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Chapter 311

The rioters broke into the room .

The gun barrel smashed onto Han Junhua’s face as the single blow was enough to knock her unconscious . Then someone kicked her in the stomach and made her drop to the ground .

Han Junhua didn’t feel surprised, she didn’t even feel frightened because she knew, the pain she was about to receive would far surmount these .

Then, the "hero" ran up .

He raised the ax, with a grim smile, and was about to cut off her limbs .

But then, Wu Yaguo walked up and stopped the reckless "hero . "

"Wait, everyone . Calm down and listen to me!"

When they heard Wu Yaguo’s shout, everyone stopped what they were doing .

Han Junhua was on the ground with her face covered in bruises and blood, just in one minute, she was almost beaten to death by the angry rioters .

She silently looked at Wu Yaguo as she knew he was not there to defend her . If that was the case, he should have come in first .

"We are victorious, we are finally victorious!"

Wu Yaguo raised his arms as he used a passionate voice to shout .

The celebration began to echo in the fallout shelter, people watched him as if he was the reason why they were victorious .

"We used our hands to overthrow the despicable dictator’s reign . We will use our hands to create a brighter future . Yes, we will!"

He desperately searched for the best phrases in his head as he tried to paint a bright future for the people . People watched him as if they were worshiping God . The "hero" also dropped his ax as he looked at him religiously .

"…But before we can paint the picture, we need to put this criminal on trial . "

Wu Yaguo looked at her .

Everyone looked at her .

"Kill her . "

"With fire . "

"No, her body should be hung . "

Wu Yaguo silently listened to the voices by his ears as he looked at Han Junhua . He wanted to read fear from her eyes .

But he was disappointed, he only saw calmness .

The glimpse of anger quickly hid the mask of mercy .

"Quiet everyone . Everyone calm down for a moment . "

He raised his hand as he signaled the crowd to quiet down .

He pointed his finger at Han Junhua on the ground as he said in a loud voice .

"I hate her . I want to kill with the cruelest way possible to express the anger in my heart…"

The bruise on his face made the words that much more convincing .

The "hero" on the side ripped off a piece of his broken shirt as he tied it on his bloody left arm, he then weighed the ax in his hand and smiled grimly at Han Junhua .

He was only waiting for an order . An order to chop her head off .

But Han Junhua didn’t look at him from the beginning, she was just waiting quietly for something .

"But I choose to forgive her . "

People looked at him in confusion .

"We are the just, we are using the name of justice to uprise . We will punish her for her crime, but everything must be done through law, and not our emotions . I forgive her, but the law will punish her for her crime…"

Listening to Wu Yaguo’s charismatic speech, Han Junhua smiled . Although her smile was undetectable under all the blood .

The ability she couldn’t master – manipulating people .

Without the need for technology, all can be done with a mouth .

The bruise became a symbol of his, demonstrating his kindness and forgiveness . People trust that under his leadership, fallout shelter 027 would become a brighter tomorrow and put him on the "throne . "

As to Han Junhua, her permission was taken away .

A few rioters with weapons walked off and forcefully dragged her up . Using her EP, they deactivated the order she had set and "granted" the permission of leader to Wu Yaguo . And Wu Yaguo put the handcuff on her and pushed the wounded her out the door .

People stared at her in anger, people spat at her, and people attempted to throw garbage on her face .

But the merciful new leader stopped all of this .

"She will be punished but before that, we must make her live to the day when she will be punished . "

On the side, Academician Qin silently watched everything . No one troubled the respected elder as they courteously asked him to go back to his home . But before that, they demanded he sends his congratulatory words to the new regime . He did and the people supervising him left .

Just like the wheels of history, inside the dark underground shelter, a familiar scene repeated itself .

. . .

Within the integration room .

Han Junhua sat on the cold bench and stared at the ceiling blankly .

Half a day has passed since the coup .

No one interrogated her, no one treated her wounds, and no one fed her .

But that was fine . Humans can survive for a few days without eating . As long as she still has a breath left, they were already being kind to her . Not to mention they were letting her spend the last remaining hours of her life in peace .

But then the door opened .

Han Junhua lifted her weary eyelids and she murmured in her mind: Finally here?

But she was disappointed, it was someone she was familiar with .

Feng Hui, the chief engineer of fallout shelter technology, responsible for the power infrastructure of the fallout shelter .

Feng Hui was afraid to look Han Junhua in the eyes, and so he lowered his head .

"It was me… I removed the energy rod by one centimeter . "

Half of the success of this coup was attributable to him .

"Mhmm . "


"Why do you need to apologize to me?" Han Junhua asked calmly .

"I just feel, how should I say it, we should have a different leader… Maybe everyone’s life will be good?" Feng Hui scratched his head as he tried to coordinate the scattered words in his head .

Just a feeling?

Han Junhua ignored him as she continued to blank out .

Feng Hui took out a nutrient supply from his pocket and started to gulp it down before he hesitantly looked behind him . He then walked in front of Han Junhua, frightened

"Can you drink this . "

"Is the trial over?" Han Junhua asked .


"This is not worth it . " Han Junhua didn’t take his nutrient supply and closed her eyes .

At the moment of victory to feel sympathetic to the dictator on trial . If it was not for the speech that Wu Yaguo had prepared beforehand, the anger of the residents may be passed onto him .

But Feng Hui had a pleading expression .

"I beg you, please drink this… At least, this will make me feel better . "

He may be sympathetic towards people’s uprising, but when he saw how miserable Han Junhua was being beaten by the crowd that had lost its rationality, his heart felt the torture of guilt .

"I can’t . "

Just as Feng Hui wanted to try again to convince her, footsteps suddenly came from outside of the door .

As he hurriedly put away the nutrient supply in his hand, two people walked into the dark detention room .

It was the new leader Wu Yaguo, and the ambassador Xu Lu .

"Feng Hui? What are you doing here?" Wu Yaguo looked at Feng Hui beside Han Junhua as he slightly frowned .

Xu Lu looked at Han Junhua with a smile on her face, she said, pleased .

"Not bad, she is still alive . "

"Of course, we follow the law, and are not as reckless as this woman," Wu Yaguo said proudly .

"Is that so? That’s perfect then . " Xu Lu smiled .

Wu Yaguo was happy, and Feng Hui also felt relieved .

It was indeed a friendly signal, at least the Fishbone base maintained a supportive attitude to the new regime they had been established . This would make the negotiation more favorable for them . At least it yielded a positive result . This slightly comforted Feng Hui .

Only Han Junhua was indifferent .

The instant she saw the woman, she knew everything was over .

Xu Lu walked in front of Han Junhua . Then using two fingers to hold up her chin, she gently turned her head to face her .

Han Junhua didn’t resist, but her eyes were peaceful .

"Jiang Chen wants to see you . "

When he heard Xu Lu’s words, Wu Yaguo had to warn her .

"But, she is waiting to be put on trial…"

"This is the pretense to maintain our friendship . " Xu Lu straightened her body and looked at Wu Yaguo . "She threatened my leader before and used his mercy as the excuse for her dictatorship . She should be punished . "

When Wu Yaguo heard it was the pretense of their friendship, he was immediately conflicted .

After half a minute of silence .

"Will you punish her?"

"Of course . " Xu Lu smiled .

Wu Yaguo glanced at Feng Hui, "…Leave . "

Feng Hui felt relieved . Although he still felt guilty, he was happy he managed to dodge the bullet . He immediately escaped the place in quick steps .

Wu Yaguo’s action was no different than when Feng Hui came in . He turned around to scan the door of the detention room . After ensuring that no one was listening, he lowered his voice to speak to Xu Lu .

"It will be hard to explain to the residents…"

"You will earn an additional 30 energy rods for your residents in the upcoming negotiation, I believe that these energy rods will be enough for you to live prosperously for the next year . You know, our leader hates her . If he has the opportunity to personally punish her, we don’t care about this small price . " Xu Lu smiled at Wu Yaguo as she painted a bright future for him .

When he heard her words, Wu Yaguo’s eyes shone with an obvious ecstasy but he quickly calmed down .

"Ahem . If it was 40, I believe the residents will understand Mr . Jiang Chen’s anger and they will make the necessary exception to the law . Since… it is shameful to deceive-"

"35 rods . This is the furthest we will go . " Xu Lu had a trace of frustration in her eyes .

Of course, it was necessary to haggle . If they were too casual, it might cause him to be suspicious .

35 energy rods per month . It was more than three times what Han Junhua has earned and it was more than enough to demonstrate his "wisdom" .

After hesitating for a moment, Wu Yaguo nodded in "pain" .

Just like selling pork with a price on the shelf, what will be the final fate of the "wise" queen?

Han Junhua quietly watched the two discuss . She was still expressionless .

Before he left, Wu Yaguo looked at her for the final time with mockery .

The eyes seemed to say . Unfortunately, I can’t enjoy the pain on your face .

But Han Junhua’s expression was indifferent .

"You don’t seem to be scared?" Xu Lu smiled .

"When will we head out?" Han Junhua asked calmly .

Xu Lu paused for a moment before the saint smile returned to her face .

"Now would be good . "

Then, she turned around and headed for the door .

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