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Chapter 337

Celestial Trade Company's food was all previously imported from New Zealand . The specifics of its operation were all contracted to professionals to manage . But with the increase in demand, this operational model was no longer suitable .

This is what Jiang Chen was planning:

He would import goods from Australian farms and transport them to Coro Island through the port in Melbourne . Part of the goods would be sold by Celestial Trade Company in Pannu Islands and part of them would be kept as raw ingredients for further food production and transported to the apocalypse .

At the same time, the Xinlong Food Processing Plant located in Wanghai City would be moved to Pannu Islands . All the staff willing to relocate overseas would be kept on, while local cheap labor would be hired to perform the assembly process . They'd produce cheap raw ingredients from Australia into canned foods and preserved products .

This processed food would be partially be sold locally and moved to the apocalypse .

Therefore, he wouldn't only save on tariffs, but he would also save on the labor cost as well as easing transportation of the goods to the apocalypse . It was like hitting three birds with one stone .

Of course, with such a massive and long-term deal, it couldn't be hastily decided upon .

Jiang Chen only initiated the conversation because he happened to be in Australia . Therefore, he made a personal trip . As to the specifics of the deal, he left it to Zheng Hongjie to take care of and left Luke his number .

After that, Luke cheerfully sent Jiang Chen off in a taxi to head back to Melbourne .

He booked tickets for the next day . Although there was still some time before it turned dark, he didn't know what to do by himself when he looked at the busy street . He started to regret not bringing Ayesha along .

The girl seemed to really enjoy pretty clothes . He still vividly remembered the date with her in Veit . That day, they almost cleaned out an entire clothing store with some intimacy that happened that same night .

When he returned to the hotel he was staying at, Jiang Chen felt lonely on the massive king bed, so he took out his phone .

He happened to see Liu Yao's message on Little White, so he replied .