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Chapter 309

When he saw the last line, Jiang Chen’s face looked rather odd .

The bearded man had certainly guessed right, Lin Chaoen was not a human at all, but a machine .

Different from the digitalized human, Lin Lin, he had no traces of cells in his body . Jiang Chen confirmed multiple times . Even the "meat" on the mechanical skeleton was made by silica gels replicating the feeling of skin .

Jiang Chen opened that map again to confirm the red question market located on the outskirt of the city center .

"Is there something here?"

After deliberating for a moment, Jiang Chen also marked the location on his EP .

After putting away the full sensory computer, he immediately left the mansion .

Returning to his office in the community center, Jiang Chen called Cheng Weiguo who just finished eating .

Not long after, Cheng Weiguo appeared in front of Jiang Chen’s office desk .

"Is there something wrong?"

Jiang Chen turned on his EP map and showed Cheng Weiguo the marked area .

"I want to send people to explore this area, do you have any good recommendations?"

"The city center?" Cheng Weiguo stared at the location as he rubbed his chin with his eyebrows raised . "That place is not Qingpu, the mutants and zombies are more dangerous there . Oh, is it okay if we just get an aerial view?"

Jiang Chen was dumbfounded before he came to a sudden realization .

Right, the Fishbone base has a helicopter . Although it had been modified to a helicopter gunship, it was still capable of performing a reconnaissance mission .

"How’s pilot training?"

Chu Nan was acting as his representative at the Sixth Street, the mission of operating the helicopter would naturally fall to other people .

"We have two fully trained people who were personally taught by Chu Nan . They just flew the helicopter from the Sixth Street a few days ago . Based on his description, while the two pilots are still a bit lacking in experience, their knowledge base is there . " Cheng Weiguo smiled .

"Ok, keep an eye on this . Report to me immediately if there are any results . "

"Yes . " Cheng Weiguo saluted .

But then, the phone on the table began to ring .

Cheng Weiguo stopped .

Jiang Chen, as if he had been expecting something, had a glimpse of joy on his face . He grabbed the phone and put it by his ear .


"General! The elevator, the elevator stopped!" Wang Zhaowu’s alerted voice came from the other side .

In Jia city, thirty kilometers away .

The Dusk along with the mutated humans at the Seventh Area conducted a coordinated attack on the Defenders in Jia city .

The mutated humans like ogres walked out of a sci-fi movie walked through the shambles . They were equipped with steel armors, heavy machineguns, as well as the magazines around their waste, displaying a daunting light as they moved steadily towards the Defenders area of control .

Behind the troops, a mutated human, as well as a human, stood side by side on a hill piled up by broken concrete pieces as they gazed at the fires not so far away .

The mutated human, Troy, was the leader of Seventh Area . The man, Bo Yu, was the leader of Dusk .

"I have never imagined that a mutated human and a human could walk together in unity . " Troy cracked a smile on his hideous face towards the human in a fur coat .

With his hands behind his back, the Blood Lion’s mane swayed in the winter breeze as the corner of Bo Yu’s mouth also carved into a smile .

"Based on common sense, it is hard to understand . But as long as a small perspective is changed, we can all live together . "

Just like the smart dog and human .

Coincidentally, both sides shared the same thought .

The mutated human needed the supplies and firearms provided by Dusk, and Dusk required the fearless warriors of the mutated humans .

The victor in the distant battle had already been decided . Although the remaining human survivors used the bunker to fire back at the mutated humans, the defiant's fire was quickly extinguished by the hoard of mutated humans .

"Speaking of which, what is that on your finger?" While looking at the bloody red gem on Bo Yu's finger, Troy asked casually .

"Guess . " Bo Yu smiled .

"It is definitely not diamond . It is similar to a crystal, but I have never seen a red crystal before," Troy said .

"It is a nuke . " Bo Yu used a joking voice to state the not so funny reality .

Troy cracked a smile as he obviously didn’t think what he had said was real .

At the same time, an unexpected blast from ten meters away sent concrete debris into the air .

"Go die! Traitor!"

Followed by a thunderous roar, a survivor with blood all over his face leaped out of the shambles . His expression was grim and the wound that stopped bleeding burst again due to his angry outburst .

But in his hands was just an outdated assault rifle!

Troy just glanced at the person expressionlessly as he put out his hand to guard Bo Yu behind him . But the hand was surprisingly pushed away by Bo Yu .

Troy did not have time to be shocked before bullets began to be fired at Bo Yu .

The reality soon proved that he had time to be shocked .

The dark green veil formed a net beside him . The orange bullets, like mosquitos, were trapped within the spider web .

The expression on the person’s face froze .

Unable to react, he saw a crystal fly across his vision .

The green light suddenly contracted before expanding as it blew into a field of green particles .

"This is an odd ability . " Troy looked at the mist of blood that has splashed everywhere and smiled grimly at Bo Yu .

"We just walked further along on this path," Bo Yu said nonchalantly as he put his hands back into his pocket .

The Klein particle was connected to the warp drive .

As a firm escapist, Dusk was further on the path of warp drives .

"On another note, I remember you initially didn’t plan to attack Wanghai city to find Fallout Shelter 005 at Qingpu? Why did you suddenly change your mind and decided to help us solve our trouble in Jia city . " Troy asked .

"Because a problematic force is blocking Qingpu," Bo Yu said .

He was naturally referring to Fishbone base . Troy also knew this .

Troy remembered the heavy casualties he suffered in front of Zhufeng Highway as he also was angered .

They didn’t lose on force, but rather on underestimating the enemy .

But he still didn’t recognize the essence of the problem . They didn’t lose just on underestimating the enemy, but rather on intelligence . If they built the camp more scattered, they would not be in the situation where one bomb would send half of the camp up into the sky .

"When would we push back?" A grim smile appeared on Troy’s face .

That smile was filled with the desire for revenge .

"Once you use the survivors of Jia city to create a two thousand mutated human force . The supplies from the north would also arrive around that time," Bo Yu said emotionlessly .

Just like Troy, the name also annoyed him, but he was used to not displaying his emotion on his face .

Not only did two hundred thousand crystals go down the drain, now he had to invest in more supplies to help the mutated humans in Jia city to replenish their "population" .

But what pained him the most was Sun Xiaorou .

Ten something years ago, the organization used all of its efforts to obtain a "sample" from Fallout Shelter 071, and they just lost one .

The last few fires died down on the battlefield, just like the life of the Defenders .

When the battle ended, Bo Yu looked in the direction of Wanghai .

"Jiang Chen?" Murmuring to himself, he narrowed his eyes .

Inside the dark pupils, a dangerous light shone .