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Chapter 319

In the end, the transfer price of the military factories was lowered to six hundred thousand crystals before they agreed on the deal .

[Eight hundred and seventy thousand? You think your military factories have a stable source of income? Ordinary people would be unable to afford this, combined with the already limited distribution channel . Especially with the formation of the Sixth Street Bank, the wealth generated from the last two crusades completedly ignited the industrial fire of the Sixth Street . Workshops and factories appeared like bamboo sprouts . With the lucrative food business in place, it would be insane to use the money to expand the military factories . ]

Zhao Chenwu debated with Jiang Chen for a while before he settled on a price . He was satisfied with a price of six hundred thousand crystals . With these crystals as liquid assets, he could further expand the trade fleets and expand the business further beyond the horizon .

But for Jiang Chen, compared to crystals, as the general of the military government, needed to consider the military aspect .

"Also, how is the development of the T-4 power armor?"

Regarding development, Zhao Chenwu’s expression was rather awkward .

"Part of the technical problems are yet to be resolved; it is primarily related to the engine . The request I sent out to the two mercenaries groups to retrieve technical support has yet to progress…"

"Transfer me the research team as well then," Jiang Chen said straightforwardly .

Since he recently incorporated fallout shelter 027, to the problem Zhao Chenwu couldn’t solve, maybe it would not be a problem at all for the scientists that inherited the technology before the war .

Zhao Chenwu nodded . "Okay, the research team is already part of the military factory . But to be honest, research is a bottomless pit . Other than the armor being a bit weaker, the T-3 power armor is superb in mobility as well as firepower, there would not be a lot of room for improvement…"

"Is it not weaker, but too weak . " Jiang Chen shook his head . "Other than the armor in front of the chest, the other parts would be busted by a few scratches of the Death Claw . "

Zhao Chenwu forced a smiled, "You can’t compare this thing to a Death Claw, the defense is not the strong suit of the airdrop type of power armor . If the Death Claw is in close range, even the land type power armor would not be able to hold out . "

"Land type power armor? Speaking of this, is there a military factory that produces the land type at the Sixth Street?"

Zhao Chenwu shook his head, "No, or rather no need . "

"No need?" Jiang Chen was slightly surprised .

"Compared to the cumbersome land type power armor, the airdrop type with high mobility and short range flight capability obviously are more fitted to explore the wasteland . For example, if a group of zombies surrounded the power armor, the airdrop type would be able to use the turbine engine to fly out, the land type would be stuck there being squeezed to death," Zhao Chenwu patiently explained to Jiang Chen .

While zombie’s claw and teeth could not break the power armor steel, it could use its size to squish the power armor flat .

[I see, so it comes down to practicality after all…]

The tea on the table was already cold .

Looking at Jiang Chen deep in thought, Zhao Chenwu took a sip of the tea and signaled Su Lei to add more hot tea .

"No need for the trouble, it is pretty late . " Jiang Chen glanced at the clock on the wall as he stood up smiling .

Zhao Chenwu also stood up and laughed .

"Are you planning to leave? I will send you down . "

"Oh, also, something else… I need another batch of firearms . Do you have any firearms dealer you can recommend to me?"

Zhao Chenwu paused for a second, "What type of firearms?"

"Anti-armor weapon, heat sensor grenade, and sniper rifle, the more, the better . "

"Haha, you found the right person!" Zhao Chenwu was ecstatic . "One of my old friends happened to visit me from Su City and asked me if I was interested in absorbing a batch of firearms . But I am not even in that business anymore, so he was troubled by how to get rid of his batch . If you are interested, I will help you contact him right now . "

"Then what are we waiting for?" Jiang Chen laughed, "Just take me to him, I want to get this done as soon as possible . "

Zhao Chenwu noted a few things for Su Lei and asked her to contact the merchant from Su city .

Then he and Jiang Chen came downstairs and headed to the industrial area at the Sixth Street .

Not long after, the car was parked in front of a warehouse .

A middle-aged man with wrinkles all over his face stood in front of the warehouse . From the half burnt cigarette, he only arrived momentarily as well . When he saw Zhao Chenwu’s car, his eyes immediately lit up as he stubbed out the cigarette and stuffed it back into his pocket . Then, he walked to the two people that just got off the car .

"Mr . Zhao, I heard you are interested in my firearms?" With the wrinkles on his face squeezed together, the man smiled while exposing his yellow teeth .

"It is not me that’s interested, it’s this important individual . " Zhao Chenwu looked at Jiang Chen as he began to introduce, "The Sixth Street Military Government General, Jiang Chen . "

"It is General Jiang? My pleasure . " The man’s face was obviously shocked as he immediately extended his hand to shake Jiang Chen’s . At the same time, he introduced himself, "I am Hu Youde, a merchant from Su city . It’s a great pleasure to finally meet Mr . Jiang . "

Hu Youde? (Homoyom for bullsh*t) that’s a great name .

"You know me?" Jiang Chen let go of his hand as he was quite surprised .

"Mr . Jiang is a humorous person . Which merchant in this region doesn’t know you?" Hu Youde scratched his slightly dirty nose as he laughed .

"Since you know him, then you should know what kind of people shouldn’t be bullsh*ting . " Zhao Chenwu told Hu Youde with a half-smiling look .

"Ahem, of course . Even if I have one hundred guts, I won't dare to bullsh*t Mr . Jiang . But with Mr . Jiang’s reputation, you won’t do anything like not paying right?" Hu Youde’s muddy eyes shifted as he tried to test the water .

Now that the Sixth Street was no longer controlled by the Group of Ten, the merchants without force dealing with dictators were worried . If Jiang Chen didn’t pay, he would have nowhere to seek justice .

Jiang Chen began to laugh .

"Don’t worry . I won’t do anything like not paying, just take me to the firearms . "

When he received the promise from Jiang Chen, Hu Youde immediately started to smile as he bowed, exaggeratedly .

"Then I have to thank General Jiang, I will take you right now . ’

Hu Youde turned around as he walked to the warehouse first .

"Do you need me to go along?" Zhao Chenwu asked .

"No need, I will go by myself . "

"Okay, I will head back then… Also, this guy is mischievous, don’t be tricked by him . Do everything you can to lower the price . The batch of firearms has already been here for half a month, he would have to sell even if he had to sell at a loss . "

Jiang Chen was puzzled by Zhao Chenwu’s words .

"Is it hard to sell firearms here?"

Zhao Chenwu shook his head .

"The market is already saturated with a small population . Now with countless factories and workshops emerging, this market saturation would become the norm . Needless to say the merchants from Su city, even the local factories, are starting to be troubled by their sales channel… Three months ago, this was hard to imagine . "

During that time, people with crystals were all wealthy . The increase in quality of life reignited the survivors desire to hunt . Therefore, the mercenary groups and lone travelers eager to switch equipment even lined up at the door of the military factories . The firearms dealer without the worry to sell obviously did everything to increase productivity .

But people only have two hands, weapons were not easy to break either . After the period of "equipment switching" was over, the excessively produced firearms obviously were stored in the warehouses unable to be sold .

Excess production was a severe problem .

Without proper measures, after a short period of prosperity, the newly opened factories and workshops may be on the brink of bankruptcy again . Not only in the firearms industry, with the gradual increase in general productivity, other industries will also experience a similar problem .

Jiang Chen looked at the ragged back as he became thinking about this issue .

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