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Chapter 329

The night was bitter .

A daunting human shaped-armor walked along the empty street . The moonlight scattered onto the merciless steel as it shined on the white symbols, T-3 .

His steps were slow as he scanned around . It was as if he was taking a stroll .

Broken houses .

The closer he approached the "mansion" the more tragic the scene looked . From the bullet marks on the wall and its density, it seemed to be from the cover fire of the machine guns . From the signs of explosions amongst the street, It looked like it was from grenade launchers .

In the shambles, Jiang Chen saw a pair of eyes .

Like a startled animal, the eyes escaped him when he turned around slightly .

His throat moved before looking away .

"I can do the "cleaning" . Ayesha’s voice came into his ears .

"No… I think I should go personally . "

Although he couldn’t see Ayesha’s face, Jiang Chen could still imagine her gentle gaze .

In the civilian building not far away, the bullets almost penetrated the entire wooden back wall . A hand appeared in front of him, shaking, before quietly shutting the wooden window .

Jiang Chen could feel that they feared him .

"Are you feeling okay?" Ayesha gently asked .

"Of course . I have seen plenty of things more horrifying than bodies," Jiang Chen looked away from the civilian buildings in ruins as he said casually .

Ayesha knew he was talking about the other world .

"But I feel you are not really okay . "

"Why do you say that?" Jiang Chen sighed .

He was getting closer and closer to Johnny’s mansion . He pulled out the tactical rifle from his waist .

Although it certainly felt like killing a chicken with a machete, he still wanted to personally say goodbye to Johnny . As to the reason… he couldn’t explain .

"Instincts . " The cold voice carried a trace of tenderness .


Jiang Chen smiled, he didn’t comment on Ayesha’s explanation .


The crisp sound of the magazine being clipped on .

"Ayesha . "

"Mhmm . "

"Do you think… I am in the wrong here?"

It was supposed to be quiet here, everything started because of him . If it was not for his out-of-the-blue idea of asking Robert to send Johnny here, and then supporting an opposition to start a civil war, the people living here may never have had to experience war in their lifetime .

It was a question he recently started to realize . The change in dimension may only take half a second, but the change in one's thinking process would take a long time . Sometimes he questioned himself if he had used the logic of the apocalypse in the modern world .

This way indeed matched his interest, but was it correct?

"In my heart, you are always correct . "

Jiang Chen paused .

A moment later, an open-minded laugh echoed inside the steel armor .

"Thank you . "

After he hung up the communication channel, fury instantly activated as a series of dense red dots appeared in his field of vision .

All the trouble and hindrance of human nature were thrown into the back of his head, Jiang Chen felt his head was never so clear .

The clarity was known as slaughter .


The armor vibrated faintly as a bullet hit the plastic steel, it didn’t leave a single trace . Jiang Chen looked forward with a grim smile, it was a black man aiming with his automatic rifle in hand . It should be the mercenaries that Johnny hired .

The black guy saw his shot was ineffective . While he was shocked, his actions didn't stop as he launched a grenade .

With the cool steel in front of him, he instinctively felt fear .

The turbine engine in the back spit out flames as Jiang Chen casually separated himself from the grenade .

The machine gun on the roof was pointed in Jiang Chen's direction . However, after he fired a few shots in that direction, the people along with the gun was shredded into pieces . Then Jiang Chen turned his gun and aimed at the red dots hidden behind the wall and pressed the trigger .

The bullet ripped apart the weak wall and shredded the hearts hidden behind it .

Jiang Chen kicked opened the steel door of the mansion as he immersed himself in the rain of bullets without avoiding anything, Jiang Chen walked forward in big steps and started to fire back with the rifle .

The mercenaries hired by Johnny fell down one by one . Seeing that they could not harm the "monster" in any way, the remaining mercenaries all began to feel fear .

Then, an RPG with a trial of flame flew towards Jiang Chen .

Without thinking, Jiang Chen slapped the RPG with his left hand .

Explosion, flame .

The shattered shell made screeching noises on the plastic steel, but it didn’t damage it at the slightest .

"Explosive shell? Try the armor piercing next time, suckers . " Jiang Chen grimly smiled as he shot the person with the launcher onto the ground .

The mercenaries were terrified .

The truth had proved that in front of an undefeatable enemy, the professionalism people held was just bullsh*t . The remaining red dots began to retreat . They abandoned the person that hired them and fleed in three directions .

Jiang Chen ignored the mercenaries that lost the will to fight as he smashed open the door to the mansion and walked inside with the rifle on his shoulder .

The trip mine at the door flew up .

Jiang Chen in Fury laughed contemptuously as he didn’t even bother to dodge . He passed through the exploding smoke and walked towards the basement .

There were five red dots inside, instincts told him Johnny was there .

Fury deactivated .

He took out the laser sword and melted the lock, Jiang Chen kicked open the door .

A pungent alcohol smell blew in his face . With eyebrows furrowed, Jiang Chen started the air filtration system and walked downstairs .

The light was on .

The dark red room was filled with a cage, pole, wooden horse… as well as all kinds of sick-minded devices . Jiang Chen didn’t look at the four naked bodies and stared at the man on the wooden chair .

"Wine… You certainly know how to enjoy life . "

Pale eyes looked at Jiang Chen as Johnny’s throat moved .

"Are you here to kill me?"

"That’s right . "

"Where did the mercenaries upstairs go?" His voice had a hint of pleading, but he was unwilling to accept reality .

"Either dead, or they ran away . "

Johnny’s eyes popped as he grabbed the pistol on the table and aimed it at Jiang Chen .

His hand trembled . Especially when he saw that Jiang Chen didn’t react to his action, his trembling became more noticeable .

"I beg you, please give me a chance…"

"I did, but you didn’t value it . "

Johnny first paused, before he started laughing hysterically .

"Hahaha, if I listened to Robert and gave up everything, would you let me arrive in Australia alive? Bullsh*t!" As he laughed, Johnny waved the pistol in his hand and pointed at Jiang Chen who was inside the steel armor .

Just like a child waving a toothpick at an adult .

"No… If I answer it like this, it will make you feel better when you die . "

Johnny temporarily held a pleading look on his face before it changed into hysteria .

"Then let's die together!"

Johnny shouted, pressing the trigger in his hand .

It was not a pistol, but a detonator in the shape of a gun used to control the 15 kilograms of explosives underneath the basement .

Sparks flashed, but nothing happened .

His face began to show his despair .

"Wh…Why . "

"Even if I explain to you what an EMP is, you probably wouldn’t understand… Whatever, farewell . "

Jiang Chen pointed the gun at his head and pressed the trigger .