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Chapter 331

The next day .

The nine-star flag waved above the Pannu Islands and the citizens celebrating the new regime walked onto the streets as if they were celebrating New Year or Christmas . The cheered on the new birth of the country .

Noontime .

In the cafeteria of the presidential palace, Jiang Chen and Zhang Yapin sat on the two sides of the table .

Lunch was curry lamb with rice along with an odd coconut smell . It certainly tasted like south Asia . In front of Zhang Yapin was a piece of steak along with coconut juice . With the shift in the regime, only the chef was the most indifferent in the entire presidential palace .

"UA extended their welcome to us wishing us to join forces with them . They indicated that if we continue to extend the pro-UA policy like the previous regime and announce declaration that favors their political view internationally, they would increase their funding to support us," Zhang Yapin spoke about the country’s affairs while working hard to cut the steak .

Jiang Chen didn’t even raise his head as he said without hesitation . "Reject . "

"But… That is ten million USD," Zhang Yapin seemed to be unwilling to give up the money as he said with difficulty .

It was ten million USD . If it were split among the citizens, it would be 500 each . They only needed to speak a few sentences in front of the media, and no one listened to them anyways . This place was just a tiny country, the entire islands combined together was not even bigger than a province in Australia .

Jiang Chen raised his head as he rolled his eyes at Zhang Yapin . "Someone hires you to curse at your mother, why would you agree?"

There was no need to think . They wanted to drag a bunch of Southeast Asia countries to curse about the Han threat theory . Pannu Islands was located on the southeast side of Country F, they could be stretched to a surrounding country of Han .

Zhang Yapin fiercely shook his head, but he added one sentence in his mind, [That depends on how much…]

"It’s only ten million USD, my Future International has an income of two hundred to three hundred million USD per month, I’ll loan you the money if you need it," Jiang Chen put a spoonful of the rice in his mouth while saying this slowly .

"Just pay me back with the land . "

"Ahem, could I interpret this as showing off?" Zhang Yapin smiled bitterly .

Pannu Islands just recently introduced a tax cut measure to stimulate economic recovery, but there were still significant holes in funding . The mess created by Edward now had to be cleaned up by the successor .

"I am only giving you some confidence . I chose Pannu Islands because I believe in its future prospects," Jiang Chen said .

"Johnny Group declared bankruptcy . The ten billion dollar project is now down the drain . What prospect is there?" Zhang Yapin’s expression was bitter .

He initiated the uprising because of the passion in his blood, but now that he has become the president, he began to feel the difficulties of managing a country .

"No, I am going to take over that project . "

Zhang Yapin looked at Jiang Chen in shock .

"Ten billion USD, do you have that kind of money?"

"I believe a lot of banks are willing to lend to Future International," Jiang Chen said confidently .

That was true . Even when they were in China, a lot of banks went to Xia Shiyu, begging her to take a loan from them . The current liquid cash of Future International is 1 . 5 billion which was the earning of five months . Although ten billion was rather daunting, with Future International’s equity as collateral, it would be easy to obtain .

Especially since he didn’t even need to borrow the full ten billion .

"You are really willing to … borrow ten billion for a small island country?" Zhang Yapin looked at Jiang Chen in disbelief .

"Of course, I believe this will generate more than one hundred billion in return . "

Zhang Yapin held his breath .

He could not imagine how the country with less than one hundred million USD GDP and a population of fewer than twenty thousand people would generate more than one hundred billion in value .

"Excuse me for being honest, but it is hard for me to imagine… Although the Pannu Islands have a vast sea territory, it doesn’t have oil . Could you point it out to me? Even if it is just painting a picture for me . " Zhang Yapin smiled bitterly .

"How should I say this? Hmm… Okay . First, Pannu Islands is near the equator . "

"Near the equator?" Zhang Yapin’s eyes widened, "Do you mean tourism? Even with tourism, it is still hard to generate ten billion return in ten years right?’

"It is hard to explain to you . All in all, just remember what I said . " Jiang Chen put down the fork in his hand as he slowly got up .

There were plenty of advantages of being near the equator, it was not as simple as tourism . With space elevator for example, to non-equator countries, it was something they couldn't even think about . To the technology that appeared in 2150, Jiang Chen had the confidence of bringing them into the modern world .

"Are you planning to go?" Zhang Yapin also put down his fork as he looked at Jiang Chen leaving the table .

"I have something to take care of and I am also full . "

"Also, if other countries –"

Jiang Cen stopped, turned back, and smiled . "Maintain neutrality and friendliness . You know what I mean . "

Zhang Yapin helplessly let out a sigh . "I know . "

"Do a good job and maintain your current diligent image . Once your term ends, I will give you a retirement fund . "

"I don’t need your retirement fund, I just want you to keep your promise and lead this country to prosperity . "

When he heard this, Jiang Chen looked at Zhang Yapin in surprise .

There was not a lot of people that could refuse money in this era .

After a moment of pause, Jiang Chen said lightly, "Of course, I promise . "

If everything proceeds smoothly, in less than five years, this would become an island that the world desired to be .

Under the shade of the trees outside the presidential palace, a blue Lamborghini was waiting and Ayesha was sitting in the driver's seat . A grey sports bra drew out her beautiful curvatures and a pair of shades was clipped on the collar . The view was certainly a beauty with a nice car as it made the passersby turn their heads .

This Lamborghini was previously Johnny's, but now it belonged to Jiang Chen .

Although he died, he could not escape this crime . The court prosecuted Johnny with 17 charges and confiscated all personal assets to the country’s treasury . The cars he had on Pannu Islands, the mansion, as well as two boats were all auctioned off in Australia . There, Jiang Chen took it all over as his own possession, needing only to bid twice .

Since it belonged to the deceased, there may be some misfortunes attached to the things of the people who died of an unnatural cause . On top of that, the rich mostly feared death, but Jiang Chen didn’t mind as he was an absolute materialist .

Jiang Chen pulled open the door as he sat in the passenger seat .

Ayesha put the shades over her eyes and put her hands on the steering wheel while turning to look at Jiang Chen .

"Where are we going?"

"Linhua Group’s construction site . "

Ayesha nodded as she started the car .

Leaning on the comfortable chair, Jiang Chen looked at the scenery flying by as he tried his best to snap the beauty in his mind .

It was an indiscernible feeling . Before he had to work for his next meal but now he has become the hidden owner of a series of islands . This was his kingdom . No deceit or trickery would work against him here . No one would be able to plot against his company .

Perhaps he was bored, but he turned and looked back into the car at Ayesha concentrating on driving .

The shades and sports bra was a beautiful set . Any style of clothing seemed to look great on her .

Ayesha sensed Jiang Chen’s gaze as she began blushing with her lips carved up .

She enjoyed his gaze .

Although they were yet to be married, she considered herself the wife of her husband . As a traditional wife, in her perspective, the husband was everything…