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Chapter 305

After pushing Sun Xiaorou back into the mansion, the sun had already gone down .

The adorable Yao Yao finished cooking the dishes, and she and Lin Lin brought the delicious dishes to the table . Sun Jiao, on the other hand, carried the heavy burden of searching for people .

But she was not as successful as she had thought . Sun Jiao searched through the mansion without finding the missing Sun Xiaorou and Jiang Chen . She even went into the basement . Perhaps because the withered leaves blocked her vision, but, through the window, she didn’t see the two people in the backyard taking a walk .

Seeing the two people harmoniously show up in the living room, suspicion flashed across Sun Jiao’s face as her eyes moved between the two .

"What… happened between you two?"

"Ahem, can you not ask this so weirdly?" Jiang Chen facepalmed .

"Uhh, I just feel the air between you two is a bit odd," with a hand on her chin, Sun Jiao said .

"Then it must be your illusion," Jiang Chen ridiculed .

"We only took a walk in the backyard, chatted for a while, and there is nothing more to the story," Sun Xiaorou blinked and told her sister .

Although still suspicious, to her own sister, Sun Jiao had complete trust .

Since she chose to believe her sister, Sun Jiao nodded and spoke to Jiang Chen .

"Okay… Let’s not talk about this, for now . Go eat . I’ll send Sun Xiaorou upstairs and feed her the nutrient supply, and then I’ll come down . "

Sun Jiao walked to Sun Xiaorou as she was about to take over .

"Sister, are we going to sleep together tonight?" Sun Jiao blinked her eyes as she asked her sister with a pure face .

Sun Jiao thought about Jiang Chen and how she was going to have "unprotected sex" . She was about to say no when she realized the joking smile on her sister's face .

Sun Jiao’s face immediately turned red as she gave her a dirty look .

"You are making fun of your sister . I am not going to feed you . "

"Wooo, sister, I’m sorry . Spare me," Sun Xiaorou batted her eyes as she jokingly acted coy .

"Beg your brother-in-law . "

Sun Jiao made a fierce face before she returned to the kitchen .

Watching Sun Jiao leave, Jiang Chen had a joyful smile .

From that night on, she was a lot more cheerful .

"Ahhh… I accidentally made sister mad, so I’ll have you trouble you in bringing me to the second floor . " Looking at Jiang Chen, Sun Xiaorou naughtily stuck out her tongue .

"No problem . " Jiang Chen shook his head with a smile . He held onto the wheels as he easily lifted the wheelchair and Sun Xiaorou on top .

"Speaking of which, you sisters have a really good relationship," Jiang Chen said after putting the wheelchair down on the second floor .

A red hue appeared on Sun Xiaorou’s face as she lightly closed her eye .

"Mhmm! That’s because… we are the only family left . Therefore…"

Then, she opened her eyes as she naughtily looked at Jiang Chen . "Therefore, please make my sister happy . "

"Of course . "

As Jiang Chen laughed, he rolled her back to her room .

Sun Jiao was the first person he met in this world and the first woman of his life . Regardless, he will make her happy .

After going into Sun Xiaorou’s room, under her direction, Jiang Chen took out a box from the top drawer .

Compared to the E-level nutrient supply that most survivors drink, the A-level nutrient supply made with fruit, vegetable and animal proteins didn’t taste too terrible . But to use fresh food to create nutrient supply, only Jiang Chen could be this lavish .

"Are you really not going to eat with us? Yao Yao’s cooking is great," Jiang Chen said .

Although she couldn’t use her hand, if someone fed her, she could still eat .

Sun Xiaorou smiled, "If I eat, it is going to be really troublesome . I would need a urine straw when I need to go to the washroom if I want to do number two . . . it would be really inconvenient . "

Towards the end of her sentence, Sun Xiaorou’s face was burning .

Jiang Chen also looked embarrassed as he looked away .

He seemed to have asked an inappropriate question…

After taking out the tubular nutrient supply, Jiang Chen opened the cap, but then, his hand froze in midair .

Sun Xiaorou gently closed her eyes with her slightly opened red lips raised . The red vibrancy could be faintly seen through her lips .

"Are you not going to feed me, brother-in-law?" Seeing that Jiang Chen hasn't moved, Sun Xiaorou opened one eye and playfully giggled .

Jiang Chen gulped as he put the test tube beside Sun Xiaorou’s mouth .

Maybe because Jiang Chen had no experience in taking care of people, or he ignored the thickness of the nutrient supply .

The speed he poured the nutrient supply was faster than the speed Sun Xiaorou could drink . Her eyebrows were slightly raised as her frail throat made a feeble gulping sound .

"Cough, cough-"

"Are you okay? "

Jiang Chen immediately stopped .

But then he noticed the thick liquid dripping from Sun Xiaorou’s mouth, her throat gulping, and the pure expression…

This is too evil! Jiang Chen felt embarrassed for his sick minded thoughts .

"It’s okay . Brother-in-law’s action was bit aggressive…" Finally gulping down the thickness in her mouth, Sun Xiaorou smiled .

"Uh, I’ll go get your sister to feed you . " To hide himself from being hard, Jiang Chen closed his legs discreetly as he awkwardly smiled .

"No . " The pouted mouth immediately turned up . Sun Xiaorou used her coy eyes to look at Jiang Chen . "Brother-in-law, I am hungry . "

This devil…

Jiang Chen suppressed himself as he fed the remaining nutrient supply to her . With a conflicted but turned on mood, Jiang Chen was about to leave .

Looking at Jiang Chen’s back, Sun Xiaorou gently said, "Can I tell you a secret?"

"Mhmm? Of course…" Jiang Chen stopped and turned his head .

Sun Xiaorou motioned for him to come closer . [Was it necessary? There is no one here . ]

Even if he thought that, Jiang Chen still followed her wish and put his ear beside her mouth .

Feeling the gentle breath beside his ear, he felt a tingling sensation .

Sun Xiaorou’s face was burning, she took a deep breath as a smirk appeared on her face, "If sister becomes pregnant, I can help you . Although I can’t move my body…"

When she was in the living room, she heard the conversation between Jiang Chen and her sister . Whatever was going on in her mind, she said these words naughtily .

Like she had expected, Jiang Chen’s expression immediately froze as he was in dismay .

"Girl, what are you thinking . " Jiang Chen didn’t know what to say as he pinched her nose before escaping in panic .

Watching the door close, the corner of Sun Xiaorou’s mouth curved up as she softly closed her eyes .

She savored the sweetness in her mouth as her face flushed red .

"Such a gentle person…"

Although she knew it was not right to tease the person her sister liked .

But such a good character made people . . .

The urine straw below the wheelchair had one centimeter of transparent liquid come out .

From its color, it was definitely not urine .

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