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Chapter 315

Chapter 315: Taking Over the Fallout Shelter

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Jiang Chen didn't know what kinds of interesting proposals the fallout shelter residents, immersed in their fantasies, had proposed . However, he knew what the last proposal was .

On the fifth day, the fallout shelter door opened .

They chose to surrender with all votes supporting the notion .

After the proposal had passed, everyone felt relieved . Because a lot of people among them had not eaten for the last twenty-four hours .

The elevator locked underground began operating again as it moved the sand and a trembling fallout shelter resident onto the surface . Under the guidance of the Fishbone base soldier, he saw Jiang Chen and expressed anxiously the will to surrender .

Jiang Chen gladly accepted their surrender, and the man felt relieved .

The man was Wu Yaguo .

Under the supervision of one hundred Fishbone base soldier, the one thousand five hundred residents underground initiated a new proposal to pass the leader permission to Jiang Chen . At gunpoint, just like the day they forced Han Junhua to surrender her leader permission, everyone voted in agree under humiliation .

Unanimously passed, Jiang Chen was the new leader of the fallout shelter .

Therefore, the door of the fallout shelter was non-existent to the Fishbone base . The permission to open the door or not was now controlled by Jiang Chen .

Immediately, the one thousand five hundred residents were forcefully moved to the surface as they were packed into the crowded temporary shelter, waiting for Jiang Chen's order . The residents were like shaken hamsters . Even when they faced Han Junhua, they stood up valiantly . But in the face of the "ruthless" Jiang Chen with military power, they had no courage to resist at all .

Human nature was a delicate phenomenon .

However, Jiang Chen gave them disheartening news as he quickly planned their future .

The entire fallout shelter 027, including the residents that moved to the surface in the beginning, nine hundred out of the one thousand and seven hundred people were elites from different industries . Of the remaining eight hundred people, four hundred were twelve or below, and the rest were all useless garbage .

The four hundred useless individuals were dragged to Shenxiang Town colony where they will be planting the Carm tree and processing the mutated fruits necessary to produce nutrient supplies .

Of the remaining thirteen hundred people, they were divided by family . Part of the group will be living on the surface of camp 27, while the remainder will return to fallout shelter 027 to enjoy their happy life .

Needless to say, even with so many shortcomings, the fallout shelter was still the happiest place on the wasteland . There were only two hundred individuals granted a return to the fallout shelter, and the number of people will change based on Fishbone's project . The two hundred research individuals will be divided into five projects as they continue to enjoy their life . They were permitted to bring a spouse along with children less than 18 years old to enjoy the same life .

Of course, there were plenty of talents in the fallout shelter . If their efficiency is too low, they would be kicked out . People would gladly take their spot and bring their family to enjoy the heaven-like life .

As to the families forced to stay on the surface, Jiang Chen didn't give them any trouble . Instead, he treated them as a talent reserve . For the people influential in virtual reality development, Jiang Chen moved their family to the Fishbone base and gave them to Du Yongkong to develop the virtual reality MMORPG .

Speaking of Du Yongkong, he certainly felt left out . After he had developed Future 1 . 0, Jiang Chen had almost forgotten about him .

A lot of people that had joined the Fishbone base around the same time were all tasked with important duties, while he was stuck with a bunch of machines, writing codes . If he had nothing to do he would just try to waste the day away . But now that he had people, he finally had an opportunity to display his skill .

However, he was still confused about why he was developing Future 1 . 0 . He didn't understand the purpose of developing an outdated virtual reality that required a helmet . It was the kind of feeling where people already had consoles, but they still wanted to play the original Gameboy .

But he didn't voice his thoughts .

Standing at the gate of the camp, Jiang Chen looked at the row of trucks leaving the camp .

Five hours ago, the eight trucks hauled a total of 120 tons of concrete . This C-grade concrete produced from the concrete plant in Shenxiang would be used to build the new homes for the fallout shelter residents .

Now, the trucks transported away 421 fallout shelter residents . During the ability assessment, they were determined to not possess any research ability . They were incorporated into the Fishbone base with a citizen level of "slave" . While working in the plantation to feed themselves, they will also be working towards becoming a "lower citizen" one day .

Jiang Chen didn't know since when Xu Lu stood beside him, but he suddenly heard her exclaim in a light voice .

"It is hard to believe that the hard to chew on fallout shelter defeated themselves like this . "

"This is normal . " Jiang Chen gazed at the shadows disappearing at the end of the highway as he grinned .

"You are always so wise . " Xu Lu watched Jiang Chen's back with a smile .

Jiang Chen paused for a moment as he didn't imagine people would describe him as wise as he began laughing out loud .

"It is not wise, not at all… Only some experience with society . "

Xu Lu didn't continue on this topic .

"How are the resident assembly representatives going to be treated?"

"I have already arranged for them to go on the truck . "

Including Wu Yaguo and Shi Yongtian . The Fishbone needed all forms of talents, but it didn't need politicians who only knew how to speak and point fingers . It would require months if not years of labor for them to interrogate into the new life on the wasteland .

Hearing that Jiang Chen had already made the arrangement, Xu Lu smiled and nodded before she started to discuss her next step .

"Now that this side of things is over, do you need me to return to the logistics department immediately?"

"No need, we need management talent here . Wang Zhaowu is not bad at commanding an army, but it would be disastrous if the same techniques used to manage an army were used politically . You are exceptional in this field, you'll be in charge of the affairs at Camp 27 . "

"Okay, boss . " Xu Lu bowed .

"Wang Qin will organize the research projects before transitioning them over to you . Your primary responsibility will be ensuring that the research needed is being done . Other than that, the rest will be up to you . You can do it!"

As he said this, Jiang Chen patted her shoulder, trying to motivate her before leaving .

"Also, one more thing . " Xu Lu seemed to have remembered something as she stopped Jiang Chen .


"An elder man wants to see you . He said he is an academician from the Pan-Asian Corporation Academy of Social Sciences, his name is Qin Xuehai…"

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