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Chapter 333

The door was knocked .

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Wang Tianfeng, who was sitting at the table while on the phone, frowned . After he spoke a few more sentences to his sister regarding taking care of his father, he cleared his throat .

"Come in . "

The door was pushed open . The person who came in almost made Wang Tianfeng’s eyes pop out .

"Jiang, Jiang Chen?!"

"That’s right . You recognize me?" Jiang Chen casually sat on the sofa in the office as he smiled at Wang Tianfeng .

He heard Wang Tianfeng was Wang Linhua’s son; they indeed resembled each other .

Arrogance was apparent in his eyes .

He didn’t understand why Jiang Chen would appear in this place . Future Technology had business here? The natives barely even used smartphones here .

"Of course, I'm asking you guys to leave the place . " Jiang Chen looked at Wang Tianfeng with a grin .

Wang Tianfeng thought he heard wrong .


"Asking you guys to leave this place," Jiang Chen repeated . At the same time, he took out a piece of paper from his pocket and folded it into a paper airplane before he flew it onto Wang Tianfeng’s table .

He was displeased with Jiang Chen’s attitude . Wang Tianfeng’s eyes scanned between Jiang Chen and the paper airplane before he, while suppressing his anger, opened the paper . As he studied the black letters on the white sheet, his chest pumped full of rage and his breath quickened .

"That’s impossible! We already invested 2 . 5 billion on this project; the Xin government is bullsh*ting! They can’t just get rid of us like that! I'm going to find President Zhang right now . "

Although the notice was written in a reserved fashion, the decision was firm: All actions of Johnny International on Pannu Islands were illegal, and the previous land transfer agreement signed with the previous government wasn't recognized .

As he spoke, Wang Tianfeng got up from his chair and headed for the door, but he froze mid-step .

He suddenly remembered that the camp was surrounded by natives .

Jiang Chen crossed his legs as he reminded him casually, "I recommend you don’t go outside now; the people in front of the gate want you dead . "

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A cold sweat rolled down his forehead as Wang Tianfeng thought of Johnny who suffered a tragic death in the basement . He remembered the partnership between Johnny International and Linhua Group . The rioters may potentially view him as an accomplice to Johnny even if he didn’t do anything illegal .

He walked stiffly back to the desk as he looked at Jiang Chen again .

"Why would you appear here?"

Wang Tianfeng’s eyes flashed; he seemed to sense that this had something to do with Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen didn’t hide anything as he said straightforwardly, "Because Future International is the successor of the project and the Xin government is pleased with our compensation plan . "


Wang Tianfeng was stunned .

"How is that possible!? When did you get into real estate as a tech company?"

"Web + Tourism? You could interpret it this way . Who said we would build houses by ourselves? We can contract the work . You don’t have to look at me like that; there's no way I'd contract it to you . You better get out of my sight as soon as possible so I can get on with my work term," Jiang Chen said pleasantly .


Wang Tianfeng looked at Jiang Chen’s grin as his face turned pale white from anger . His finger pointing at Jiang Chen trembled uncontrollably .

Everyone knew the first phase was the most difficult to execute, and it was also the phase with the highest cost . Linhua Group invested 2 . 5 billion in the first phase as they gathered the most advanced equipment and most professional workers to ensure that a solid foundation was established for the future . It wasn't just any poorly-built project they'd normally do domestically - it was Linhua Group’s first international client . It would act as a business card and a case Linhua Group could use to discuss potential partnerships with other international clients .

Once they received the project from overseas, their sales team could proudly point at the Pannu Islands on the map and bring out diagrams of the completed construction to demonstrate their abilities and achievements to clients . The ten billion deal wasn't only significant in the amount of profit it would bring, but it was also a stepping stone to enter global competition .

Linhua Group couldn't afford to lose this project .

Therefore, a pleading look surfaced on his face .

"We have worked on this project for over two months and invested over 2 . 5 billion USD on the project . You can’t just make us leave; no one is more familiar with the project than us . We can forfeit the fee for the first phase, so at least give the next three phases to us?"

The humiliation made Wang Tianfeng want to kill himself .

As the heir of a ten billion dollar real estate company, he was forced to lower his head to a dog the Wang family supported before . His arrogance was tested to the point where it was about to shatter .

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Needless to say, even up until now, he still didn’t recognize the reality of the situation .

"I reject . " Jiang Chen smiled . " On another note, you have reparations to pay on the basis that you illegally occupied the land . Therefore, you have to pay a fine . Of course, it's not a large fine - only ten million USD . I trust that with your company’s financial capabilities, this amount is nothing to you . "

"Illegally occupying the land? That’s impossible! We have an agreement-" Wang Tianfeng’s eyes were bloodshot .

"Any agreement with the previous regime is now void . "

Wang Tianfeng’s body trembled as he stared at Jiang Chen with a pale face .

"You knew about the coup from the start, right?"

"Of course . I happen to… have some connection with the boss of the Celestial Trade company . " While the fact that he owned Celestial Trade Company was yet to be disclosed, even if people found out, it would only be a small number of people . This trading company had a total of three warehouses as its assets as of three months ago and it was registered in Pannu islands, but its operations were outsourced to New Zealand since it operated completely as an offshore company .

"Why didn’t you tell us! Did you forget the favors the Wang family gave you?" Wang Tianfeng already lost all rationality as he roared .

"Why do I have to tell you? How did you help me?" Jiang Chen shrugged as he put on an innocent face .

Wang Tianfeng froze .

"Since you are the successor of Linhua Group, you must know what your dad told me that night . " Jiang Chen laughed .

When he heard that, Wang Tianfeng’s throat moved . He wanted to argue, but nothing came out .

"I didn’t plan to leave . But since I brought out Future 1 . 0, you couldn’t sit around any longer and wanted to pick the fruit? How shameless . Please allow me to use this word to describe your father and your uncle . "

When he heard this, the enraged Wang Tianfeng calmed down .

The expression on his face turned menacing .

"Aren't you afraid that something unfortunate could happen to your family? I know your family is still in the country . " Wang Tianfeng stared straight at Jiang Chen as he threatened him .

"Of course not . They're currently traveling in Xiangjiang and will immigrate to Pannu Islands in a few days . Despite how powerful the Wang family is, could you capture foreign citizens in a different jurisdiction?" Jiang Chen laughed .

"You!" Wang Tianfeng had his eyes wide open .

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"That’s right . They became Xin citizens and automatically forfeited their ol . d citizenship . " Jiang Chen sighed .

It wasn't the best choice, but it was the safest option, and he didn’t want these problematic things to bother him anymore .

Although the government wouldn't do something as despicable as taking someone hostage, some despicable people may think otherwise .

It took a bit of effort to convince his parents to immigrate, but he was finally successful . The two elders did long to see the outside world . Since they spent half their lives at the small factory and didn’t even leave the province that many times, and now that their son was accomplished, they were more than happy to venture out to see the outside world .

Since they were getting old, they had more concerns . Therefore, they were a bit hesitant about leaving the country, partly because they didn’t want to cause trouble for their son and partly because they didn’t want to leave their old house . But Jiang Chen promised them that if they missed home, they could go back anytime .

Wang Tianfeng’s lips shivered as he couldn’t think of any way to threaten Jiang Chen . Just as Jiang Chen said, while the Wang family was powerful domestically, they didn’t have the same reach overseas .

Seeing as Wang Tianfeng had nothing else to say, Jiang Chen laughed and stood up .

"You better leave the island in three days or the security force may forcefully remove you from the island . By the way, everything is within the boundaries of the law . "


Wang Tianfeng’s fists clenched as he wanted to beat him up . But he managed to restrain himself since he wasn't home and if he caused trouble, his uncle wasn't here to solve things for him .

He should be glad he managed to restrain himself because if he did swing his fist at Jiang Chen, the outcome would be quite different than he imagined .

"I enjoy the fact that you don’t like me but can’t do anything to me . " Seeing that he didn’t take a swing, Jiang Chen grinned .

Jiang Chen fixed his collar before opening the office door and walking outside .

"Seeing that you allowed me to vent my frustrations, I'll arrange vehicles to transport you safely to the airport along with your workers . Also, some words for your father: It is never too late to seek revenge, although it has only been a few months .

Then he turned around as he left Wang Tianfeng, who looked like he just ate sh*t, there without turning his head .

When Jiang Chen left Linhua Group’s camp, the citizens at the gate had yet to disperse . On the contrary, more people had gathered there .

The angry natives swung the sugarcane in their hand; it was quite a comical scene .

Jiang Chen looked at the workers inside the camp . He thought for a moment before he shouted to the citizens .

"Quiet! Everyone, quiet down!"

When they heard Jiang Chen shout, the citizens all looked in his direction .

"First, I am not from the LInhua Group . " When he saw the unfriendly gazes, Jiang Chen cleared his throat to clarify .

When they heard that Jiang Chen wasn't a part of Linhua Group, the citizens all lost interest but before the crowd turned rowdy again, Jiang Chen continued shouting .

"But, I have already reached an agreement with Linhua Group . This construction site will be taken over by Future International . You may have never heard this name before, but don’t worry . We will negotiate a price with the new president that you can all accept to compensate for your lost land . If you trust your president, please leave now . "

The citizens stared at each other . A muscular, brown-skinned man walked to Jiang Chen and used Han mixed with English to ask Jiang Chen .

"Is what you said true?"

"Of course . " Jiang Chen nodded .

The person turned around as he debated with the citizens .

Finally, they seemed to have reached an agreement as the man stood in front of Jiang Chen .

"We trust our new president . But…" The man pointed in Linhua Group’s direction, " Before the compensation is finalized, they can’t leave . "

"No problem . "

Seeing the crowd beginning to disperse, the police on duty felt relieved and walked beside Jiang Chen .

"Thank you, my friend . If it wasn't for you, it'd be hard for us to take care of this . "

"Don’t worry, it's all part of my responsibilities . Especially… since some are innocent . "