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Chapter 317

Supreme, Harmony, and Purity .

Supreme, the fusion between human and technology . It was simple to understand . The digitalized human would be considered part of the supreme philosophy .

Harmony, the combination of human and nature . It was using genetic engineering to modify humans to adapt to harsh conditions . The example would be the mutated humans who could feast on the mutants meat . They were definitely the group who enjoyed the wasteland the most… Although no one would classify them as human .

As to purity .

"Purity is nothing will change . "

"Nothing will change? Is that considered evolution?" Jiang Chen was puzzled .

. . .

"It is considered evolution . " Academician Qin nodded . "The activity of civilization expanded from earth to space, it is a great chance to make no change to the form of existence . They don’t abandon any parts of being human and use foreign objects to strengthen themselves, protecting the body itself . This requires no fewer sacrifices than the first two . The only thing we can guess now is that the new human who chooses this path is the most likely to be friendly to us, and at least better than those who chose supreme or harmony . "

After listening to Academician Qin's explanation, Jiang Chen remained silent .

He let out a sigh after a long while .

"Regardless, these are all too distant . "

"It is indeed too distant . The formation of a new civilization would take tens, hundreds, and even thousands of years . But regardless the length of time, civilization would have to make the decision on how it chooses to continue its existence . As an elder man who is about to step into the coffin, the only thing I can do is tell you what I know . If you can learn something from it, and make the right choices, it will be the pleasure of civilization . "


"The pleasure of civilization? That is a daunting recognition . But unfortunately, Jiang Chen didn’t have any interest in becoming the next savior, nor did he have the capability to become one . But if he thought about carefully, if he had to cast a vote in terms of the direction of the entire civilization, he would lean more towards the route of purity .

As to why? Naturally, asides from purity, would the humans coming from the two other routes still be considered human?

Under a bold assumption, the end to harmony would be humans fusing with mutants, and the end of supreme would most likely be advanced artificial intelligence and internal hard discs . Regardless of which one, the pleasure of being human would be abandoned .

After leaving Academician Qin’s tent, Jiang Chen threw the "authentic golden apple" into the storage dimension and walked to the gate of the camp .

An armored vehicle was parked in front of the gate, and from the cigarette butts on the ground, the vehicle had been waiting for a long time .

When he saw Jiang Chen walk over, the driver who was killing time smoking a cigarette immediately threw it away and saluted to him with a straight back .

Jiang Chen nodded to the driver as he sat in the passenger seat .

"Let’s go back to the base . "


It only took a moment of zoning out before the vehicle arrived at the mansion in the base .

When Jiang Chen walked inside, he hung his winter suit on the wall and bumped into Sun Jiao who was coming down the stairs .

"…Are you okay?" Sun Jiao asked caringly when she saw Jiang Chen's’ face .

"Mhmm?" Jiang Chen looked at Sun Jiao, dumbfounded . He scratched his face . "Is there something on my face?"

Looking at Jiang Chen’s action, Sun Jiao covered her mouth as she began to giggle .

"Yes, there are two bugs on your forehead almost twisting together . "


Jiang Chen touched his forehead, but he felt his eyebrows .

When he saw the mocking expression on Sun Jiao’s face, he immediately realized that the girl was teasing him .

"You dare to tease your husband?" Jiang Chen pretended to be angry as he leaped toward her, but Sun Jiao dodged with a smirk .

Regarding body conditions, Jiang Chen would never be able to catch up to Sun Jiao without special abilities . But Sun Jiao obviously didn’t try too hard as they fooled for a minute before she was tackled onto the sofa by Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen, breathing heavily, looked at Sun Jiao who he finally managed to catch and grinned .

With a slightly flushed face, her full breasts bounced up and down . Her crystal eyes covered by a layer of mist, staring straight into Jiang Chen’s eyes .

Jiang Chen who was about to "bully" her stopped .

"What’s going on? Honey . "

Jiang Chen used his finger to gently lift up the rumpled hair on her forehead and said gently .

He could feel her hesitation . She had her own thoughts .

The audacious face rarely displayed a trace of fragility . Sun Jiao hesitantly looked at Jiang Chen as she whispered .

"How about this . Why don’t you go take a break on the other side?"

When he heard Sun Jiao’s words, Jiang Chen was surprised . Sun Jiao always wanted to keep him on this side, but this time she brought this up on her own .

Sun Jiao read the surprise on Jiang Chen’s face . Then with a blushing face, she continued .

"Didn’t you say… Compared to the other side, this side is more depressing? I’m scared…"

She bit her lips before quickly letting go .

"All in all, I can’t allow you to dislike this side . "

Although the voice sounded capricious, Jiang Chen could still clearly feel the love .

"Mhmm, I promise . " Jiang Chen looked into Sun Jiao’s eyes as he sincerely promised .

After gazing with Jiang Chen for a while, Sun Jiao suddenly burst out laughing .

"What are you laughing at . " Jiang Chen pretended to be angry as he slapped her butt .

Sun Jiao cried out in slight pain as she rolled her eyes at Jiang Chen .

"Nothing, I can’t think my husband is adorable?"

"I think you should think your husband is strong . " Jiang Chen with a smirk as his hands began to move around .

Sun Jiao felt the coldness that moved around her waist as her face began to burn . She rolled her eyes at Jiang Chen and joked .

"In the living room again . We've never successfully done it in the living room…"

It was Jiang Chen who blushed this time .

He remembered the first time when Sun Jiao was like an untamed cat that jumped onto him . However, before they could do anything, Yao Yao who came downstairs saw him completed exposed .

"Ahem, why don’t we continue in the bedroom?" Jiang Chen subconsciously glanced at the empty stairs as he awkwardly retreated his hands .

Sun Jiao seductively rolled her eyes at Jiang Chen as she swiftly escaped from Jiang Chen’s hug and sat on the sofa .

With two fingers, she demandingly lifted Jiang Chen’s chin .

"Come to my room tonight . "

The red lips naughtily breathed a breath of warm fragrance .

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