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Chapter 304

When the fleet returned to the base, it was already dusk .

Jiang Chen didn’t go with Cheng Weiguo to eat in the community center cafeteria . Instead, he returned straight to the mansion .

Right after he put his winter suit on the clothing rack, Sun Jiao walked up to him with complaint written on her face .

"Why do you have a straight face, don’t you miss me?" Jiang Chen with a smirk on his face put his arms around Sun Jiao’s waist and his lips near her ear .

Sun Jiao’s face turned red, but then she quickly raised her eyebrows as she gently bit Jiang Chen's ear in revenge .

"What did you do outside?"

"Ahem, I promise to god I didn’t do anything bad in the past three days," Jiang Chen said exasperatedly .

He was becoming more and more courteous .

When she heard Jiang Chen’s words, Sun Jiao rolled her eyes at him .

"I am not talking about that," as she said this, worry returned to her face, "Can’t you be more careful… You are the leader of a force . This is not the stone age, no general led the charge . "

She was talking about that .

Jiang Chen face looked rather embarrassed as he looked away scratching his nose .

"Uh, I will be careful . "

The battle with the Mother of Death Claw was in a dire situation . If he knew it was a hornet's nest, he would not find trouble himself .

"You said that last time to me . A fight with the Mother of Death Claw, are you crazy? If you die…" Sun Jiao bit her bottom lip as tears began to swell up .

Jiang Chen sensed her deep care as he felt warm on the inside . He hugged Sun Jiao apologetically as he comforted her .

"Don’t say something so ominous, I am fine aren’t I?"

Sun Jiao let Jiang Chen hug her as she pouted her mouth and put her chin on his shoulder . Then she spoke into his ear .

"Then absolutely be careful next time . "

"Mhmm . " Jiang Chen said sincerely as he hugged the warm figure .

"Also…" As she spoke, her face suddenly turned a burning red as she displayed a rare coyness .


"It is nothing, but you always do such dangerous things…" Sun Jiao buried her head .

"How about…" The red lips trembled because of her shyness . Her faint voice played a seductive mumble, "How about, next time when we do that, let’s not use the contraceptive needle…"

Sun Jiao clearly didn’t know the impact those words would have on a man as Jiang Chen’s stomach immediately felt heated .

"Honey, I…"

"Don’t say anything . "

. . .

With a finger on his lips, Sun Jiao opened her mouth and drew out the silent but seductive words, "Kiss me . "

Jiang Chen couldn’t hold back any longer . One hand held onto the long and athletic leg, while the other hand wrapped around her waist as he pinned her against the sofa in the living room .

But then, Jiang Chen was stunned as an awkward expression crept onto his face .

On the second floor, Sun Xiaorou, sitting in her wheelchair, grinned at the loving couple .

"Haha, don’t mind me . " The devil-like smile was too similar to Sun Jiao's .

How would he not mind?

With her sister seeing the embarrassing scene, Sun Jiao couldn’t stand it any longer as she instantly jumped out and escaped from Jiang Chen’s hug .

"Sorry for making you replace my sister in accompanying me . " Sun Xiaorou sitting in the wheelchair, turned her head, and naughtily blinked her eyes .

The dusk light stretched out their shadows .

Jiang Chen pushed Sun Xiaorou along the small road in the back garden of the mansion .

After Sun Jiao ran away, he was about to run away too because he didn’t know how to face her . The her now was obviously different from the her before, and he did take her first time away from her… It may be confusing to explain it this way, but the emotions in his mind perhaps were more confusing than this .

But Sun Xiaorou stopped him as she asked him to help her down the stairs .

Because he could not say no to the cute and impossible to refuse eyes, the soft-hearted Jiang Chen came back and brought her downstairs .

Then we got to this point where Jiang Chen has replaced Sun Jiao, who ran away, and was taking her for a walk in the backyard .

Although Sun Xiaorou herself could walk with this voice-controlled wheelchair, in a complex environment, it was more convenient to have someone beside her . Especially since it was not easy to explain the direction she wanted to go in the first place .

Jiang Chen gently breathed out a cloud of mist . After hesitating for a moment, he said, "It’s okay… I have always wanted to apologize to you . "

"Why do you need to apologize to me?" Sun Xiaorou blinked her eyes . "I almost killed you and the person you love . Then because of your anger, you took revenge as I didn’t want to confess . Or rather… I should thank you for not killing me .

Jiang Chen paused for a second and after a while, he smiled .

"Thank you . "

Whether or not she really meant it, when he heard she didn’t hate him, it made Jiang Chen feel better .

Sun Xiaorou gently blinked her eyes as she didn’t continue on with the conversation, but quietly stared at the snow along the tiny path .

"Are you better now?" Jiang Chen stared at the peacefulness shown on the side of her face as he gently asked .

Sun Xiaorou’s mouth curved up . "What area? If it is the body, I can’t move below the shoulder . "

Based on what Lin Lin has said, with her current condition, the brain damage was more problematic than nerve damage . The nerve on her back did not suffer any damage nor was there any abnormalities in her body condition; she just couldn’t move her body parts below the shoulder . It felt as if she has "forgotten" how to use her arms and legs .

It was a problematic condition . Whether it was in the Fishbone base or the Sixth Street, there was no medical equipment could conduct brain repair surgery . But Jiang Chen already used the Fake Legs Bar to put up a reward . Whoever obtains a complete set of surgical equipment would receive 5000 crystals .

With such a high reward, eventually, this problem will be solved .

"Uh, spiritually . "

It was a weird way to ask this question . As to why he asked the question, Jiang Chen was also not quite sure .

Her black hair fell to her side as Sun Xiaorou titled her head, "Why would you ask that?"

"Because your memory returned right? … Ah, it is too intrusive to ask this in such a way, just pretend I didn’t ask the question . " Jiang Chen forced a smile .

Hearing this, Sun Xiaorou only smiled .

"How do you think I should be?"

Jiang Chen was about to say 'Remove the brainwashed part and become the sister of Sun Jiao', but that sentence was stuck in his throat .

Sun Xiaorou watched the sunset in the distance as she continued .

"There have been two figures fighting in my mind to take control of my body . One being the religious me, the other being the sister me . It’s weird to say it this way right?" Sun Xiaorou turned around to look at Jiang Chen as she timidly smiled .

"No… Not weird . " Jiang Chen shook his head and stared into her eyes while waiting for her to continue .

"To be honest… I have been thinking a lot in the past few days . Regardless which me it is, they are all me . "

"But that you was brainwashed-" Jiang Chen couldn’t help but state .

"What exactly is being brainwashed?"

Jiang Chen couldn’t interpret the meaning behind those words . He didn’t answer as he just looked at her, puzzled .

"For humans to live in this world, they are constantly receiving an external signal . A ray of sunshine, a breeze of wind, the occasional snowstorm, words of advice . . . How do you determine what is brainwashed?"

"Then you are…"

"Perhaps the two personalities meshed together . Maybe that is easier to understand . "

Sun Xiaorou blinked as she said playfully .

It was hard to imagine, as the victim, she could have such a bright smile .

"Do you hate those people? Since they were the ones that used the chip to lock your memory," Jiang Chen asked .

Sun Xiaorou shook her head and once again looked at the sunset in the distance .

The deep red was no longer blinding, it looked like a torch about to extinguish .

"What’s after dusk?"

Jiang Chen followed the direction Sun Xiaorou was looking as he gazed at the orange color . He thought for a moment as he gently said .

"It’s night . "

Sun Xiaorou nodded and said while gazing at the setting sun .

"That’s right… They are just a bunch of petty people . "

The religious firmly believed in the doomsday of the earth’s civilization . The promise to stay away from the fallen sun, the effort of spending their entire life creating the ark that will carry the new civilization away from the wasteland, into the endless night .

Even if the mission they had given their all to was successful, would the future waiting for them be the dawn?

Pitiful people . Why hate the pitiful people .