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Chapter 314


The sound of the striker echoed through the room, but the sound of the exploding didn’t .

There were no bullets in the clip .

Han Junhua’s eyebrows jumped .

A moment later, she slowly opened her eyes as she put the pistol on the table .

"Are you teasing me?"

"Not at all . " Jiang Chen let out a sigh and put away the pistol on the table .

He had many hypotheses .

She could grab the pistol and attempt to threaten him by forcing him to go inside the fallout shelter and save the people that abandoned her . If she really did that, it would mean that she still pedantically cared about those people’s lives . Therefore, it would be easy to force her to conform as Jiang Chen would just use their lives to threaten her .

If she couldn’t pull the trigger, that meant that she didn’t want to die in such a meaningless fashion . Therefore, a slavery chip was enough to control her .

But Jiang Chen didn’t think that she would make, what Jiang Chen saw as the worst decision .

To the people unafraid of death and without attachment, he couldn’t think of a way to control her .

Slavery chip? It was just a more elegant and more straightforward way of threatening people compared to gun against the head . Although it could monitor heart rate levels and hormone activity, it could not control people’s thoughts .

"I sincerely hope you can join me in my cause . " Jiang Chen used his last ditch effort .

"Cause? You call this a cause?" Han Junhua’s mouth carved up into what looked like a contemptuous curvature, it was the first expression she gave Jiang Chen on her expressionless face . "I am a PAC soldier, I hope I can still be one when I die . "

A trace of enragement flashed across Jiang Chen’s face, Jiang Chen deeply inhaled as he tried to calm his mood .

"Looks like negotiation has failed . " He dubiously smiled and stood up .

Han Junhua used an "obviously" look to respond to him .

"Great . "

Jiang Chen only left that one word before leaving .


Han Junhua watched Jiang Chen leave as she felt relieved .

But to her surprise, the door opened again .

It was Xu Lu who walked in . The woman with a smile so pure that it made her extremely comfortable .

"I don’t understand, why do you have to reject our leader . " Xu Lu looked at her with a smile .

"Are you willing to die for him?" Han Junhua asked emotionlessly .

"Of course . " An unhealthy red flush appeared on Xu Lu’s face before it faded away . Then her face returned to the same smiling expression .

"Then you should understand me . The ideology of PAC is my life . "

When ideology becomes spiritual, it is not fundamentally different from a religion . The only difference is, religion is god while ideology is philosophy .

Xu Lu neglected her description as she responded, "You are a lucky woman . "

"Is that so?"

"Of course, because leader said, he will personally train you, until you conform . "

"…" Han Junhua thought she heard wrong .

Is that considered lucky?

She could only say that there are all kinds of people in this world… Han Junhua muttered to herself in her mind .

Xu Lu's smile began to turn cold as she overlooked Han Junhua in her white dress and used a cold voice .

"Until you wake up and realize your place, your three meals a day will become two meals of nutrient supply . "

"That’s fine . " Han Junhua’s response was only two short words .

Xu Lu looked dubiously at her, the eyes seemed to say: I will see how long you can last .

A few female soldiers walked inside and took away the bed and all the other furniture .

"Enjoy your time in the darkroom . "

After leaving those words, Xu Lu left the room .

It was lucrative to hope that everything would go according to plan . Han Junhua lasted until the end without conforming . But the more she acted this way, the more Jiang Chen became interested .

One sentence to describe the situation, she needed more lessons!

Coincidentally, he had plenty of time to give lessons .

Jiang Chen temporarily left Han Junhua’s task aside as the development of Fallout Shelter 027 was rather smooth .

Based on Jiang Chen’s order, every noon at 12, the Fishbone base would drive an excavation truck and slowly pour around two tons of sand down to the horizontal elevator tunnel .

The sand was poured slowly, but falling from a thousand meter height, the sound of sand smashing against the elevator was still deafening .

The half an hour of deafening sound was like a curse that twirled around every resident of the fallout shelter as it tortured their mental defense .

Right now, the fallout shelter no longer held a celebratory atmosphere .

Fear, suspicion, and confusion hung on every resident’s face .

The ground piled with garbage, the empty space in the industrial area was filled with the smell of vomit-inducing alcohol . People gathered there while they waited for Wu Yaguo’s explanation .

"What’s going on? Wu Yaguo, you said you have negotiated with them already!" A resident who stood in the front angrily pointed at his nose .

Three days ago, he had just put him on the throne .

"You, you can’t blame me for this, it’s those primal people that don’t have any credibility," In the midst of the crowd’s skepticism, Wu Yaguo explained with cold sweat rolling down his face .

He saw from those people’s eyes, the color he had seen before .

This made him fearful . He didn’t want to become the second Han Junhua .

"Stay calm, friends . If we are listless, that will make their plan come true," Wu Yaguo gulped as he desperately tried to calm the mood of the crowd .

"Calm? How are we supposed to remain calm? Let them bury us alive?" Someone screamed .

"They wouldn’t do that, they still need our technology . Including the unfinished Tiger II blueprint, they still need us, they are only pretending," a representative tried to suggest .

"The elevator’s maximum capacity is only twenty tons, after this limit, we can never go back up . "

"They are pouring sand, if we move the sand, the elevator would still be usable…"

"What’s the purpose? Go up and surrender?"

"Dammit, these primal people without credibility!"

Wu Yaguo gulped as sweat continuously rolled down his forehead . He wanted to say something .

But at this time, Feng Hui walked up on the stairs as he started talking without permission .

"Everyone… I don’t know if I should be the one saying this, but… with the current consumption speed, the fallout shelter’s energy can only last for five more days . "

Five days!

Compared to the sand, they had more critical things to worry about .

Once the energy is consumed, this would become a city of death in ten minutes .

Wu Yaguo furiously stared at Feng Hui, the latter shrunk his neck, but had no regret at all .

Feng Hui thought if he brought this question up now, if they could do something, the fallout shelter could still be saved… Although his feelings have never been right before .

The energy shortage was like a spell that lingered in every resident’s mind .

The celebration in the past few days had spent the already short energy to almost nothing .

"If it was Han Junhua…"

Someone started the sentence but then realized his words as he immediately closed his mouth before finishing .

When everyone hated on one person, it was dangerous to defend that person .

But he obviously didn’t know because his perspective surprisingly did not get rebuked .

"Yes, if it was her…"

"Maybe, pay attention to my dictation, I’m just saying maybe, we went over the line?"

It is funny to say, but the collective is always forgetful .

Until now, they finally remembered everything that person did for them . When they carefully thought about it, all of her actions were for them . As a dictator, she didn’t use her power for personal gains .

The criticism began to shift to compassion for Han Junhua .

As Wu Yaguo heard the chatter, he knew he couldn’t wait any longer .

If he continued to hesitate, he would become the criminal of the entire fallout shelter!

How would the crowd generate confidence? How would he freely escape his responsibility?

He did an expected, but foolish action .

"Everyone! Listen to me, listen to me! Now, we are facing the most critical challenge that Fallout Shelter 027 has ever faced since its inception!"

With his shouting, people stopped discussing again, they looked at him while waiting for the next step .

"I admit, my vision is short-sighted, my knowledge is limited, and I express my deepest apology to my lack of ability . " Wu Yaguo lowered his head as he gave the most profound bow to the residents .

Chatting began to sprout, but Wu Yaguo didn’t bother with it . He raised his head, lifted up his arms and shouted .

"But I believe, the crowd’s intelligence is glorious, the vision is with foresight!"

As he faced the pairs of skeptical eyes, Wu Yaguo opened his EP and entered a few lines of code .

Everyone’s EP shook, people shockingly looked at the message on the EP .

"Now! I grant the power of the fallout shelter leader to all the residents! Everyone, technology allowed for absolute democracy to exist . Anyone could start a proposal, anyone could cast their sacred vote to any proposals, the absolute, just terminal will recognize everything . History will remember this moment, we just created history . Thank you for the continuous support, thank you…"

After he finished, Wu Yaguo fled from the stairs .

The decision making power was distributed to everyone’s hands . The fallout shelter no longer needed a leader, everyone was a leader .

The instant he had escaped down the stairs, he used the corner of his eyes to see that the skepticism among the pupils was replaced with the excitement of power .

Shortly after, the first proposal was introduced regarding if a power cut was necessary…

Academician Qin stood in the corner of the empty ground and let out a sigh .

The same sigh was heard a few days ago .

But unfortunately, no one listened .

At the same time, the last wave of Klein particles was sent lightyears away as it carried an experiment report stained with blood .

As of now, the purpose of Fallout Shelter 027 was fulfilled .

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