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Chapter 339

Lin Lin stuffed boxes of pudding into the kitchen fridge before walking back to the room . The expression on her face seemed to suggest that she still hasn't completely forgiven Jiang Chen for his action . When she came in, she didn't say anything as she just pushed Jiang Chen out of the room with her two slim arms and shut the door .

Jiang Chen stared at the closed shut door, knowing he was in the wrong . However, all he did was awkwardly scratch his nose as he didn't know what to say to apologize .

Jiang Chen admitted that despite not processing his action through his head, the act he committed was over the line for a girl . But he didn't expect her to react so dramatically .  

After deliberating for a while, Jiang Chen let out a sigh and gave up on the idea of explaining himself . Instead, he walked to his own bedroom .

Worst case he would just have to bring her a few more boxes of pudding next time… Mango flavored .

Jiang Chen lied on his bed and muttered to himself before he closed his eyes and commenced interdimensional travel .

When he opened his eyes again, he was in the modern world .

He raised his hand and pressed the grain-sized crystal on the bracelet as the dark green light immediately dimmed down . He threw the bracelet into the storage dimension, and then checked his phone for the time .

It was getting late, already midnight .

He rubbed his weary eyes, dragged up the sheets, and slept till morning .

The next morning, Jiang Chen checked out from the hotel before arriving at the close by airport, empty-handed . He boarded a plane from Melbourne to Xiangjiang .

The ticket was book three days ago .

Because there was still the bidding on the construction site and the loan to take care of, Jiang Chen had to head to Xiangjiang before returning to Xin . It was already April, and the contract with Dalmer corporation was almost up . Although the "smart driving system" was completed by Yao Yao in two hours, to avoid any commotion, Jiang Chen hasn't given the USB and the chip to Carmen Rothschild . On this trip to Xiangjiang, Jiang Chen planned to provide Carmen with the program .

One billion in two hours, needless to say, Yao Yao was the biggest "goldmine" of the wasteland .

After hours of flying, with the flight attendant's gentle announcement, Jiang Chen woke up from his nap and got off the plane .

At the gate of the airport, Jiang Chen saw the stunning figure from a distance .

It was Xia Shiyu .

Before he returned to Xiangjiang, Jiang Chen had sent a message to Xia Shiyu, asking her to pick him up if convenient .

With a smile on his face, Jiang Chen walked directly towards her .

"You are finally back . "

Although her face was rather expressionless, Jiang Chen could still read the sense of blame within her eyes . He had known her affection from the start and thus obviously understood the meaning behind her words . However, just like before, he only laughed and avoided the question .

"I haven't seen you in two months… You have lost weight . "

Xia Shiyu rolled her eyes at Jiang Chen, didn't respond, and instead opened the Maybach door .

The car was previously Jiang Chen's ride, but he left the key to Ayesha who was protecting Xia Shiyu at the time in Xiangjiang before he left the country . After she had confirmed that Xia Shiyu was safe, Ayesha left the car key to Xia Shiyu according to Jiang Chen's instructions . Now, the car became Xia Shiyu's mode of transportation .

In the passenger seat, Jiang Chen looked at Xia Shiyu who was combing her hair to the side as she started the car .

"Do you like it?" Jiang Chen asked abruptly .

Xia Shiyu's eyes instantly turned red . She stepped on the gas as the car dashed forward along the barrier . The series of actions almost scared Jiang Chen to death .

"What, what are you even saying?" She hastily gained control of her steering, but the red hue climbed from the bottom of her neck to the tip of her ears . Xia Shiyu's voice was also listless, and her tone was even off .

"Ahem, I… I am asking if you like the car . "

Her pumping chest began to return to normal . The calmed Xia Shiyu turned her head and gave Jiang Chen a dirty look before she returned to her expressionless state .

It seemed like… She was angry?

"Uh, I am serious . If you like it, I'll give it to you as a gift," Jiang Chen said in a tiny voice .

"No need, I can afford it myself . " Xia Shiyu clenched her teeth as it made a crisp sound .

She didn't know why she was so angry . But there was one thing she was certain about and that was this guy definitely was not as courteous as she had thought . No, he was a pervert!

As to how she knew about this, she learned that by living with Ayesha . Because of her delicate figure, although her face looked young, she had always thought Ayesha was over 18 . Until one time they talked about age, and she finally knew Ayesha's real age .

But that was not the point . When she asked that if Jiang Chen had done anything to her . Ayesha looked at her innocently and said in a casual voice: We had sex .

Had sex?

Xia Shiyu didn't manage to react at first, but then it hit her like lightning .

She just remembered that she was completely stunned .

She had thought Jiang Chen was a type where he would always be respectable to girls but never had the skill to interact with them . However, he was actually a pervert that did it with his own bodyguard – a girl that was less than 18 years old .

But Xia Shiyu's reaction was typical as Ayesha told Xia Shiyu with a straight face . It was normal for people to be married at the age of 13 . Especially during a conflict-filled era, the age might be even younger . Also, she had expressed to Xia Shiyu that she could sense her affection towards Jiang Chen as well and she wouldn't mind sharing his gentleness with her .

Perhaps it was ordinary in Ayesha's eyes . Since in her home country, polygamy was common . Even if Syria was at the frontier of modernization among the middle eastern countries, this point did not change at all .

But to Xia Shiyu, who lived in the modern world, it was an unacceptable practice!

When she heard that Ayesha and Jiang Chen had done it before, she was shocked .

Then remorse, even despair, before it gradually turned into hate .

All men would turn to the bed once they have money .

She felt as if she had just gone through a break-up, although her feelings and the relationship could only be considered a crush .

But regardless, it was her first time feeling so heartbroken .

But with Ayesha's pure and innocent eyes, she couldn't impose the hate on her, especially since she had risked her life to save hers . And what made her feel the most powerless was…

She still loved him .

If she didn't love him, she wouldn't even be sad about this . She would not be jealous of the fact that another woman was before her, she would only need to leave .

If she didn't love him, she wouldn't be here to pick him up .

The car stopped at a modern apartment as Xia Shiyu skillfully parked the car in the garage .

"This place is?"

"My home," Xia Shiyu answered concisely and got out of the car .

Jiang Chen followed her as they walked to the elevator of the apartment, he had to ask .

"Do you not plan to send me to a hotel?"

"That's too problematic, just live here . " Xia Shiyu swayed her hair as she didn't realize how explosive her words were and pressed the elevator button .

Jiang Chen was shocked .


"What, do you dislike me?" The corners of Xia Shiyu's mouth formed a beautiful curvature while she looked at Jiang Chen .

Stunned by the glimpse of her beauty, Jiang Chen didn't manage to react in time .

"No, No . "

Xia Shiyu was satisfied with Jiang Chen's expression as a smile appeared on her lips, and she said, "Then that's that . This time you are back for business, it is easier for us to exchange opinion if we live together… No other intentions . "

Jiang Chen thought the last sentence was trying to cover something up .

As they spoke, the elevator arrived .

While the door opened, she only stepped one foot into the elevator .

Jiang Chen looked at Xia Shiyu with eyes saying "What are you waiting for" as he stepped into the elevator feeling puzzled .

She had already made up her mind, she must act proactively .

What if he had another woman? Still not married yet! Before he gets married, it's all fair game . Therefore, she will win him over .

Ayesha's presence made her feel threatened . She had no feelings to be bothered by the childish question of "Who confessed to who first" . Xia Shiyu made up her mind to drag Jiang Chen onto the right track and save the good person that mistakenly went on the "wrong" road .

No need to be mistaken, it was just for her to repay the favor of him saving her multiple times .

Xia Shiyu comforted herself .  

In the Pannu Islands thousands of kilometers away, two transport vessels and two construction vessels slowly headed to New Moon Island .

To best protect the local environment, Jiang Chen didn't choose to blow up the reef to build the port, but instead, he decided to build a sea platform two kilometers away from the island . There, he would construct a dock that would connect the platform to the land . As to the sea platform, it will be built with a three kilometers long arch water dam .

Two cars could travel at the same time on the dam . On the far end of the dam, they will construct a tidal wave electricity generator . Although the depth near the island was somewhat shallow, the continuous waves made up for it . Not only did it solve the problem of connecting the land to the sea platform, but it also addressed New Moon Island's electricity .

The sea platform cost more than one billion USD and even surpassed the military base by two folds, but Jiang Chen still considered the investment to be well worth it . The sea platform and dam construction were contracted to a company called "Wilson" while Thomas' "Mammoth" was only responsible for connecting the dam .

Since these professional sea construction projects already exceeded the capabilities of a military construction company . Thomas had brought up the idea of working with other companies on this project . The boss of both corporations were all confused as to why Celestial would spend so much money to build a sea platform .

Usually, this thing was built far away from the shore; it was kind of pointless to build it near the island . Especially since the request was to build it as large as possible, they wondered what the true intention was behind the project .

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