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Chapter 306

When Jiang Chen came downstairs to the dining room, Sun Jiao and the rest had already started to eat .

Just from the dishes on the table, he did not feel the atmosphere of the apocalypse at all . Especially the dark red pig trotters, just from the looks of it made Jiang Chen eager to eat as he walked to the table .

Perhaps she had been used to Yao Yao’s delicious cooking, Sun Jiao’s etiquette was more delicate compared to when she first met Jiang Chen . Looking at her eating calmly in small portions, Jiang Chen could not see the old bold girl that would not even leave behind the soup in the can .

But Lin Lin, on the other hand, was devouring through the dishes without any signs of decency . She completely ignored the late Jiang Chen . The way she ate was as if she wanted to make up for all the food she missed over the last twenty years .

When she saw Jiang Chen walk over, the nice Yao Yao filled Jiang Chen’s bowl full of rice and poured him a bowl of steamy lotus roots and pork ribs soup .

Jiang Chen rubbed Yao Yao’s hair as he smiled . "I can do it myself . "

With Jiang Chen’s big hand rubbing her head, a soft smile appeared on Yao Yao’s adorable face .

"The lotus roots soup is great . Also, if you drink it in the winter, your stomach will feel warm . "

"Mhmm! Yao Yao’s cooking is great," Jiang Chen praised her .

The small loli timidly smiled as she buried her blushed face down .

"Loli lover," Lin Lin and Sun Jiao focusing on their food both murmured in a quiet voice .

These two ridicules obviously didn’t escape the suspect’s ear .

Jiang Chen helplessly looked at Sun Jiao and Lin Lin as he defended innocently in his mind .

[Am I that much of an animal…]

After dinner, Jiang Chen went to Yao Yao’s room as he gave the task of cracking the EP memory chip to the little girl .

When she heard she could help big brother out again, Yao Yao energetically took over the memory chip in Jiang Chen’s hand, raised her not so full chest, and promised Jiang Chen she would complete the task .

Jiang Chen was pleased when she saw the enthusiasm from Yao Yao .

Compared to the Lin Lin, who constantly demand pudding, the willing Yao Yao was almost like an angel .

The night was dark . Sun Jiao sneaked out of bed .

Sun Jiao looked at her sister’s peaceful face as a proud smile appeared on her face .

She wore thin as veil pajamas . Sun Jiao quietly walked to the door, sneaked out of the bedroom . and gently closed the door .

But not long after, the door opened again .

A figure clearly not Sun Jiao sneaked inside .

With the creek of the door waking Sun Xiaorou up, she opened her eyes and watched the man walk beside the bed .

"Where is your sister?" With excitement, Jiang Chen lowered his voice and asked .

"She is sleeping in her own room," with lips unnoticeably curved up, Sun Xiaorou mimicked Sun Jiao’s voice .

It has to be mentioned that the sisters’ looked really similar . The slight difference was faded by the blurry night . What was more troubling was that they were not only similar in appearance, but also in voice .

As long as she lowered her voice and added a hint of maturity to the light and soft tone, they didn’t sound very different .

When Jiang Chen heard Sun Xiaorou was not there to disturb them, Jiang Chen was naturally ecstatic .

With a smirk, he approached her ear and gently breathed in while using an intimate tone .

"Tonight, I will c*m in you until you are pregnant . "

With face burning, Sun Xiaorou’s lips trembled as she couldn’t say a word .

The sheet was lifted as she felt something sneak inside . At the same time, she felt something press her chest tightly .

She lightly moaned as she felt the warmness on her chest . However, Sun Xiaorou slightly frowned .

When he usually did it with her sister, was he always so direct?

For some reason, she impulsively wanted to play with fire .

If she didn’t remind Jiang Chen and continued to pretend like this, when would he figure out that she was not her sister?

The thing that happened in the basement, followed by the fusion of her memories made it fade out of her mind . She just faintly remembers that with rough force, he took away her first time .

The intimate thought circled her mind as it lured her . Since my first time was taken away by him, a second time would be okay…

But just as she closed her eyes, preparing to let the story develop further, the warmness surrounding her chest retracted .

"You… are not Sun Jiao?" He pulled his hands away as he asked awkwardly .

Although it was impossible to tell with the lights off .

But the chest was clearly not right!

Sun Jiao was at least a 36D, but those seemed to be only a bit bigger than a B .

Seeing she could no longer pretend, Sun Xiaorou giggled . "That’s right, brother-in-law . "

Someone knocked on the door .

With bear pajamas, Yao Yao rubbed her blurred eyes and walked to the door in her rabbit slippers .

"Woo? It’s late, is there something wrong?"

Sun Jiao suspiciously scanned Yao Yao’s neat clothes a few times .

"Is Jiang Chen not here?"

"I wish he was here . " Yao Yao pouted her mouth as she threw a small tantrum .

To Sun Jiao "occupying" big brother, the small loli was never too happy about it . They had discussed before that they must "feed" the big bad guy to make sure he stays on this side . But now, the delicious "ribs" were all "eaten" by sister Sun Jiao . As the small animal, she couldn’t even drink the soup .

Sun Jiao didn’t realize Yao Yao’s tantrum as she tilted her head in confusion .

"Where did he go? Could it be… Lin Lin? Eh? Where are you going?" Looking at the small loli suddenly going downstairs, Sun Jiao was puzzled .

Yao Yao turned around and nodded seriously . "Just in case, let’s go check Lin Lin’s room . "

Sun Jiao didn’t know why Yao Yao all the sudden was more keen on this than herself as they went downstairs .

Not long after, the furious roar of Lin Lin being woken up came from downstairs .

Sun Jiao pushed open the door, yawned, and returned to her bedroom .

In the end, the three people that searched the entire mansion concluded that Jiang Chen may have returned to sleep in the modern world . Therefore, concluding the unrest caused by Sun Jiao sneaking out of her bed .

As she quietly climbed into bed, Sun Jiao confirmed the peacefulness on her sister’s face as a gentle smile appeared on her face . She lightly combed the hair strands in front of her forehead and kissed her on the forehead .

"Sister, you are still not asleep?" Sun Xiaorou opened her eyes as she blinked her bright eyes at her sister .

"Eh? Are you awake?" Seeing her sister suddenly wake up, Sun Jiao slid back, embarrassed .

"Mhmm, just woke up . "

"Uhh, sorry, did I wake you up?"

When she heard her sister’s words, Sun Xiaorou shook her head and giggled . "No, I just had a dream . "

Sun Jiao caringly held on to her sister’s hand, "Dream? Did you have a bad dream?"

But Sun Xiaorou shook her head again, "No, it was a sweet dream . "

Then, a red hue appeared on her cheeks .

"He is a really gentle person . "

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