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Chapter 312

It was only an hour drive between the Fishbone base and camp 27 . However, because it was already the end of February, the snow on the ground was beginning to melt . Because of this, the zombies and mutants on the street began to feel unsettled .

They encountered two Roshans on the streets which slowed the fleet down momentarily . Jiang Chen spent double the time to arrive at the camp .

Standing on the outskirt of the concrete wall and looking up, Jiang Chen was impressed . Within less than fifteen days of construction, the camp had been developed to this point .

When they saw it was Fishbone base’s fleet, the soldiers on the wall immediately opened the door and allowed the vehicles to pass .

When they were inside the camp, Jiang Chen jumped out of the car as Xu Lu had been waiting for him .

"We had some delays along the way . You didn’t wait for too long did you?’ Jiang Chen stood in front of her as he smiled .

"Not at all, it is my pleasure to wait for you . " Xu Lu shook her head as she naughtily nodded .

"Haha, don’t be so uptight, briefly explain to me the situation… Let’s walk as we talk . "

"Okay, boss . "

The two of them walked to the center of the camp . Along the way, Xu Lu began to tell him the sudden changes underground .

From the initial protest to controlling the embassy to the uprising…

"How did boss know that the residents of the fallout shelter would become a mess on their own?" As she walked beside Jiang Chen, Xu Lu smiled joyfully at him, her eyes were filled with traces of worship .

It was an enjoyable thing to be worshipped by such a beauty . Especially since Jiang Chen knew that with how clever Xu Lu was, she already knew the answer .

"Instinct . "

When she heard Jiang Chen’s brief response, Xu Lu paused for a moment before her mouth carved up . "You are very comical . "

In the middle of the camp, there was only a two-meter high concrete building . It was the command post for the Fishbone base at Camp 27 .

When they saw Jiang Chen walk inside, the two soldiers on patrol immediately saluted and opened the door for him .

Just as the door opened, a wave of heat brushed across his face .

"It is quite warm inside, there is no need to wear so many layers . " Xu Lu smiled as she took off her winter suit .

Jiang Chen hung his winter suit on the wall as he scanned the window while speaking in shock .

"This is?"

The distributed but gentle temperature didn’t feel like it was a furnace, but rather the controllable heated walled in the mansion .

But what was off was that along the supplies transported from the base, it didn’t include heating devices . Even in the Fishbone base, only Jiang Chen’s mansion was installed with this luxury device, the normal survivors only used an electric furnace .

"An electromagnetic nitrogen heating device . The residents of the fallout shelter gave it to us to express their gratitude for providing them with safety . " Xu Lu walked beside a round metal ball as she began to explain to Jiang Chen

The nitrogen composition of the base was approximate 78% . The device can use the special electromagnetic interaction to heat the nitrogen in order to achieve the uniformed heating results .

Jiang Chen looked at the round heating device as he walked up to touch it .

It was hard to believe that the device used to heat the entire building was only warm .

"What about electricity consumption?" Jiang Chen asked .

"Only two third of the traditional electric furnace . "

"Looks like there are a lot of good things inside the fallout shelter . " Jiang Chen nodded pleasingly .

Although winter was about to end, it would be nice to equip the Fishbone base with a set .

"It would immediately belong to you, right?" Xu Lu naughtily blinked her eyes .

"It always belonged to me . " The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth carved up .

Looking at the confident, frivolous smile on Jiang Chen’s face, Xu Lu grinned covering her mouth .

Jiang Chen shifted his frivolous expression as his face became serious . He cleared his throat and said .

"Let’s talk about the matter at hand . Wu Yaguo has already proposed to renegotiate with us right?"

"Yes . Following your instructions, I painted a bright future for them . " Xu Lu nodded .

"Did the embassy staff retreat?"

"Under the disguise of transporting Han Junhua, they all returned to the surface . "

Hearing that Han Junhua had already returned to the surface, Jiang Chen had a dubious smile on his face .

"Good, they lost all the stakes on the table . Make them surrender . "

"Roger . "

With a charming smile on her face, Xu Lu bowed and departed with her mission .

Happiness and joy filled every corner of the fallout shelter . People celebrated their victory, intoxicated in formulated alcohol, feasting on molecular delicacies as if they were in the middle of a festival .

The bloodstains on the walls had been removed by cleaners; the bullets mark was filled in by dissolvers .

On the table of the leader's office, the conference table was filled with all kinds of molecular food . It became the celebratory table of the resident assembly .

"To celebrate our victory, cheers!" Wu Yaguo stood up as he proposed a toast to all the assembly members . Then he began to drink the alcohol in his hand .

The technology in the fallout shelter was highly advanced . With such an ample amount of supplies, they could almost live in the happy times no different from before the war . Just make the ugly and disgusting scavengers on the surface pick up their garbage for them . Then, at the right opportunity, spare the scavengers some of the technology they dreamed off, and enjoy the worship expression on their faces . Finally, they will enjoy the energy rods in their hands .

35 energy rods a month, it was more than enough for them to live in festivity every day .

"Haha! Cheers!"

"For freedom! For victory!?

Between glasses, the feeling of intoxication began to spread on everyone’s faces, as if it was a dream that they would never be wakened up from .

" . . . "

"Speaking of this, where did that b*tch go? In this happy moment, how can we miss her?" A drunk representative said .

Dissolving the resident assembly, they made the politician who usually doesn't work go mop the floors as no one sitting there had a positive opinion about her .

"Gulp-, before we punish her, why don’t we do something fun with her?" Someone suggested in drunkenness .

"That’s right, for example… Make that old virgin strip dance for us, haha!"

"I am really curious to see the ashamed expression on that bit*h’s face that had been ruling us for three years . "


Wu Yaguo listened to the derogatory words of the representative out of drunkenness as his expression was rather embarrassed .

It was not because he was embarrassed by those people’s thoughts, he didn’t mind torturing that woman to make this more entertaining, but Han Junhua had already been brought to the surface by Xu Lu…

"Ahem, friends, that bit*h have already been brought to the surface, as a gift for peace . " Wu Yaguo coughed as he decided it was better to explain this sooner rather than later .

The voice began to die down as pairs of intoxicated pupils looked over .

A cold sweat rolled across his forehead as Wu Yaguo instantly sobered up . His head spun at rapid speed to formulate a not so disappointing excuse .

"You know, because she threatened our partner, that man called Jiang Chen wanted to personally punish her . Think about it, the once ruthless queen perhaps is under a bunch of angry hobos… I think, for that bit*h, that is the best punishment!"

The representatives thought about it as they all agreed .

"That makes sense . There is no more humiliating punishment than that, those lucky scavengers . " Shi Yongtian sitting in the corner burped while he snapped his finger .

"That’s right, burp-, why don’t we guess how that bit*h is being tortured . "



"What’s going on? Why so rushed . "

"Sur…Surface . " The man couldn’t form a sentence while stuttering .

"Surface?" Wu Yaguo raised his eyebrows as he confirmed .

The man gritted his teeth and scanned all the representatives around the table . Then, he got closer to Wu Yaguo’s ear and whispered .

The wine glass in his hand splattered onto the ground .

Just like the morning bell that has awakened the dream, the vibrant red alcohol flowed on the floor .

Wu Yaguo widened his eyes as his pupils shook in fear .

"How, how is that possible…"

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