looked at Xu Lu .

"There is more . Drink slowly, there's no need to rush… You are labor workers and spend a lot of energy working, it is good for the body to drink something sweet," she said softly as she poured more honey water .

Just like an angel .

The way the two looked at her was filled with admiration .

"Thank you, this is troubling you too much . " The muscular man couldn’t stop thanking her .

"Speaking of this, I have seen you at the embassy office . " The thinner resident straightened his back and looked at Xu Lu, puzzled, "I remember that supplies on the surface were not ample…"

"Yang Lin, what do you mean?" The muscular resident stared at the thin man .

"Brother Hao, I don’t mean anything, I am just curious . " Yang Lin forced a smile as he comforted Zhao Hao’s attitude .

This guy was drawn to her at first sight .

Compared to the more straightforward friend, while Yang Lin was grateful, he was a bit more rational .

"These are all misconceptions," Xu Lu lowered her head as she said with pity . "This is the purpose of me being here . I hope through my work, it can resolve the misconception between us . "

It seemed to be the case since no one actually went to the surface before and were all listening to the elaborate stories told by Han Junhua .

Who knows if she is just using the outside being dangerous as an excuse to create class conflicts in order to solidify her dictatorship?

As Yang Lin thought about this, he began to question himself .

He previous maintained a neutral attitude towards Han Junhua . However, now he began to lean towards the opposite side .

Did the Fishbone people really come with the purpose of war? Did the energy in the base fall to the point where they had to limit supplies? … The leader never explained any to the people .

As to the details of the negotiation, they only knew the result .

Different from the perplexed mind of Yang Lin, Zhao Hao was simply cursing the dictator in his mind .

Compared to this angel, she was bad to the bone…

"Sorry to take so much time for you, my free time is now over . " Xu Lu put away the bottle, smiled, and waved at them .

"No, no bother at all," Zhao Hao rushed to say .

But before his voice died down, the door at the corner opened .

"People inside, what are you doing!"

The security force walked in, in quick steps . They stood in front of Xu Lu as they scanned the three of them .

"What did she ask you?" The security force looked at Yang Lin .

Before Yang Lin opened his mouth, Zhao Hao began to ridicule coldly .

"She asked if our work is difficult or not . She did the job of what your boss is supposed to do . "

The security force stared at him, didn’t say a word, and then looked at Xu Lu .

"Please make your surveying along with us, please cooperate with our work . "

"Of course . "

Xu Lu smiled . Then she let the soldier follow behind her as she walked to the other end of the hall .

"Are you crazy? If you get on the wrong terms with the security force, are you not afraid you may lose your job?" Yang Lin dragged his friend closer as he lectured in a low voice .

But Zhao Hao didn’t say a word as he blankly watched Xu Lu leave .

"Yang Lin, do you believe in angels?"


"She is my angel . "

"Is your brain not working?" Yang Lin ridiculed him .

Although he said that, Yang Lin couldn’t deny the beauty of the ambassador .

Her beauty came from not only the surface but also the soul .

Especially in contrast with a particular person, her beauty was blinding .

But what the two didn’t know was .

It was only a façade…

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