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Chapter 327

The night began to fall .

Despite the intense change that happened during the day, most of the Pannu people have drifted to sleep already .

Johnny was still in his mansion; curled up in his basement . Sitting on top of the cold wooden chair, he was chugging his collection .

Lafette from 1982, Margaux from 1986… Half a year ago, these were things he wouldn't even dare to dream about . The weed in Los Angeles was expensive, but compared to the "blood of the upper class", it was still night and day .

The basement was humid, but he was trembling .

Not because of the cold, but because of the fear he felt from the bottom of his heart .

He ordered the mercenaries to station themselves around the mansion and not let a single fly in .

He could read through their eyes . He knew the people he has paid to do things thought he was crazy . But he didn’t care, he had enough money, he only wanted to live…

To be honest, he didn’t know why he was afraid of the guy who was in faraway Los Santos or why he was scared of the person behind Robert . Although this mansion and the saving in his bank account all belonged to him, he didn’t have any sense of security .

He felt like a hand was controlling everything .

Like being the reckless billionaire he is, the increasingly cocky dictator president, the officials corrupted by USD…

And the hundreds of bodies outside the mansion .

He chugged the red wine like there was no tomorrow .

The sour-sweet taste in his throat was like the ink of the bill, the color was like virgin blood .

Beside him were four naked bodies, but he didn’t have enough energy to play with them anymore . Even his finger became sore eventually .

"Sh*t!" He cursed as he flung away the glass in his hand .


The glass shattered .

He stared at the pool of redness on the ground as he decadently burped .

"Dammit . "

He said this in Chinese . It sounded weird . He learned it from Wang Tianfeng .

Wang Tianfeng just came to find him, the bodyguard told him .

Robert introduced Linhua Group . Wang Tianfeng was the representative from Linhua Group, and he didn’t trust them .

He was shaking . His instincts told him, someone wants to kill him, someone wants him died .

He didn’t want to die . He wanted to continue to play the role of a billionaire . He could act recklessly and at his will . Whether it was the wife or the daughter of the neighbor, as long as he was interested and he had the USD, Edward would solve the problem for him .

But the last call from Robert woke him up completely .

Yes, he was just a thug from the ghetto, an Irish without any talent . The only reason he possessed everything was that someone needed him to stir the muddy water .

Leave? Retire in West Australia? Go to hell, how could he agree!

He hung up on Robert and ripped apart the sim card .

With a grim look in his eyes, he stared at the basement door .

"Come, I want to see, how will you take my fu*king life away!"

The next evening, at the southern tip of Coro Island .

An old transport vessel quietly sailed into the empty port .

The port was deserted without a soul . Due to what had happened yesterday, most of the residents on Coro island were immersed in fear and sorrow . Most people chose to ask for a day of leave so that they wouldn't need to go outside .

The vessel docked .

Fifty muscular figures walked down from the vessel in an orderly fashion .

The vessel came from West Africa . It sailed across half the globe .

Ivan stood along with Jiang Chen on the high ground near the port . Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes as he overlooked his loyal soldiers on the dock .

"These are fifty of the most talented soldiers . They have fought with Tuareg tribe’s guerrillas before during their training in Nigeria . But for real, is there no need to bring any equipment along?" Ivan asked Jiang Chen .

"No need . "Our firearms" have been transported into the warehouse already," Jiang Chen answered concisely .

Ivan looked at Jiang Chen in astonishment .

The firearms had already arrived, and he didn’t sense it the slightest . His came to gain a new understanding of the boss’ ability once again .

"When should we start the operation?" Ivan asked concisely .

"When you are prepared . "

A slightly cruel smile appeared on Ivan’s mouth .

"Then now is a good time . "

Jiang Chen smiled and threw warehouse No . 3’s key into Ivan’s hand .

"Mhmm, I will leave it up to you . "

After he finished, Jiang Chen left .

Ivan watched Jiang Chen leave as he stood firm and saluted .

Including the fifty people that arrived earlier, the total number of mercenaries from Future Security had reached 65 people . It was equivalent to half of the force of Future Security .

No armored vehicles, no tank .

But Jiang Chen prepared something much more advanced, kinetic skeletons and drones .

Before he returned to the modern world, Jiang Chen almost cleaned out all the kinetic skeletons stored in the warehouse of the Fishbone base, even the ones that just came off the production line . Wang Qin was quite confused as to why Jiang Chen moved these things into the mansion .

But Jiang Chen obviously wouldn’t explain it to her .

When he opened the containers inside warehouse No . 3, Ivan ordered the captain of each team to hand a kinetic skeleton to each of the soldiers . At the training base in Nigeria, Jiang Chen left two sets of kinetic skeletons . Therefore, all the soldiers here have practiced with them, so they had no problems equipping them .

Wearing the kinetic skeleton with polyethylene bulletproof boards and wielding the fluid looking Reaper assault rifle, the team of futuristic looking soldiers walked out of the warehouse .

The 64 people were divided into eight teams under the command of Ivan to complete the mission . All instructions would be given by the terminal in Ivan’s hand and sent in real time to the tactical helmet of each captain .

The eight modified vans were the only method of transportation used . Both to store ammunition and as a drone control terminal .

Other than the eight infantry teams, fifty hummingbird drone would also be involved . In a small-scale conflict without EMP, the disc-sized drone was without a natural predator .

It was meant to be an unfair war, just like how the military steam-rolled the anti-government force .

From equipping to dispatching, it only took ten minutes .

Standing in front of the warehouse, Zhang Yapin silently watched the trials of dust left by the eight vans, speechless .

When he watched Ivan, Jiang Chen’s "bodyguard", begin to command these mercenaries, he already guessed the identity of these mercenaries .

Jiang Chen walked beside Zhang Yapin with a smile . "I am glad you made the correct choice . "

"Is that so? Perhaps it is the worst choice . " Zhang Yapin sounded like he was speaking to himself .

"It would have to depend on how you view the problem .


"Imagine this . Until today, you were all just underground party members that the government searched for . From today on, I will raise you to the throne . " Jiang Chen exaggeratedly opened his arms .

"But this 'throne' is only your puppet, am I right?" Zhang Yapin smiled bitterly .

Seeing that he understood the situation well, Jiang Chen laughed joyfully .

He thoughtfully looked into the eyes of the future president .

"That’s right . But without me, you are not even a puppet . "

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