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Chapter 322

After putting on his pants, Jiang Chen looked at the Han Junhua who had fallen on the ground as an evil smile appeared .

Although he didn’t take her first time from the front, from the back, however…

All in all, Han Junhua mindlessly sat on the ground . She looked as if her spirit had escaped her .

"The training has just begun, you have to last through the whole thing . "

When she heard Jiang Chen’s words, Han Junhua’s body visibly twitched, her cold face reflexively displayed a trace of despair .

The metal door was slammed shut .

Until the light gradually turned dim before disappearing, what was left to the female PAC colonel was the endless darkness and the joy of climaxing .

When she saw Jiang Chen walk out, Xu Lu waiting at the door to greet him .

"Is it over?"

"Mhmm… Umm, I may have gone over the line . " Until after the fact did Jiang Chen start to realize how wicked he was .

Xu Lu was a girl after all . When she heard Jiang Chen say that, her face uncontrollably turned red before quickly recovering .

"Maintain the status quo?"

"Maintain the status quo; I will drop by from time to time to… persuade her . "

Xu Lu nodded with a smile .


But at the same time, a "boom" explosion sounded outside of the command center!

The window glass began to buzz due to the vibration as it scared Xu Lu enough to duck onto the ground with her hands over her head .

Fires erupted as Camp 27 was in disarray . The survivors all ran towards the elevator while the soldiers ran to the tent area where the explosion had occurred .

When he heard the explosion, Jiang Chen immediately ran out of the command center; he happened to meet Wang Zhaowu, who was responsible for camp defense .

"General, I-" After bumping into Jiang Chen, cold sweat began to roll down .

He was responsible for the defense of the camp . Now that something like this has happened under Jiang Chen’s eyes, he was drenched in cold sweat .

"Don’t say anything . Go to the explosion scene and figure out what has happened!"

Jiang Chen knew it was not the time to determine who was responsible . The most critical thing was to investigate the reason behind the explosion!

"Yes!" Wang Zhaowu clenched his teeth as he shouted at the top of his lungs before he ran off to the explosion area .

The ground was burnt black as the high temperature melted through the concrete brick on the square .

The fortunate thing was that the explosion occurred at the corner of the camp . Although the erupted flame was daunting, it didn’t cause massive casualties .

After the soldiers created a zone of separation around the explosion, two soldiers in protective suits ran inside as they quickly searched the explosion area . After confirming that there were no radiation or remaining explosives, they signaled other people to come up .

"General, just leave this to us . This place has just blown up and is unsafe . " Seeing that Jiang Chen was about to walk up, Wang Zhaowu stopped him .

"Our soldiers already searched the area; there should be no explosives left on site . It is better to have an extra pair of eyes, so we don’t miss any details . "As Jiang Chen said this, he brushed away Wang Zhaowu’s hand, and he walked to the tent area that was now in shambles .

Seeing that Jiang Chen could not be convinced, Wang Zhaowu didn’t know what to do as he decided to follow along .

The tent in the middle of the explosion had already been blown up to dust . Jiang Chen kicked away the fried clothes as he saw a broken face .

It was Academician Qin .

When he was beside Jiang Chen, Wang Zhaowu looked at Academician Qin on the ground and said "Poor elder . "

Jiang Chen stared at the aged face as he gave it a moment of thought before he squatted down .

Wang Zhaowu looked at Jiang Chen dig through the rocks as he took out a fist-sized mechanical heart from Academician Qin's chest . His eyes were wide open, "Digitalized human?!"

"That’s right, digitalized human . "

Jiang Chen didn’t say anything as he stuffed the mechanical heart into Wang Zhaowu’s hand .

"Investigate the cause of the explosion; I will be waiting in the office . "

Then, Jiang Chen silently left the scene .

Instincts told him that it was murder, and the target was Academician Qin Xuehai .

But why?

"Kill confirmed . " Lin Chaoen muttered as he put away the controller in his hand and walked away from Camp 27 .

Any experimenter of the fallout shelter must die . It is father’s direction to wipe these experimenters out .

If they were close, he would personally do it . If they were far, then he would hire raiders or mercenaries .

The results were the same; the experimenters must be eliminated!

As to why he didn’t know .

As an intermediate artificial intelligence, he possessed the ability to think, but he didn’t understand the behavior .

It was not logically thought through, but more like a belief?

It was comical to make a machine think from the perspective of a human . Just like it was comical to make a human think from a rock’s perspective .

After passing through a street, he suddenly stopped .

Bell-shaped eyes were locked upon him, and the shadow of ten claws swayed . Its shaking tail seemed to be telling him that it was ready to make a move .

There was no Death Claw nest in this area . If a Death Claw appeared, there was only one reason .

It was targeting him .

"Death Claw? To finish me, at least send a Mother of Death Claw . " Lin Chaoen expressionlessly took out his light sword as he swung it a few times in the air .

What he didn’t know was, Jiang Chen already killed the Mother of Death Claw .


The deafening roar created a shockwave, the Death Claw charged at him .

At the same time, Lin Chaoen moved .

A trial of data flashed across his pupils as every movement of the Death Claw's muscles were captured by the digitalized eyes before being sent to the central processor . It completed the reaction analysis in 0 . 0001 seconds .

He kneeled down with the sword retracted . The fierce wind from the sharp claw cut by his head .

The light sword brightened and was followed by the scream of the monster in pain . Lin Chaoen’s sword blinded the Death Claw’s eyes before he lowered his body, appearing behind its body .

With its eyes damaged, the Death Claw stumbled and crashed into the shops on the side of the street .

It listlessly swung its claws and tail . Concrete pieces scattered everywhere .

Lin Chaoen put away the light sword . He took out the particle vibration dagger and strolled to the blinded Death Claw .

He kicked the right leg of the Death Claw and stepped to the other side of the Death Claw .

The Death Claw immediately turned around as it swung to where Lin Chaoen had stood, smashing the concrete ground into pieces, but its entire back was exposed .

With dagger over his head, he effortlessly penetrated its weak spine .

"Roar-" As it made its last sobbing sound, the Death Claw straightened its back as if it was electrocuted .

Lin Chaoen didn’t stop as he swung the dagger down again, cutting its spine in half like he was cutting tofu .

Blood and organs spilled everywhere, the Death Claw crashed onto the ground .

Drawing out the dagger, the blood on the blade began to fade . The high vibration frequency had vibrated the dark blood into a fine mist . A path of light bloomed under the sea with the Dindal effect .

An evolutionary road paved with blood .

"No improvement at all?" He put away the dagger and walked across the Death Claw's body as one foot stepped out of the half-destroyed shop .

But then, his footstep stopped .

Zombies had already surrounded the shop . Pairs of hollow eye sockets locked onto him . In stumbling footsteps, the zombies moved in his direction .

"Win by numbers? So problematic . "

Lin Chaoen spoke to himself as the light sword reappeared again .

Typically speaking, zombies would not attack the mechanical him, but these zombies were apparently not typical . The zombies howled and leaped at him .

The light sword drew a few circles before disappearing into the sea of zombies…