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Chapter 340

Due to the construction project being a sensitive topic, the construction company didn't ask more about the usage of the sea platform . After they received the upfront payment, they sent the vessels to start building .

The sea platform was the size of two football fields, shaped triangularly . If it were far away from the shore, the difficulty of constructing it would be unimaginable . If it were standard steel, the tide of the ocean would dismember this giant . But if titanium were used, the cost of the construction would be an astronomical number .

However, because it was in a shallow sea with a depth of ten meters, the construction process was a lot simpler . A reinforced steel base could be inserted into the rock bottom of the ocean, making it equivalent to a man-made floating island .

The four vessels were anchored near New Moon Island as they sent out boats to explore the surroundings .

At the same time, Celestial Trade Company's vessel also lowered a boat and approached the construction vessels . After they boarded the Mammoth's ship, Ivan and Barkary had met Thomas . After they confirmed the details of the construction project, the three began to joke around on the deck .

A Ukranian, a Nigerian, and an Australian, it was as if they were in a United Nations meeting . Ivan was the oldest among the three and had the most to say . He joined the army in the Soviets, so he talked about the dramatic changes in East Europe and the civil war in Ukraine .

Just as they were having a great conversation, three medium-sized boats appeared from the horizon along with a few sharp air horn sounds .

"What's that?" Ivan frowned and took out the binoculars from his pocket, but he couldn't recognize the red-blue flag .

Barkary didn't recognize it either as he narrowed his eyes and took a few hard looks . Thomas had more knowledge as he immediately recognized it .

"It's Country F's flag . It should be their fishing boats . " Thomas raised his eyebrows as he felt a trace of ominous feeling and walked to the tip of the vessel .

The three fishing boats stopped beside the vessel . Immediately, a southeastern Asian with yellow skin and his shirt unbuttoned walked out onto the deck of their ship and shouted a few gibberish words at Thomas .

Although Thomas recognized the flag, he didn't know the F language as he had to drag the translator on the boat out to explain to him .

"What is this guy saying?" Ivan walked beside Thomas with a frown .

The F citizen saw that another foreigner came out from the boat and gave Ivan a hard stare . But Ivan, born in Russia, had seen more bullet holes than people was not afraid as he stared back at him .

The F citizen was someone that preyed on the weak . Seeing that Ivan didn't back down, he subconsciously wanted to go back . But when he saw the two other fishing boats come by, he regained his courage and stared back and began shouting towards the ship .

"He is saying that this is the territory they fish in . Our construction boats have scared away the fish, and they are seeking compensation from us . These shameless bastards, the construction gets delayed every time they're here," Thomas cursed .

F country's fishing boats? But isn't this Xin's territory?" Ivan frowned .

New Moon Island was twelve hundred kilometers away from the southernmost island MLL Island of Country F . Therefore, there should be no territorial disputes in this area .

"Speaking from the law, yes . But these bastards never follow the law . Even if they took a sh*t here before, it would be their fishing territory even if it was in your backyard . It is the result of the moronic president," Thomas cursed .

Since he was in the military construction business, despite being a veteran, he still had fury in his attitude . It was just the years in business that had rounded out his eyes . He knew that there was no use in being angry . If he angered the natives, there was no way the construction could continue .

He took a few deep breaths and calmed his emotions down . Then, speaking with the interpreter, he began to negotiate with the fishermen .

But Ivan standing on the side had a different reaction .

These monkeys were here to scam them . His eyebrows jumped, and he signaled Barkary .

Barkary understood . Smiling, he jumped onto the boat and headed to Celestial Trade Company's vessel .

"Now we would have to ask the Xin government . This is their territory; they should send their coastal guards here and capture these monkeys asking for bananas . Then transfer them back to their home country . But even then, they would almost be immediately released by their government," Thomas said in rage .

"Xin government? Why do we need to ask them?" Ivan's eyes narrowed as he looked at the monkey from F .

Thomas paused for a moment as he looked at Ivan, puzzled .

Ivan took out his phone . He didn't call Zhang Yapin but called another number .

The interior was fashionably decorated . The warm colored wallpaper certainly gave a peaceful feeling . The range of appliances completed the room with comfort and beauty . Just by looks, the owner of the apartment knew how to enjoy life .

After he took off his shoes at the door, Jiang Chen scanned the decorations and asked Xia Shiyu nonchalantly,

"Are you still renting?"

"Mhmm . "

"Why don't you buy a house? The company just paid out dividends last month, there is no way that you don't have the money right?" Jiang Chen was confused .

Future Technology had its shareholders meeting in March, (Although there are only two shareholders), and paid out 4 billion USD in dividends . Xia Shiyu owned 1% of Future International . Because she was taxed in Xin, she barely paid any personal income tax . She had at least forty million in her savings account .

"I feel like you won't live here too long . " She took off her shoes, and her feet covered in black stockings stepped into slippers . Jiang Chen, watching on the side, reflexively gulped and missed the deeper meaning behind Xia Shiyu's words .

"Feel free to sit, I will pour you a cup of water… Also, where is your luggage?" Xia Shiyu looked at Jiang Chen's empty hands as she asked in confusion .

Facepalm! He should have brought the luggage from the storage dimension in the airport bathroom .

Of course, Jiang Chen had luggage, but he couldn't tell Xia Shiyu it was in his storage dimension .

"Uh, I prefer to buy local . " Jiang Chen had to make up a story .

Xiao Shiyu's delicate eyebrows raised .

"That's such a waste… It's okay, I will bring you to Causeway Bay tonight . At least buy a few sets of clothing and formal clothing for professional gatherings . Those are necessary for a business professional . "

"Okay, as you wish . "

Sigh, he should have insisted on staying in a hotel . Of course, he brought everything with him, it was just inconvenient to bring it out in front of Xia Shiyu . Due to the devil controlling his mind for just a moment, he had agreed to live at Xia Shiyu's place, leading him to have to rebuy everything .

It was not that he cared about the money, it was because he hated the trouble .

Jiang Chen watched Xia Shiyu go into the kitchen . He felt relieved and sank into the sofa .

A light scent twirled around the tip of his nose, it was Xia Shiyu's odor .

It was a faint scent, and it carried a hint of lily . It made Jiang Chen feel thirsty . It had to be the work of hormones getting him into trouble .

Not long after, Xia Shiyu brought a cup of water from the kitchen and handed the warm water to Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen immediately chugged the entire glass clean to suppress the weird feelings in his mind .

"Are you that thirsty? Do you want another cup?"

"Ahem, no need . "

Xia Shiyu nodded, sat beside Jiang Chen, and grabbed a stack of documents that were on the table .

"These are the information about the bidders-"

But at the same time, Jiang Chen's phone began to ring .

"Sorry, let me get a call . " As Jiang Chen spoke, he walked to the window and took out his phone .


Did something happen at the New Moon Island military base?]

He looked at the name and picked up .


"Boss, citizens from country F are causing trouble in the ocean territory near New Moon Island . They said our construction has interfered with their fishing . "

Country F fishers?

When Jiang Chen heard Ivan's explanation, he first paused for a moment . He was so angry that he began to laugh .

[Fu*k, I'm already unhappy with them . Now they want to take advantage of me? I have to pay up even to build in my backyard?]

"You are asking for my permission on this? Pirates have invaded our territory . You tell me what the coastal guard should do . Don't see me if you can't take care of it properly .

After he received confirmation from his boss, a wicked smile surfaced on Ivan's face .

The grimace was mixed with thrill as he was waiting for the boss to say this .

"Yes! Commander . "