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Chapter 328

Deep into the night in Pannu barracks .

Soldier A: "Stop sleeping, the superior said to take extra caution, we have to keep an eye out . "

Soldier B rubbed his eyes and adjusted his hat, "Mhmm, I will be up soon…"

The battle yesterday lasted until midnight . Until now, they haven’t had the opportunity to close their eyes .

Solider A lit up a cigarette as he glanced at the small TV in the corner, "The TV is playing president Edward’s speech…"

Soldier B sighed . "War… This goddamn war . Once the curfew is over, what do you plan to do?"

Soldier A: "Take my kids on vacation in Australia . Little Jim has been wanting to go for a long time . He wants to the see the Great Barrier Reefs… What about you?"

Within the military, president Edward had high prestige . Some of the personal checks he received were distributed among the soldiers as a bonus . And because of this, while he didn’t gain respect among the citizens, he received support from the military .

Soldier B: "I think I need to take care of my family . She said in the letters that she wished I'd come back early . "

Soldier A: "I wish this whole fiasco can be over soon…"

Soldier B: "Shhhh… I just heard something…"

That voice was light, like the vibration of a cicada's wings .

The hummingbird with a 2mm caliber machinegun hovered in the air as it silently stopped in front of the window . The thumb-sized wide field camera reflected two alerted but clueless faces .


An abrupt sound .

Followed by the glass shattering and splashes of blood, the Grim Reaper silently arrived .

The army is the foundation of a stable regime .

To overthrow a regime, destroying its military was enough .

The mission with the codename "Shattering sword" promised to shatter the sword of the unwise ruler with flame and steel .

Three signal flares ignited and broke the quietness of the cold, silent night .


Bullets began to fly into the barrack; the orange tail light laminated the entire camp .

Future Security’s mercenaries launched an unexpected attack .

Pannu Island’s government was still immersed in their victory from yesterday . Although they remained alert, they were still caught off guard .

"The barrack is being attacked, I repeat, the barrack is being attacked . " The general roared into the radio as he leaned against the thick concrete post, ordering the soldiers patrolling in the city to return and defend .

An armored vehicle dashed out from the garage as the machinegun on the top spit out intense fire . It unleashed its power in the darkness outside of the camp .

"Dammit! Who are these people? They are definitely not the rioters!" A soldier leaned behind the armored vehicle as he anxiously clipped on his helmet and fired into the darkness .

Tatata .

A few bullets scathed by his head as he immediately ducked down .

"It’s drones! Dammit… we have to shoot those down!" A government soldier holding a light machinegun fired at the shadows hovering above .

"Too small, can’t hit them!’

"Dumba*s, just cover fire!"

The dense bullets hindered the attack from the drones as it forced the drones to retreat temporarily, but just as they thought they were at an advantage, the Future Security ground force began to attack .

"Three o’clock direction . "

"Roger . "

The eight-person team almost covered every functionality . There were markers, snipers, infantry who took care of the cover fire, and support soldiers who maintained fire suppression . The team currently had no use for medics… even if a stray bullet accidentally hit them, the outdated bullet would not be able to pierce through the polyethylene board on the kinetic skeleton .

With the piercing power of the Reaper assault rifle, the concrete barrack was like tofu, non-existent . The bullets could even leave a row of dents on the steel door of the armored vehicle .

The only trouble that the government force could cause to these mercenaries were the heavy machinegun on the armored vehicle . But against the armored vehicle, the mercenaries were more collected than the rioters .

A few "Python" rockets flew over as it instantly blew away three armored vehicles .

Another armored vehicle realized the dire situation; it released a smoke grenade as it immediately backed away . But a rocket flew in its direction as if it had an eye and penetrated its armor without any doubt .

Flames erupted, and smoke filled the air as the armored vehicle scattered everywhere and hit a few government soldiers who were taking cover .

The general watched the flames as his eyes began to pop out . He tightly clenched onto the radio as he forgot how to speak .

A soldier ducked behind cover fired back with a heavy machinegun while he shouted .

"Dammit, their firepower is too strong . "

At the same time, a deafening explosion covered the sound of the bullets .

An explosion erupted among the field controlled by the attackers .

As the general saw this, he turned ecstatic as he roared at the almost fallen friendly position .

"It’s a tank! Our tank! Everyone hold their damn position! The victory will belong to us!"

Tank, and helicopters . To demonstrate the negligible military power of Pannu Islands, president Edward put all these heavy armors onto the street to patrol .

In front of the armored force, any infantry was minuscule!

Only one round of attacks…

He stared in the direction of the support force with a fierce expression .

Contrary to the excitement of the general, against the tank, Future Security's mercenaries were calm and collected .

The HE shell exploded . In fact, it wounded a few mercenaries, but that was it .

The medics quickly dragged away the wounded soldiers .

At the same time, a mercenary with a "Python" on his shoulder, in cover among the shadows, opened the laser guide and locked it onto the tank .

Before the tank could reload the second shell, he pressed the trigger .

Smoke erupted, The arm thick anti-armor rocket that was launched left behind a trail of orange light as it flew towards the front armor of the tank .

In front of the thick armor, the trail of flames seemed frail .

But the next scene completed shocked the government force .

The undefeatable god in their heart – "Chief" tank was blown open by the seemly negligible rocket as if its armor was made out of paper .

The flame went up to the sky as it illuminated their faces of despair .

The helicopters with rotating machine guns flew towards them, but it soon crashed elegantly, along with it was the last remaining hope of the government force .

The ten something hummingbird drones swarmed forward at the thin propeller of the helicopter, it was a simple way of attacking, but surprisingly effective .

Their hope was extinguished entirely, the government force without any morale left finally lifted the white flag as they ditched their weapon and walked out of cover .

Now, the regime of president Edward has finally ended .

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