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Chapter 332

Xin was formed .

As to who suffered the most economically, it would be the Linhua Group working on the construction site .

The collapse of the old regime and the bankruptcy of Johnny International made Linhua Group’s ten billion USD contract turn into a piece of scrap paper .

As to the two gold mines used by Johnny International as collateral, it was the typical trick, the old fox, Robert used . He first managed to find two abandoned mines and then hired geologists to reevaluate the gold reserve of the mines and fake a report . Then he took the gold Jiang Chen provided to create a production report in South Africa, completed the tax procedure, and produced a beautiful four quarters production report .

Immediately after, under Robert's directions of readjusting the business' focus, the two goldmines stopped operating .  By using manipulation and forgery, the two goldmines were valued at 10 . 3 billion USD and completed the asset collateral verification .

Asset collateral verification was easy to fake since it was not an asset sale process . Therefore, the auditing team would usually not conduct an onsite audit . Robert even told Jiang Chen that even without the gold, he could still borrow gold from other mines to complete the asset verification process . A lot of mines were willing to do this because it meant that someone was willing to take on part of the tax burden for them .

Compared to the international capitals who fought through fierce market competition, Linhua Group, growing out of policies, was just a naïve baby still learning how to talk; they were no match against Robert who even dared to trick the FBI . Linhua Group’s project team did carefully examine the fifty paged asset verification report, but they didn’t think that the asset behind the iron seal of the South African government was fake .

Now that Johnny International was bankrupt, the two goldmines were given to Linhua Group as collateral . But when Wang Linhua wanted to sell it off for cash, he realized that the two mines were all abandoned mines .

Johnny International forged the gold reserve . The asset audit report was inaccurate .

As if a rumble of thunder had struck his head, Wang Linhua immediately became unconscious after he acquired the news and was sent to the emergency room by ambulance .

Insurmountable loss .

These were the only words that could describe the loss suffered by Linhua Group, or the Wang family . On the ten billion overseas project, Linhua Group had currently invested 2 . 5 billion USD . However, Johnny International had gone bankrupt the day before the first phase of the project contract was due for payment .  

A loss of 2 . 5 billion USD in the first quarter, this financial report would blind the Linhua board .

And not long ago, Wang Linhua increased his holding of Linhua Group through the secondary market .

. . .

On the west coast of Coro Island was the most beautiful scenery of all the islands .

The deep blue shallow waters reflected a stunning light under the bright sunshine, just like the goddess of the sea’s veil . The coral reefs hid among the sea waves as it divided the magnificent undersea world into an array of pictures .

The islands covered in vegetation scattered between Coro Island and Garlin Island, connected by deep or shallow sand beaches and formed a natural but sophisticated maze .

A car drove on the highway along the east coast . Jiang Chen rolled down the window as he gazed at the beautiful scenery from afar . He exclaimed,

"This is too beautiful . "

"Do you want me to slow down?" Ayesha asked gently .

"No need, we should go faster," Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes as he stared at the seagulls at the end of the sky, "I need to get rid of the annoying people from my island . "

With a grin on her face, Ayesha changed gears, "Sit tight . "

The engine roared .

The car accelerated to a speed of 160 kilometers per hour as it turned into a blue shadow racing to its destination .

The speed may have been dangerous for ordinary people, but for Ayesha with the genetic vaccine, it was not a problem at all .

Moments later, they arrived at Linhua Group’s camp .

With the car parked on the road, Jiang Chen saw from afar a group of people surrounding Linhua Group’s door . Natives with hoes, scythes, and even sugarcanes surrounded Linhua Group’s door . Everyone was emotional as they were preparing to enter forcefully .

Soldiers with rifles maintained the situation . They were all insurgents who participated in the uprising . They were not dissolved after the war as some of them joined the police force .

He signaled Ayesha to wait for him in the car and walked straight to the gate .

"What’s going on here?" Jiang Chen asked nonchalantly, stopping beside a policeman .

The bearded policeman frowned as he was going to tell Jiang Chen to stand aside, but when he saw a pass personally signed by Zhang Yapin in Jiang Chen’s hand, he immediately stopped looking annoyed .

"It has to do with land compensation . "

Jiang Chen immediately understood .

The negotiated compensation for two USD per square meters between Johnny International and Linhua Group was too cruel . Now that Johnny International was bankrupted and the old Pannu regime has collapsed, the citizens would not allow such an unfair agreement to exist .

Wang Tianfeng immediately called the police when he realized the situation was going south . Although the police force was also unhappy with Linhua Group, they still must uphold the law as they sent out a team to stabilize the situation . But the citizens still surrounded the police while they wait for an explanation .

"Let me go in to check it out . "

The policeman hesitated before he moved and allowed Jiang Chen to go in .

Inside the camp was an array of trailers . The expensive equipment was all locked inside the warehouse by the workers to prevent the rioters from robbing or destroying it . As to the workers, they wore their hardhead and wielded sticks, preparing to fight .

If there were a conflict between the natives, the outsiders would always be at a disadvantage . Although they had "armed" themselves, everyone prayed that a conflict would not occur . In a riot, if they were killed by the rioter, it might even be difficult to seek justice .

When they saw someone walk over, they first felt tense, but when they saw it was a fellow countryman, they felt relieved .

Although there were quite some Han on the island, for them who traveled often, it was easy to distinguish who was home-born and who was not .

A tanned worker greeted Jiang Chen and asked, "How is the situation outside?"

Jiang Chen looked at the anxious expression on his face as he comforted him, "Don’t worry, the Xin president is already working to resolve the problem . "

The worker felt relieved as he wiped the sweat from his forehead and smiled at Jiang Chen, exposing his teeth . "Are you from the embassy?"

Pannu Islands were too small to have an embassy .

"No, but I am here to arrange your travel home . "

When he heard he could go home, a look of joy appeared on the worker’s face .

"Great, haha . Buddy, we all want to go home . The construction keeps getting delayed without any progress . The situation outside is becoming more and more dangerous . A month ago we could still go buy some fruits on the street, now we are afraid to even leave the camp . "

"Sigh, it’s been tough for you . "

Although Jiang Chen disdained the Wang family’s greediness, he didn’t mind the regular workers . Or rather, it was a pleasant feeling to see his fellow countrymen in a different part of the world .

It was his fellow countrymen after all . Jiang Chen wouldn’t sit around if his people encountered danger .

"It’s okay . " The tanned worker shook his hand . "Are you here to see Manager Wang? Do you need me to take you there?"

"No need, just tell me the location . "

The worker didn’t insist as he pointed at the concrete building at the back of the construction site .

"His office is on the second floor at the end of the hall . "

After he said goodbye, Jiang Chen walked toward Wang Tianfeng’s office .

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