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Chapter 343

After he left with the words "I won't be back tonight," Jiang Chen eagerly ran out the door and left Xia Shiyu in complete shock .

[Won't be back tonight? Where are you going to sleep?]

[Also, didn't we say we're going shopping tonight?]

With a bunch of questions in her head, Xia Shiyu realized it was too late to stop Jiang Chen as he was about to slam the door closed .

She sighed and rested her forehead on her hand .

When she sensed the coldness in her hand, she paused .

She realized she was completely red .

Disregarding whether Xia Shiyu had any reservations about his quick departure, Jiang Chen ran to a nearby hotel . He ignored the concierge's strange look and ran to the elevator with his key .

After he locked the door, he lied down on the bed before he returned to the apocalypse and found Sun Jiao as he began to explain his intentions .

"Nutrient supply?" Sun Jiao looked at Jiang Chen with short breaths . She was puzzled . "Don't you guys have plenty of food on the other side? Why would you need that?"

Anyone with options wouldn't choose to drink the terrible-tasting nutrient supply on the wasteland . The meals at the mansion had fresh vegetables and frozen meat every day . In all of Fishbone base, only slaves and lower citizens would drink that .

"Help people lose weight! Oh, no, it's to make a profit!" Jiang Chen said in excitement .

"Lose weight?" Sun Jiao was full of doubt .

There were hardly any fat people in the apocalypse - it was fortunate to have a full stomach in the first place, let alone having an excess of food, so losing weight was an interesting concept to Sun Jiao .

"Uh, it's hard to explain… There's an organic converter at the base, right? Can you take me so I can have a look?"

Although she was skeptical about the benefits of the terrible tasting liquid, considering how eager Jiang Chen looked, she had no choice but to bring him to the Fishbone base warehouse .

Based on Sun Jiao's words, the organic converter wasn't stored with the food but instead, it was stored with the steel and concrete . They passed by the Death Claw statue and arrived at the warehouse not far from the community center .

They pushed open the warehouse, and the pungent smell of water desiccant blew into their faces . A gas cylinder boiler stood at the corner of the warehouse along with a bunch of green fruits . There were some wires connected to the organic converter, resembling a magnified version of a squeezer .

The reason why poor people were so skinny in the apocalypse was mostly because of the ironically unnutritious nutrient supply boiler . Mutant meat and fruits are all dumped inside the device . When turned on, the particle membrane separated out protein, sugar, fat, and vitamins that could be absorbed by the human body . They were produced into liquid food that could be absorbed by humans .

Jiang Chen sniffed as a weird smell entered his nostrils . He looked with a frown at the boiler . "Is this the organic converter?"

"That's right . " Sun Jiao nodded then tilted her head and asked, "You sure people would be interested in it if you brought this thing to the other side?"

"Definitely not this, something smells weird… Is the nutrient supply created by this really drinkable?"

"That's the way the organic converter is . The weird smell is because of the filtered out contents like the toxic substances . So this area can't store food otherwise the entire room's contents would be contaminated," Sun Jiao said in defeat .

Jiang Chen nodded to signal his understanding then he looked at the fruits on the side, "This fruit is?"

"This is mutated fruit - the double-headed cow really likes to eat it . Because of the high oxalic acid content, humans can't consume it directly, but it's not a bad ingredient to have in the nutrient supply . Combined with a small quantity of mutant meat, it can produce C-grade nutrient supply," Sun Jiao said .

Jiang Chen tried the C-grade nutrient supply once - the sour taste was nowhere close to being good . As a product, taste was certainly important . If it ended up tasting like Han medicine, not a lot of people would buy it .

After he thought for a moment, Jiang Chen asked, "If we use fresh meat or grain, would the produced nutrient supply reach level A?"

"Use fresh food to produce nutrient supply? Are you crazy?" Sun Jiao said in shock .

With fresh food who would eat this? Is this something an average person would do?

"Ahem, I'm not crazy! Don't you facepalm - tell me the answer . "

Sun Jiao face-palmed and sighed in defeat .

"To be honest, although I never tried before, it's probably possible . To produce nutrient supply above B-grade, not only does it require strict ingredients, there is also a high requirement for the production equipment . I heard that Liuding Town has the equipment needd to produce nutrient supply above B-grade, but I never purchased that before . Aside from the better taste, I can't tell the difference between C-grade and E-grade . It may be more nutritious? Who knows . Even if it is S-grade nutrient supply, it doesn't taste as good as real food . "

"There's S-grade nutrient supply?" Jiang Chen in shock .

"Of course . S-grade nutrient supply was the nutrient supply produced before the war . I heard it was a military necessity . But in peaceful times, no one would eat that," Sun Jiao said .

"Where do you find the production equipment for the S-grade nutrient supply?" Jiang Chen desperately wanted to know the answer .

"I don't know… But the scientists at the fallout shelter should know . "

Jiang Chen smacked his head .

How could he forget the survivors from fallout shelter No . 27? With so many scientists, there must be a few who would know . There was no need to create S-grade nutrient supply - he could just create his own custom version .

At this thought, Jiang Chen immediately headed to the warehouse door . He wanted to fly to camp 27 right now to take care of it .

When she saw Jiang Chen head for the door, Sun Jiao paused and tried to convince him to stay, "Eh? You want to go now? It's almost dark… Why don't you wait until tomorrow?"

As she said that, her face felt a burning sensation .

Jiang Chen stopped and saw the red cloud on Sun Jiao's beautiful face . She obviously knew the meaning of her words as her face met his smirk .

He hugged Sun Jiao's waist and blew gently into her ear .

"Then I'll go tomorrow . "

The next morning, with two dark circles, Jiang Chen took the helicopter to camp 27 . When he got off, he looked for Xu Lu who was working in the command center .

Because all survivors' abilities were registered and recorded, when she heard then't purpose of Jiang Chen's trip, Xu Lu quickly managed to select a few people and called them to the office .

When they heard they were being asked to see Jiang Chen, the survivors were ecstatic .


There was no need to ask! It must be because their abilities were going to be used for something - likely a project team . Although it wasn't bad to live on the surface, it couldn't compare to living in the fallout shelter . Who didn't want to live a happy life with their family?

Even if Jiang Chen's requirements were strict, they would still accept without hesitation .

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