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Chapter 326

"Thank you . "

"No problem . "

Jiang Chen looked at the Zhang Yapin who seemed to have aged overnight . He gave him a comforting smile .

Zhang Yapin’s face was full of bitterness . His mouth twitched for a while before he finally squeezed out a sentence .

"We failed… Sorry . "

Five hundred people, five times the force!

They never thought they would fail; even if two people died for every government force, they wouldn’t have lost . But they overestimated the determination of the people that joined the force . They had the will of iron before the war, but as soon as the war started, they swore at their parents for not giving an extra pair of legs when they fleed the battle . Only a few died in the crossfire, but countless died escaping .

Regarding equipment, the anti-government had excellent equipment . Although they didn’t have any armored units, they had plenty of anti-armor AT4 rockets . Not to say the countless light machine guns, grenades, and smoke grenades… Unfortunately, they didn’t use them before escaping, leaving the equipment to the government force .

Without a doubt, a total loss .

The uprising had failed, the Liberal Party under the suppression of the current regime could not even take care of themselves, Jiang Chen’s five million USD investment naturally went down the drain .

To the foreign businessman that helped him when he was in need, Zhang Yapin felt guilty . However, he couldn’t do anything about it .

"Do you know the reason behind why you failed?" Jiang Chen asked lightly .

Zhang Yapin bitterly smiled as he leaned on the wall of the warehouse .

"The lack of organization? The lack of training?"

"Your uprising was too hasty . " Jiang Chen then muttered to himself in his mind, [Sorry, Robert leaked the information . ]

"Regardless… There is no use to saying any of this . "

"Have you given up?" Jiang Chen smiled .

"…The civil war ended in 12 hours, Edward's government had already demonstrated the power of the Pannu military . At least in the next 10 years, no one would dare oppose his ruling . "

"Of course I know this, I don’t need you to tell me . I only want to ask, have you given up?"

Zhang Yapin stared at Jiang Chen blankly . Finally, Zhang Yapin with a bitter smile shook his head .

"How can I give up… But, I will learn to accept this reality . We originally thought that with 500 people and advanced equipment, we could easily execute Edward, but…"

"There is no could in history, and no if . "

"I know, but I . . . Sorry, but I have failed your investment . "

Jiang Chen laughed . "Five million USD is only a small number to me, I am willing to take the bet . Business is a lot like gambling . The truth is I lost the first round . Now I just want to know, are you still worth my next bet . "

Zhang Yapin was shocked .

‘You mean…"

"I can fund five million more . "

"That is wasting money . Not only did president Edward outlaw forming any parties, even if the Liberal party rose again, no one would respond under our banner . "

Jiang Chen laughed .

He needed that effect . A weak, and easy to control government in power . Therefore, even if they replaced president Edward, their reputation among the citizens would not be high because the previous regime was not overthrown by them, but only under external influence . It will be a replica of what happened in Iraq, a complete puppet regime .

Zhang Yapin looked at Jiang Chen’s pleasant smile in confusion, he didn’t know what was funny .

"I remember you studied in New Zealand before . "

"That’s right . " Zhang Yapin nodded . He even considered that if the uprising was to fail, he could flee to New Zealand or Australia .

"Then have you heard the word mercenary before?"

The riot ended .

The gunshots in Coro city had completed stopped, replaced by the siren of ambulances . Not only were the rioters injured, so were innocent citizens . The riot happened all of a sudden without any time to react . After the failed uprising, the cowardly rioters escaped into the crowd which caused a lot of ordinary citizens to be wounded, and there were even casualties .

Tonight would not be quiet .

Outside of the presidential palace .

In the palace similar to the Whitehouse, Edward was facing cameras as he clarified the situation to the foreign reporters eager for news .

"Mr . President, what’s your opinion on this riot?"

"They are only a bunch rioters, and my military suppressed them! Let me repeat, they are all rioters! Other than that, I have no opinion," Edward shouted at the British reporter .

He didn’t remember how many times he had to clarify this . Are the heads of the Western reporters made out of glue? Or are they just deaf?

"Is that so? But they are all citizens of Pannu Islands, without using the police and directly sending the military, did this not violate the constitution of the country?"

"I repeat, no! If I have, I will go change it now . "

"Is your country’s constitution written on toilet paper?" An American reporter mocked .

The crowd laughed .

Edward was so angry his face turned white, but he couldn’t do anything to them .

The firm stance of the Pannu regime was only domestic . The American aircraft carrier was parked at Guam Island one thousand kilometers away . They would be able to initiate military action to rescue their citizens within moments .

The only thing that angered him was that he had ordered for all flights into the country to be suspended two days ago, but these reporters seemed to have appeared out of thin air onto his territory .

After dealing with the reporters, the weary Edward returned to the presidential palace and sat on his chair .

But before he could get a moment of peace, a Han walked in .

Wang Tianfeng, the representative from Linhua Group . He was from a relatively powerful family from Han and was also the son of Linhua Group’s president Wang Linuha .

"Is there something wrong?" Edward used a calm tone as he looked at the man standing in front of his table .

"Regarding the progress on construction," with fluid English, Wang Tianfeng was straightforward, "the riot in your country effected the progress of our construction…"

"If it's in regards to business, you can talk with Johnny . " Edward didn’t want to listen to this question anymore .

"But I haven't been able to find him recently," Wang Tianfeng said helplessly .

To be honest, he didn’t’ want to come to this god forbidden place . Even if he had to deal with foreigners, he would rather go to Europe or North America . But Linhua Group’s business expansion internationally was the decision of his father and the board . As the successor of Linhua Group, he had to familiarize himself with international business .

Based on what his father said, it was an excellent opportunity to build a reputation for their company . On the peaceful Pacific Island, compared to the politically unstable Africa, it was much easier to develop business here…

Yes, two months ago, it was peaceful here . But now, the riot had almost entirely halted construction .

To be honest, rather than staying in the real estate business, he favored the future of IT much more . But Linhua Group’s failure to acquire Future Technology . Additionally, this massive project from overseas has made the board change their decision .

As he thought about this, Wang Tianfeng cursed at the person called Jiang Chen .

He was a dog raised by the Wang family . He feels this bloated just by being on the Wall Street Journal twice .

While he thought about this, he selectively ignored the ability Future Technology had demonstrated and put all the achievement of Future Technology domestically as the success of his uncle . But he was not to be blamed for thinking this way as Linhua Group rose because of political support .

"You can’t find him?" Edward raised his eyebrows in shock .

"I went to his mansion, but his security blocked me out . From the looks of it, the security level there is pretty high?"

"What is that guy doing?"

There was a limit to fearing death . The civil war has already ended and he is still hiding in his mansion?

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