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Chapter 313

When Wang Zhaowu, who was responsible for the camp, knew Jiang Chen would be staying for a few days, he personally cleaned out a comfortable office and bedroom for him . He also told Jiang Chen to let him know if he had any concerns .

But Jiang Chen didn’t bother the camp staff nor did he interrupt the normal operation of the camp . When he was bored, he sat in front of the table and began writing .

"Your message has been sent to the underground . " Xu Lu walked into the command office as she smiled looking at Jiang Chen writing at the table .

Jiang Chen dropped the pen in his hand as he stretched and stood up from his chair .

"Wu Yaguo’s response?"

"They rejected it and expressed their shock to our decision . "

Jiang Chen didn’t look surprised at all . "That’s expected, what’s their answer?"

It was expected . Whether it was their rejection, or shock .

"They locked the elevator and closed the door of the fallout shelter . They want you to examine the friendship between the two parties calmly . " Xu Lu smiled .

Hearing that, Jiang Chen burst out laughing and shook his head .

Too naïve .

"Boss, what if they follow Han Junhua’s strategy?" Xu Lu asked in a quiet voice .

"Lock the door? Haha, that’s impossible . "

Looking at the confident expression on Jiang Chen’s fae, Xu Lu was slightly puzzled . With her intelligence, she could think through the strategy to make the residents of the fallout shelter start a coup, but she was unsure why Jiang Chen was so confident with them not locking the door .

A hint of confusion naturally didn’t escape Jiang Chen’s eyes, but he only smiled and didn’t explain .

"Speaking of this, what’s the maximum capacity of the elevator?"

"Based on its design, 20 tons," Xu Lu was more confused as she answered . She did not understand why Jiang Chen asked such a question .

"20 tons? Okay . From today on, every noon, send people to dump two tons of sand down to the ground .

Xu Lu thought for a moment before a sudden realization smile appeared on her face .

"As you wish, boss . Any other things you need?"

Jiang Chen scanned the regulation still yet to be completed on the table as he felt slightly wary . He then thought for a moment before responding .

"Mhmm… Where is Han Junhua?"

"In the basement of the camp . "

A dubious smile spread on the surface his face .

"I am tired now, take me to see her . "

Han Junhua’s current condition would disappoint the representatives and Wu Yaguo .

After Xu Lu had taken her to the surface, the torture and humiliation she imagined didn’t come . In fact, she didn’t receive any inhumane treatment .

Or rather, the Fishbone base was treating her too nicely .

She was surprised, but when she asked Xu Lu, she only received a mysterious smile .

The medical professional treated the wounds and bruises on her face and connected her broken ribs . With their current medical condition, it was easy to treat these types of injuries . However, what surprised her was that the survivors on the wasteland possessed such technology .

Immediately, she was taken to the basement .

The bed was soft, and there were a table and chair . Although thick chains hung on the wall, no one cuffed her .

Once it was time for food, a young female soldier would bring in steamy dishes for her . If she wanted to go to the bathroom, the same female soldier would put her in handcuffs, point at her with a taser, and send her to the washroom .

This confused her . Did he only want to lock her up?

Just like this, two days passed .

The metal door to the basement opened, a male and a female walked in .

When she saw Jiang Chen's’ half-smiling face, Han Junhua was surprisingly calm .

Just like the day she stood in front of the type 50 electromagnetic pulse cannon and faced Jiang Chen with a pistol to her head while she counted with her emotionless voice .

Jiang Chen pulled up a chair in front of the former fallout shelter leader . Xu Lu stood beside him and smilingly looked Han Junhua in the eyes without saying a word .

"What are your thoughts?" Jiang Chen looked at the calm Han Junhua as he said with a grin .

Her luscious black hair dropped to her shoulder, under the two delicate eyebrows were a pair of peaceful eyes . The bruises could still be seen, but after treatment will disappear in no time . Her uniform was changed into regular fallout shelter clothes . The tight-fitting clothes drew out her lithe figure .

He heard that she was beaten in the fallout shelter, but she looked alright now .

"Are you here to mock me?"

"Of course not . But you don’t seem to be afraid? You have nothing to threaten me with now . " Jiang Chen laughed .

Han Junhua didn’t say a word as she just quietly looked at him, just like during their initial meeting .

Seeing that she didn’t speak, Jiang Chen continued, "How does it feel to be betrayed by the citizens you protected? Despair? Hatred? Disbelief-"

"Unfortunately, none . " Han Junhua shook her head, "What is your plan for me?"


Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows . "What do you think my plan is with you?"

"Vein injection . "

"What is that?"

"A humane way of dying . Of course, if you find it troublesome, a bullet is enough too . "

"No, I think you are mistaken . It would be a waste of god sent if I execute you . " Jiang Chen laughed .

Although she had flaws in her personality which made her unfit for a management role, after some tweaking, she would be great for a role in the military .

Till the current stage, the Fishbone base didn’t lack talent in any other areas except for commander talent .

When they fought, it was just raindrop-like bombs, then an infantry charge . This type of battle strategy would be enough for small-scale battles but followed by the growth of the Fishbone base, he couldn’t expect his enemies to continue to be weak .

From their initial countering, Jiang Chen had plans to recruit her . The colonel of PAC, although he didn’t know why she became the leader of the fallout shelter, to be able to control a divisional level of battle was nothing to scorn about .

"My loyalty only belongs to the PAC," this girl was clearly not cooperative as she said emotionlessly .

"But that doesn’t exist anymore . "

"Do you really think so?" Han Junhua asked .

Jiang Chen paused for a moment as he thought she has yet to learn the reality of the surface .

Therefore, he contemplated before speaking .

"PAC? Go find them lightyears away . You have two choices in front of you, join me, or-"

Jiang Chen took out a pistol from his pack, with a "clang" sound he loaded the gun . Before smashing the pistol on the table in front of Han Junhua, he provocatively looked her in the eyes .

Xu Lu worriedly looked at the pistol on the table, and then at the expressionless Han Junhua . She gently dragged Jiang Chen’s arm, "Boss…"

She was worried that Han Junhua would do something that endangers Jiang Chen .

"Don’t worry, go for now . " Jiang Chen waved his hand as he signaled to her not to worry .

Although she was worried, Jiang Chen’s order for every "knight" was absolute . Xu Lu gave a look of warning to Han Junhua before she closed the door behind her .

Han Junhua glanced at the gun on the table and looked at Jiang Chen questioningly .

But Jiang Chen only responded with three concise words .

"Live, or die . "

Han Junhua was silent, and then she picked up the gun .

Jiang Chen calmly looked at her .

Then, she pointed the pistol at her temple, just like when they first met that morning .

"You… Why bother?" Jiang Chen used a helpless voice .

"My mission has already been completed . To die as a soldier is my glory . "

Is every PAC official so stubborn?

"It’s hard to understand . " Jiang Chen looked at her as if she was a monster .

"You didn’t belong to that era, you wouldn’t understand . "

As she said this, she pressed the trigger .

Jiang Chen shook his head and closed his eyes .

The sound of the striker being hammered diffused into his ear-

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