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Chapter 325

"He rejected," Robert said .

"Mhmm . " Lying on top of a chair while enjoying the peaceful horizon, Jiang Chen sluggishly held his phone .

Although unfortunate, it was something he expected . Since Johnny just experienced life where he was above everything, a single phone call would not be enough to make him ditch everything there and spend the rest of his life in a corner . It was unpractical .

Especially since he felt that he had now gained the confidence to break away from the chains on him, it certainly made sense .

"Sh*t, I don’t understand . Just shoot this garbage, why make it so problematic . If he really accepted the route of retiring in Australia, would you really let him live?" Robert complained .

Johnny knew too much, it would be a threat to let him walk .

"There was a high probability of him rejecting the offer . But since he did contribute to my cause, I thought it would be a nice gesture to give him an option . Of course, to making the wrong choice, I feel sincerely sorry . "

Although when Jiang Chen said that, he didn’t look sorry at all .

"…Ok . Let’s not talk about that dumba*s anymore . The Freedom Party people got beat up badly this time . " Robert’s tone carried a trace of mockery .

"This guy, they bought the firearms from you, who laughs at their customer this way?" Jiang Chen laughed .

"I remember teaching the dumba*s that bought the firearms from me how to use the AT4 RPG, but I heard they didn’t even bust a single armored vehicle . " Robert cursed out, but he sounded like he was laughing .

Because the harder they fall, the more advantageous it was for Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen smiled as he didn’t respond to his words .

Without busting a single armored vehicle was something unexpected for them . Based on what Jiang Chen and Robert had imagined, even if the uprising failed, they should at least be able to break two or three armored vehicles, perhaps they could even cause some trouble to that tank . The fewer heavy armors on the island, the more advantageous it would be for the next step .

The tropical climate made it really easy for people to feel sluggish . Although the phone was still by Jiang Chen's ear, he began to feel sleepy .

"Hello? Are you still listening?" When he heard there was no response for a while, Robert asked .

"Ahh, yes… Mhmm, just leave the rest to me . "

"Eight armored vehicles, one tank, and two helicopters, you sure that's okay?" Robert was skeptical .

Although he participated in the creation of Future Security, because he was not part of the training, he was unsure about their capability . Even though they had trained for half a year already, their opponent was the actual military .

"Of course . " Jiang Chen yawned .

"Okay, looks like I am worrying too much . I will not disturb your nap . " Robert joked and then hung up .

Not a problem? Rather, it was simple .

Jiang Chen put the phone on the table as he sluggishly stretched out his body .

His thoughts drifted to the distant horizon, and he gave up the control of his muscles to gravity . It felt like his entire body was loose .

He had enough of the oppressive feeling at the wasteland, enough of the yellowish green radiation particles . The pristine blue and pure white made him unusually relaxed .

"It would be great if someone could live here forever . " Jiang Chen muttered to himself and closed his eyes .

After spending too long in the apocalypse, he was tainted with a trace of hostility . However, following the sound of the crashing waves in the Southern Kingdom, his hostility was being washed away .

A trace of fragrance entered his nose .

Soft skin gently touched his head .

With a smile on his face, Jiang Chen opened his eyes . Like what he had expected, it was the exotic face .

It was Ayesha .

When Jiang Chen came back to the modern world, he asked her to come back .

The sea wind swayed the lightly curly hair . The white veil outlined the lithe but athletic figure . The vest line on her abs stretched to the tip of her bikini; her pale skin was that bright under the tropical sunshine .

"You are here," Jiang Chen said .

"Ivan said you were here, so I came . " Within her green pupils, there was love as gentle as water . Ayesha smiled timidly as she hugged Jiang Chen’s head from behind .

As he saw the softness on her face, Jiang Chen smiled, satisfied .

"Are you used to the climate here?"

Ayesha nodded, but the words that floated out of her mouth were something completely different .

"I miss you . "

Regardless how many time he listened to it, it made his heart beat a little faster .

"Mhmm, me too . "

He gently squeezed the hand caressing his face as he kissed the back of her soft hand .

With fingers trembling, Ayesha became misty-eyed .

She leaned forward and pecked on Jiang Chen’s lips .

Jiang Chen only smiled . He quietly held onto her hand and watched the line connecting the ocean and the sky .

In the sea waves of the Southern Kingdom, the two stayed until the sun set .

This was the southernmost tip of Pannu Islands . The tragedy at the north end, Coro island, didn’t disturb the peace here .

The deep water harbor was deserted as the two docks were empty, only a few seagulls unpleasantly left some droppings . The small deep-water harbor that had cost at least five million USD perhaps was a failed investment to begin with . The occasional vessel that docked here was mostly here to unload to the Celestial Trade company storage .

The situation on the island was highly volatile as the government agencies were a complete mess . The government force searched house by house for the anti-government forces which put the entire island into panic mode . The uprising failed in less than 12 hours, everyone knew it was the end of the Freedom Party as they drew the line between them .

Although the rioters didn’t hurt president Edward, an AT4 rocket happened to land in his backyard and torn his nicely decorated garden into pieces . The enraged Edward immediately ordered all rioters to be hung and ordered that all residents must cooperate with the military force’s search . Any non-cooperation would be viewed as the accomplice of the rioters .

"Hello, Mr . Jiang . Did you happen to see… rioters with weapons?" A Pannu soldier in city camouflage stood in front of the warehouse and asked Jiang Chen .

"Other than my security, no locals approached this place today . " Jiang Chen smiled at the solider .

"Is that so?" The soldier extended his neck to peek inside the warehouse, but he didn’t go in .

Edward specifically urged them to not offend the foreign investors .

Pannu Islands were in the stage of development, and they needed investments (bribes) . If this riot changed these capitalists’ investment rating for Pannu, it would be problematic .

Although they have received information that a few Freedom party members escaped to the Southern end of Coro Island, there was no evidence pointed to them fleeing here .

The soldier looked at Jiang Chen for a few more times before he signaled his comrades to leave .

Jiang Chen watched the Jeep drive away as he smiled unnoticeably . He then went back into the warehouse .

"Thank you . "

From the shadow of the warehouse, Zhang Yapin’s lifeless face appeared as he walked in front of Jiang Chen and bowed deeply .

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