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Chapter 341

After Ivan hung up the phone, he took out the pistol strapped to his waist and loaded the gun .

His action made Thomas jump as he immediately blocked the Russian .

"Are you crazy! If your action gets filmed, they will definitely take the opportunity to scam you!"

Thomas who frequently conducted construction with Han companies knew that even if these fishermen looked dumb, they were extremely cunning . If they filmed Ivan pulling out the gun, they would return and make a few holes in their own boat . He knew that without paying money, the construction would be unable to continue .

What's even worse was that the actions of these fishermen received the support of the F government . Their government would also first pay for their damage and then help them with the international lawsuit .

"Scam?" Ivan scorned contemptuously and aimed at the monkeys' chest .

The country F citizen was first scared, but then he turned ecstatic as he ran inside to take out his camera . When he saw this, Thomas in defeat put down the hand holding onto Ivan's arm as he smashed his hand onto the railing of the deck .

"Dammit… Now that's that . I'm going to request your boss extend the construction period . We can't conduct any work with their interference . "

Ivan ignored Thomas' complaint and looked at the translator on the side .

"Tell them to leave Xin territory within a minute . This place doesn't welcome pirates . "

"Pirates? They are fishermen . . " The translator paused for a moment as he attempted to correct Ivan .

"The boss said they are pirates, so they are pirates," Ivan raised the pistol and said emotionlessly .

Seeing that Ivan began the countdown, the translator clenched his teeth and translated his message to the fishermen on the fishing boat .

The fishermen were immediately enraged .

[Fu*k you . You threaten us with a gun, you think we are scared?]

They banked on the fact that the neighboring countries cared about their own feathers and wouldn't shoot . Who are you trying to scare pointing at people instead of the boat?

As to being pirates, that's more bullsh*t! Without a single gun, who would believe that?

The country F citizen didn't back down as he acted even more recklessly . He was not only mocking Ivan, but he also coastal peed in their direction .

Half a minute passed; five boats emerged from the distance . On top of the boats were fully equipped soldiers . Although they didn't wear kinetic skeletons, the rifles they had belonged to the 22nd century .

"Sixty . " The last Russian word came out of his chapped lips .

Time was up .

Thomas thought he would awkwardly put the gun down, or shoot at the water or the boat, but the Russian pressed the trigger aimed at the monkey's chest .

That's right, it was the chest! Not the hands or legs!


Blood began to splatter as it instantly stained the clothes of the monkey . He tumbled and fell down on the deck . He had his eyes widened as he looked at his chest in disbelief .

He wanted to scream, but only blood coughed out .

"Run! They are killing people!"

"Run! Run!"

The gibberish mixed with screams diffused over the sea . A fisherman quickly dashed out from inside the boat and dragged the wounded companion inside . The three fishing boats accelerated at max speed as they fled in country F's direction .

Thomas stared blankly at Ivan .

"You… killed him?"

"I killed a pirate," Ivan added as he fired a few more rounds at the fishing boats turning around . Although he didn't hit anyone, it made the fishermen scream in fear . Although he didn't understand, he could hear the fright in their voices .

There was no return once he fired the first shot, if any escaped, they would be a witness in court . Since he killed a person, he would have to leave all of them here, down into the deep abyss .

Perhaps Jiang Chen didn't have that kind of awareness, but Ivan had . At the front line in Oesk, he fought head to head with the Russian army, why would he be afraid of the country F?

Thomas's lips twitched, but then he sighed in defeat as he shrugged .

"Fine… That was beautiful, I fu*cking wanted to do that for a long time . "

"Territorial issues are without negotiations, only war . " Ivan scorned and used a famous quote .

"That's right, but sometimes… for business, we have to learn to compromise to avoid a bigger loss . "

"But my boss told me, we are not businessmen . " Ivan smiled .

But an army .

Thomas was shocked, but then he sighed .

"Then you have an interesting boss… I will retrain my crew . They didn't see anything today . "

"Thank you," Ivan looked him in the eyes and said sincerely .

To the scums who caused trouble . Only blood would teach them humiliation and awe! If you take one step back, then they would take your mercy as weakness and take ten steps forward!

Ivan got on the fast boat as he personally commanded the "pirate" hunt .

"Attention all boats, attention all boats! Three pirate boats are fleeing in the northwestern direction . They carry weapons on board . Fire at will . I repeat . Fire at will!"


The coastal guard in fast boats immediately moved towards the three fishing boats' direction and fired with their rifles . It left a series of bullet holes in the body of the boat . The fishermen finally knew that they messed with the wrong group of people as they were only begging to grow a pair of wings and escape for their lives to their border .

The fast boats didn't ask them to surrender at all as they were treating them like pirates . In terms of speed, the fishing boat was nowhere as fast as the fast boat . The fast boats fired at the engine of the fishing boats simultaneously, and it didn't take long before their engines blew out .

In the blanket of fire, the country F fishers hid inside their boat . They cursed at the foreigners with their dialect about how they don't follow the rules while they screamed inside the radio requesting for their coastal guard's assistance . Since they were deep into Xin water, even if their coastal guard trespass the border, it would still take some time .

Suddenly, the firing stopped .

Just as these monkeys thought that their people had arrived, a few "clanking" sound transmitted from outside the boat .

The Xin boats approached them and threw a few things inside .

The captained adjusted his hat and carefully peeked out and looked at the deck through the window . When he saw a few M-series assault rifles on deck, he first paused for a moment before his expression suddenly changed drastically .

The two fast boats throwing weapons on the fishing boats quickly moved away while the other three stopped thirty meters out .

The soldiers in bulletproof vests lied on the deck, and one soldier held an AT4 rocket launcher on his arm .


The captain ran for his life to the outside of the boat and kneeled on the ground in fear . With tear-filled eyes, he begged for mercy .

But unfortunately, no one understood him, they didn't plan to spare the invaders .

The soldier aimed at the fishing boat and pressed the trigger .

Three RPGs fired from three different directions at the three fishing boats . The explosion lit up the sky to a vibrant red . The coastal guards of country F were on their way just in the distance . The soldiers on the fast boats followed Ivan's instruction and fired a few rounds at their own boat to create a few bullet holes .

The soldiers threw away the one-time usage AT4 rocket launcher and took out the more advanced "Python" rocket launcher on the side . Everyone reloaded their clips and prepared to engage in battle .

Under Ivan's command, the five fast boats approached the country F coastal guard ships .

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